8 Best Hose Pipe | UK Buyers Guide & Product Reviews | 2020

Looking for the Best Hose Pipe model on the market to handle all your gardening needs? Whether you need something simple to water plants or you are seeking a more advanced model to handle rigorous outdoor cleaning applications, our go-to guide has everything you need to know to ensure you have picked the Best Hose Pipe option possible.

Things to Consider When Buying a Hose Pipe

The length of a hose pipe is often the chief consideration for many buyers. Nowadays, the majority of hose pipes will offer a minimum reach of 50 feet when fully extended, although you will also find plenty of available models giving you a reach of 100 feet. Unless you are purchasing a cheaper model that can be retracted on a spool, the hose pipe you invest in will be of an expanding variety.

A hose pipe that expands to a length of 100 feet will usually begin life at a length of around 300 feet, extending in length once it begins to fill with water. Once the water valve is switched off and the pipe drains, it will begin to retract again and coil back to a more manageable size for easy storage.


Material composition is very important when it comes to picking a garden hose pipe that will hold up well after repeated use. As a minimum, you want to be looking for pipes with double or triple-layered constructions of high-quality latex material. This will ensure the pipe you choose can withstand high water pressure feeds.


A more rugged construction will ultimately prolong the service life of your garden hose, keeping the integrity of the design protected as it expands and retracts, while also withstanding damage from outdoor environments. The more durable the design, the greater variety of pressures and water temperatures your hose will be able to withstand.


Nowadays, most hose pipes will include brass connector fittings and internal washers as standard, but it is well worth checking this when purchasing a hose. Such fittings and internal elements minimise the chance of links, ensuring you can maintain good water pressure levels at all times. Furthermore, by eliminating the incidence of leaks, you reduce the chance of brass elements having to deal with potential rusting from moisture exposure. The best garden hose models will include rust-resistant elements as standard, however.

Spray Nozzle Functions

Another key thing to keep in mind when buying a new garden hose pipe is the spray nozzle included. Most spray heads will include a minimum of seven or eight different functions, although many will include more than this. A good spray nozzle should be easy to handle and comfortable to grip, but the spray functionality it provides should be sufficient for all the gardening and outdoor jobs you have in mind.

You want to ensure a good range of spray delivery for watering plants, so you will want a cone spray and mist spray function as a minimum. For more demanding outdoor applications, a jet spray function is also essential.

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Product Reviews of 8 Best Hose Pipe

Now you know what to look for when shopping for a new hose pipe, why not take a glance through our pick of some of the Best Hose Pipe options currently available on the UK market below.

Flexi Hose , Extra Strength, 8 Function Spray Included (50 FT, Black)

Flexi Hose

If you are looking for an advanced garden hose that will not cost a fortune, the FlexiHose is the way to go. This first-rate hose is incredibly robust and highly functional, providing you with an impressive length of 50 feet that ensures you have easy access to every inch of most outdoor spaces.

Designed with durability in mind, this hose is also a good option if you are looking for something that will not leak. Brass connectors are on hand to minimise the chance of water leakage, while a double-layered latex design makes this a very hardy choice that will not succumb to punctures and tears.

The FlexiHose will also withstand high water pressures, with the on/off valve ensuring the pipe will withstand high pressures of 12 bars. The robust design of this garden hose is also built with higher temperatures in mind, with the material comfortably handling temperatures of up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

The expanding design of this hose also makes it an easy one to store when not in use, with the hose retracting to its original length in minutes. You will also find this hose suitable for a wide range of applications thanks to its 8-pattern hose nozzle. Although this hose offers plenty in the way of functionality, those working to a tight budget may prefer something more rudimentary at a fraction of the price.

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Crenova 100ft/30M Garden Hose with 7 Function Metal Spray Nozzle

Crenova Hose Pipe


The Crenova Garden Hose is another premium choice to handle all your gardening needs. With an expandable design that extends to an impressive length of 100 feet, it is an ideal choice for bigger gardens and outdoor spaces.

The robust design of this pipe also ensures you do not have to worry about angle twists or kinking that might compromise the integrity and performance of your hose. This is also a good bet if you are seeking a leak-free solution, with durable sheath materials and brass connectors included as standard. For even more peace of mind, this hose features rust-resistant elements.

Easy to use thanks to a simple on/off valve, this hose also boasts a 7-function spraying nozzle to accommodate all manner of applications. With such a versatile design, you will never struggle to meet your gardening and outdoor cleaning needs with this hose.

Although relatively affordable, those looking for basic functionality might want to look for something cheaper. Furthermore, if storage space is very limited, a shorter and more slimline choice of hose might be a better fit for you.

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HmiL-U Magic Garden Hose Pipe 100ft with 9 Function Spray Gun

HMIL-U Garden Hose Pipe


There is lots to love about the HmiL-U Expandable Magic Hose. This hose is a flexible choice, expanding to three times its original length to a maximum reach of 100 feet when filled with water. Once you are done and have switched the water valve off, this hose retracts to its initial length for easy storage. You also do not need to worry about leaks when you invest in this hose thanks to its premium choice of brass fittings. Not only will these fittings allow for high pressure levels, they will also withstand extremes of temperature. A such, there is no chance of rust taking hold and compromising the integrity of your garden hose any time soon.

The HmiL-U also stands out from the competition when you considers its 9-function spray nozzle. While many other garden hoses are limited to a maximum of seven or eight functions, here you have added options when it comes to spraying applications. Safe and secure storage is also provided for, with a heavy-duty hose hanger and storage bag included. This hose is not the lightest option on the market, nor the cheapest, but you will find plenty of first-rate functionality on offer here.

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ANSIO Garden Hose Pipe


ANSIO Garden Hose Pipe


The ANSIO Garden Hose has plenty of great features worth getting excited about. As with other quality hoses on this list, the ANSIO expands to three times its original length to provide you with approximately 50 feet of reach. It is also a roust choice, with polyester webbing and brass ducting integral to the design to avoid the chance of bursts. The robustness of the hose is further enhanced by a triple-layer natural latex material, with a further outer layer on hand to help maintain higher levels of pressure.

You will also find plenty of spray options on offer here. No less than nine settings are provided here, with spray functions including shower, mist, flat, angle and jet. An integrated lock allows you to keep your settings fixed to your preferred function.

User-friendly and designed for hard-wearing use, this hose is a good choice for those looking for a durable hose that will hold up well for a long time to come. On the downside, the maximum reach of 50 feet is significantly shorter than other hoses on this list.

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Homeme 50ft Magic Hose Pipe with 9-pattern Spray Nozzle

Homeme 50ft


This Homeme garden hose is a great choice for those after something affordable and boasting plenty of first-rate functionality. Expanding to maximum length of 50 feet, this hose should prove sufficient for most outdoor applications, while the lightweight design makes it easier to handle during longer jobs.

This hose is also incredibly flexible thanks to the premium materials used in its construction, ensuring it will never kink and tangle. You can also look forward to compact storage when the hose is fully retracted, while leaks are prevented against thanks to multiple layers of sheath material and quality washers and connectors.

One thing to bear in mind about this hose is that it will not handle hotter water being fed through it, unlike some options on this list. If you are looking for a more varied range of applications from your garden hose, you will be better served by something else.

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Homeme 100ft Expandable Hose Pipe with 9-Pattern Spray Nozzle

Homeme 100ft

If you are looking for a high-quality garden hose that will hold up well for longer, this Homeme expanding hosepipe is well worth a second look. Made from premium materials to deliver a prolonged service life, this hose will last up to three times as long as other models available on the market. This hose also offers an impressive length, expanding from 33 feet to 100 feet when fully inflated. Water pressure levels are also up to standard, while solid brass fittings and superior sheathing material ensures you don’t have to worry about leaks.

There are multiple spray modes to choose from, with nine individual patters available here. This is certainly more than most garden hose spray nozzles. With such variety of application, you can use this hose for all your gardening needs and more. This garden hose is a little bit more expensive than others on this list, but it is definitely worth considering the additional investment if you are looking for long-term value.

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CCBETTER 100ft Garden Felxible Hose with 8 Pattern Spray Nozzle



The CCBETTER is a premium choice of garden for those seeking something that will hold up well to more exacting demands. Expanding up to a maximum length of 100 feet when inflated with water, this hose offers plenty of reach for large gardens and outdoor spaces. You also have the reassurance of a more robust design to protect your hose against the wear and tear of repeated use.

The hose itself is designed to withstand twists and kinks, while the leak-free brass connectors ensure you do not have to worry about water escaping, even when the hose is used at high pressures. Rust-resistant finishes have also been implemented to extend the operational life of your hose.

There are eight different spray functions to put to good use with this hose, with an innovative design that is surprisingly ergonomic and easier to handle than other models on the market. The spray head includes a user-friendly on/off valve, comfortable grip and rotating bezel for fuss-free operation. As with most options on this list, you need to ask yourself whether or not your outdoor applications warrant a slightly larger investment.

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Zicosy Garden Hose-100ft with 8-Pattern Spray Nozzle



This Zicosy 4-piece garden hose set should provide you with everything you need for all manner of gardening and outdoor cleaning applications. This hose expands to an impressive 100 feet, retracting to 33 feet when the water feed is shut off. Storage is made even easier thanks to the inclusion of a nylon pouch and plastic holder.

Leaks are also unlikely thanks to a triple-layer hose material, including a latex core. Brass fittings are also included as standard to ensure minimal chance of leaks. Lightweight and easy to use, this hose includes an 8-way spray nozzle that offers functionality for all your watering needs.

Although this hose will hold up well to high enough pressures and repeated use, if you are looking for the best return on your investment, you may wish to consider a more premium model that delivers a more extended service life.

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6 Best TV Wall Mount | UK Buyer’s Guide & Product Reviews | 2020 

If you are serious about taking your home viewing to the next level, investing in a TV wall mount is a must. A wall bracket provides you with a great alternative to a conventional console unit, saving on space and helping eliminate cable clutter. What’s more, the best TV wall mount models provide you with ample adjustments to ensure superior viewing angles, doing away with glare and other obstructions getting in the way of you and great television. Need some help making the right purchasing decision? We have put together a go-to guide on how to find the best TV wall mount for your individual requirements.

Main Varieties of TV Wall Mount

You are not just limited to one type of wall bracket when it comes to mounting your television. The most common type you’re likely to encounter is a fixed TV wall mount. However, you will also find plenty of other options available on the market, including mounting brackets that can tilted to allow for better viewing angles. What’s more, full motion brackets can also be purchased for those looking for even more flexibility.

Fixed Wall Mount Models

As we have already mentioned, fixed TV wall mounts are without doubt the most common variety of bracket you’ll encounter. These types of brackets allow you to fix your television directly onto the wall in a fixed position. While fixed wall mounts are somewhat restrictive in that they have a limited viewing angle once properly installed, they do offer some unique advantages over other varieties. The key benefit they offer over tilting and full motion alternatives is that, once fixed, they keep your television very close to the wall itself, keeping cable clutter to a minimum and offering a more streamlined aesthetic.

Tilting Alternatives

If you are looking to mount a television at a higher position on a wall, a tilting wall bracket is an absolute must. When properly installed, such a bracket means that a television can be positioned correctly to provide you with a user-friendly viewing angle. Tilting wall brackets were once the ideal for older LCD televisions and plasma screens. These older television models needed to be properly aligned with a direct line of sight, otherwise the screen would appear dark.

In more recent years, television screen technology has come a long way and this issue has more or less been resolved. However, that’s not to say that tilting wall brackets have had their day. If you are severely limited with available wall space and need to mount in a significantly high or awkward place, a tilting bracket can come in very handy indeed.

Full Motion Flexibility

If you are after unbridled flexibility, a full motion wall bracket is without doubt the best way to go. With a full motion wall bracket, you can easily turn your television in all manner of directions, providing you with a wide range of viewing angles. This comes in very handy if you’re looking to mount a television in a room that has more than one spot you like to view from.

Consider a large living room with a sofa and chair arrangement, dining set and additional seating. You may find, throughout the course of the day, you’re sat watching television from various spots in the room. A flexible full motion bracket allows you to enjoy clear visibility from any angle. Full motion wall brackets not only allow you to pull the mounted television away from the wall, it will also allow you to rotate it from left to right, as well as tilt the set to adjust the angle.

A key feature to look out for when buying a full motion wall bracket is a self-levelling function. This will ensure the television set doesn’t tilt to one side unnecessarily when you’ve made your angle adjustments.

When picking out a full motion bracket, you’ll encounter two common varieties. Firstly, there’s single arm brackets. These types of bracket will provide you adequate swing adjustments, but a more total range of movements isn’t possible. If you’re after the best in flexibility, go for a double arm wall bracket. This type of wall mount offers a minimum of one more pivot adjustment than a single arm option.

Installation Advice for Full Motion Mounts

You’ll want to ensure you take a little more care when installing a full motion mounting bracket. All of the individual components need to be properly fitted together to ensure smooth operation of those essential movements. What’s more, you’ll also want to ensure you’ve allowed for a little more give when it comes to cables. Why? You’ll need the cables to have a little more available length to work with. Leave them too taut and you run the risk of cables pulling away from the mains as you make a sweeping rotation or ambitious angle adjustment.

Other Varieties of TV Mounting Brackets

We’ve talked at length about TV wall mounts, but another option to consider is a ceiling mount. As the name suggests, this type of fitting option allows you to attach a television bracket to a ceiling. These robust mounting options will often provide you with a great deal of flexibility. In some cases, ceiling mounts will allow for a 360-degree rotation. However, there’s some drawbacks to this option. The main thing to consider before splashing out on one of these mounts is that you will need to have some solid foundations to work with. If your ceiling material isn’t robust enough to drill into and ensure a firm anchor for your mounting bracket, it won’t stay in position for very long.

TV Bracket Buying Checklist

Before you invest in a wall mount bracket for your television, there are a few things you need to consider. For one, you’ll want to compare weight limits of potential mounts to the weight of your television. The reason for this is obvious. As a rule, you’ll want to pick a mount with a weight limit that exceeds the weight of your television set. This extra allowance isn’t just for peace of mind, it also helps cover the extra strain placed upon the mount when it’s fully extended and adjusted too its maximum limits.

Screen Size Restrictions

Another major thing you need to bear in mind when picking out a wall bracket is the total size of the television set you’re looking to mount. While the bracket itself might be big enough to accommodate your television set, you may find a limited range of movement if your set is of a larger size.

Once mounted, you may find your television hits against the wall before you can rotate to your desired position. Likewise, in some cases the tilt angle may be restricted. As such, opt for a bracket that will accommodate a larger television than the one you’re looking to mount. This excess will usually negate the issues with restricted movement we’re talking about here.

Fixing Holes & Installation

One thing you definitely don’t want to overlook is fixing hole layout. At the back of your television set, you’ll notice an arrangement of screw holes that are there for the purpose of attaching to a wall bracket. Ensure the wall brackets you’re buying are a compatible match with the television set you own. Don’t be tempted to combine a television set with a mounting bracket that can only be attached in part. It might seem sturdy enough initially, but the extra strain that will be placed on the mount over time can lead to weakening.

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Product Reviews of 6 Best TV Wall Mount

Now you know what to look out for when shopping for a TV wall mount, it’s time to see what the market has to offer. We have put together a first-rate list of options to help you find the Best TV Wall Mount to fit your individual requirement.

Invision® Ultra Slim Tilt Swivel TV Wall Bracket Mount


Invision Wall Bracket

This Invision® TV wall bracket is an ultra slim option for mounting your television. You’ll find sizes to accommodate television models ranging in size from 24 inches to 55 inches, with this bracket suitable for LED, LCD, plasma and curved screens alike. This mount has been designed for sets with VESA mounting holes ranging from 100mm x 100mm to 400mm x 400mm.

This robust mount utilises a single arm design, giving you plenty of flexibility when it comes to picking an ideal viewing angle. You have a 180-degree horizontal full motion swivelling adjustment from left to right, with a vertical tilt angle ranging from -5 degrees to +8 degrees. In terms of reach, there’s a minimum of 55mm and a maximum limit of 449mm. In terms of maximum load capacity, this mount will comfortably hold televisions weighing up to 36.2 kilograms. Incredibly stable and secure, this is a budget-friendly option for enhancing your home viewing.

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VonHaus 15-42 Inch TV Wall Bracket



This VonHaus TV bracket is a great way to go if you are after a robust yet slimline mounting option. Designed to give you a flush finish once installed, this TV bracket sits a mere 27mm from the wall when fitted. Ideal for use with television sizes ranging from 15 inches to 42 inches, this mount is compatible with VESA dimensions between 50mm x 50mm and 300mm x 200mm. It’s designed for use with many models of televisions from leading manufacturers, with a max load capacity of 40 kilograms. This makes it a particularly secure choice for those worried about stability.

All the essentials are included along with the mount itself for a seamless installation. An integrated spirit level on hand will ensure your screen is properly aligned. What’s more, this wall mount is incredibly affordable.

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VESA Full Motion TV Wall Mount

It might be a little more expensive than other options on this list, but this quality TV wall bracket more than justifies the asking price with a raft of great features. This bracket is particularly strong and is designed to hold most television sets measuring between 37 inches and 75 inches. What’s more, it offers a max load capacity of 60 kilograms. If you’re after a mount that will comfortably hold a much larger television, this is the way to go. This bracket also offers broad compatibility with a wide range of VESA plates.

The adjustment potential of this bracket is where it really stands out from the crowd. You can enjoy a tilt range of +3 to -12 degrees, while you can comfortably swivel 60 degrees in either direction. You can also enjoy a level adjustment of three degrees in either direction. With so much freedom of adjustment, you will have no trouble finding the perfect viewing angle. This dual arm design sits 72mm from the wall when retracted, but can be extended to a maximum of 390mm from the wall when in use.

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Enjoy optimal viewing angles at all times with this great value TV wall bracket. A very affordable choice, this universal bracket can be used to mount all manner of television models from most manufacturers, with a wide range of VESA mounting holes supported. A sturdy and stable choice, this mount is made from robust aluminium and steel to deliver on reliability, with a max load capacity of 35 kilograms making it a good option for use with most television sizes.

The quality swivel action of this mount will provide you with a 180-degree range of movement, while a tilt adjustment ranging from -15 degrees to +5 degrees will help eliminate glare. You can also make use of a -4 degree to +4 degree levelling adjustment to ensure an ideal angle after you’ve installed it.

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VESA 400x400mm, TV Wall Bracket Fits 23-55 inch Flat & Curved TV


VESA 400 X 400mm


If you are after a TV mounting option that won’t break the bank, this quality bracket is well worth a second look. Designed for use with television sizes ranging from 23 inches to 55 inches, this bracket also supports a wide range of VESA fixings for fuss-free installation. Made from stress-tested reinforced steel, this bracket is also a strong and robust choice. In fact, it can accommodate larger televisions with ease thanks to a max load capacity of 40 kilograms.

When it comes to optimal viewing angles, you’re covered. This mount allows for a swivel movement of 90 degrees in either direction, while tilt adjustments range from 6 degrees to 17 degrees. You have also plenty of range in terms of wall clearance. When retracted, this mount sits flush at a mere 6cm from the wall itself. It can also be extended to a maximum of 47.5cm.

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VESA 600mm(w) x 400mm(h) TV Wall Bracket fits 37-70 Inch

Invision Ultra Strong

This Invision® wall bracket is the way to go if you’re after a more premium choice of mounting option. This dual arm design will comfortably accommodate larger televisions, with VESA mounting holes for televisions ranging from 37 inches to 70 inches. In terms of max load capacity, you’re also well provided for. This mount can easily handle max loads of up to 50 kilograms. For extra peace of mind, you’ll be glad to know that this mount has been safety tested to four times the maximum weight capacity advertised.

In terms of angle adjustments, you’ve plenty of flexibility. There’s a 160-degree horizontal full motion swivel in both directions, while there’s a vertical tilt angle range from -5 degrees to +8 degrees. If you are after a flush fit, this is a good mount to consider, with a minimum reach of just 58mm. Despite a slightly higher price tag, this wall mount more than justifies the RRP thanks to its incredibly robust design and scope of flexibility.

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5 Best Tassimo Machine | UK Buyers Guide & Product Reviews | 2020

Struggling to select the Best Tassimo Machine from the healthy range of options currently available on the market? Our go-to guide has everything you need to know before you buy one of these incredibly useful coffee machines. Whether you are looking for something compact and convenient for a small kitchen, or seeking something more substantial for premium brewed beverages, read on to get clued-up on everything you need to know to ensure you select the Best Tassimo Machine for your individual needs.

What Drinks Can You Make with a Tassimo Coffee Machine?

The main functionality of Tassimo coffee machines is to provide you with a wider variety when it comes to preparing hot drinks at home. Buy utilising innovative T-Disc brewing pods, you can whip up things like premium espressos, hot chocolates and speciality teas.

For those looking to bring more variety into their daily routine, this flexibility is a definite draw. You do not need to invest in large volumes of many different types of ingredients, with the only raw ingredients required the T-Disc pods themselves and a freshly refilled water tank.

Nowadays, Tassimo offers dozens of individual T-Disc varieties, with the range continuing to expand. What is particularly appealing about the Tassimo line-up is that it includes familiar brands like Carte Noire, as well as coffee varieties from big names in the business, such as high street staples like Costa.

Depending on what you are looking to make, you may need to use a second T-Disc to complete your chosen drink recipe.

Tassimo machines do not include a milk frothing element in the conventional sense, but rather use milk discs that are passed through the same 3.3-bar pressure as the coffee discs themselves.

How Does a Tassimo Coffee Machine Work?

The patented T-Discs that form the basis of the Tassimo system utilise barcodes in order for your drinks to be delivered to perfection. Each type of T-Disc boasts a unique barcode that, once read by your machine, will determine the correct adjustments are made to the drink recipe and brewing time.

This saves you the hassle of having to make tailored adjustments to settings each time you come to make a drink. However, some Tassimo models do allow you to make more refined setting adjustments.

At the end of every drink preparation cycle, a large shot of steam is passed through the system to clean away any ingredient residue. This means you can enjoy a rich and creamy hot chocolate immediately after a classic espresso, without the worry of flavours becoming muddled.

It is worth pointing out that Tassimo coffee machines utilise a far lower pressure bar than conventional coffee makers. In fact, Tassimo machines use a mere 3.3-bar pressure to produce all of their drinks.

For the coffee connoisseur, this may prove a problem, with the lower overall pressure meaning the finish of the drink will not hold up to exacting standards. However, the machines and T-Discs themselves have been carefully designed to produce consistent and reliable results.

Key Features to Consider When Buying a Tassimo Coffee Machine

You will find a good variety of Tassimo coffee machines available to accommodate all budgets and individual brewing requirements. One key thing to look out for is tank capacity.

The most basic models of Tassimo machine will include a tank capacity totalling 0.7 litres. This is more than enough for one or two tall drinks, but those looking to enjoy coffee and hot drinks throughout the day would be better served by a unit incorporating a larger tank.

However, those with bigger appetites will find themselves served by larger models with tanks totalling in excess of 1.2 litres.

The more advanced Tassimo models available will also allow the user to make personalised adjustments to brew settings. If you are put off at all by the apparent limitations of a Tassimo system, particularly when it comes to the significantly lower bar pressure, opting for a model with more setting adjustments is definitely advised.

Another feature you will only find on more advanced models is the inclusion of a Brita water filter. If compact convenience is a big draw for you, opting for a Tassimo unit with a water filter element incorporated into the overall design is a definite must. This will save you the hassle of having to prepare water for your tank in a filter jug prior to adding it to your machine.

Looking to stock up on plenty of pods? You will definitely want to think about T-Disc storage. While you can buy storage units for your drinks pods separately, many models of Tassimo coffee machine come with additional storage elements as part of the overall package.

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Product Reviews of 5 Best Tassimo Coffee Machine in UK

Interested in enjoying your favourite hot drinks at home with minimal effort? We have put together our pick of the 5 Best Tassimo Coffee Machine that UK customers can currently find on the market.

Tassimo Bosch TASSIMO Vivy 2 TAS1402GB  1300 Watt, 0.7 Litres


Tassimo Bosch Vivy 2

If you are looking for a very affordable choice of Tassimo coffee machine, this Bosch Vivy is definitely worth considering. There are plenty of great features in the Bosch Tassimo, designed to make it a more convenient and user-friendly choice.

For starters, this unit boasts an auto-cleaning and auto-descaling function, which is ideal if you plan to enjoy many cups of freshly made coffee at home. It is also incredibly straightforward when it comes to use, with the one-touch button operation of T-Discs making life simple. If you wish to enjoy various types of drinks, this is also a good bet.

The machine is height adjustable, allowing you to insert cups of different sizes atop the drip tray. The INTELLIBREW technology included here will allow you to more than 40 different drinks, provided you have the T-Discs to hand.

Of course, this machine will not impress everyone. Like many Tassimo machines, the water tank included is on the small size. Here, the tank has a relatively limited capacity of 0.7 litres.

If you intend to enjoy tall drinks or prepare larger rounds of beverages at once, this might prove a problem. Also, while the machine is relatively robust, there are some finishes you might find lacking. For example, the drip tray is made from plastic, rather than stainless steel.

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Tassimo Bosch Happy TAS1002GB, 1300 Watt, 0.7 Litres | Black


Tassimo Bosch Happy

The Tassimo Happy coffee machine offers relatively similar functionality to the Vivy 2. This unit boasts the same capacity water tank, incorporates identical INTELLIBREW barcode scanner technology and allows you to make the same great range of delicious coffee drinks.

However, the design has been tweaked slightly to provide you with a slightly more stylish choice of appliance. Available in a wider range of colour variants than the Vivy 2, the Tassimo Happy is an eye-catching choice.

It is designed to provide you with a space-saving alternative to other coffee makers from the range, which makes it an ideal choice for smaller kitchens, studies or other spaces where you require a daily caffeine kick. One-touch operation is also assured thanks to user-friendly controls, while a height-adjustable cup stand is also provided.

Like the Tassimo Vivy 2, the Happy is limited somewhat by a relatively small 0.7 litre tank capacity, requiring regular refilling if you prefer your drinks tall.

Furthermore, you will not find any personalisation settings on offer with the Tassimo Happy. Additionally, unlike more advanced models from the manufacturer, a Brita water filter is not included as part of the overall design.

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Bosch TAS6502GB My Way TASSIMO Coffee Machine


Tassimo Bosch My Way

The Tassimo My Way coffee maker is definitely one of the best you can buy from this tried and trusted manufacturer. First impressions are very good, with the more robust design and larger overall size of the model resembling a more conventional coffee maker.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of this particular model is a far larger tank capacity than other models. With the My Way, you can enjoy a tank capacity of 1.3 litres.

This provides you with far more flexibility for when it comes to whipping up taller drinks, while also saving you the hassle of having to regularly refill it in between beverages.

One-touch operation is also standard here, meaning you only need to insert your chosen T-Disc to get started. The cup stand can also be adjusted readily to accommodate different sizes and styles of drinks.

Personalisation settings are also included as standard here, while a Brita water filter is also incorporated into the overall design. This is good news for anyone who enjoys a purer tasting drink, as well as those who like to make subtle tweaks to their beverage preparations with minimal effort.

More time is saved thanks to the automatic cleaning operation and descaling programmes offered by this unit, while removable parts are also dishwasher safe.

However, it would be nice to see the inclusion of more robust individual parts with a more premium model, such as a stainless steel drip tray in place of a plastic one. Additionally, this unit lacks a Smart Start feature, which is a standard of cheaper Tassimo models.

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Tassimo Bosch Suny 1300 Watt, 0.8 Litres | White


Bosch Suny

The Tassimo Suny coffee machine is definitely one of the most appealing models from the popular line. You have all the great functionality of a standard Tassimo coffee maker here, with the added benefit of a far sleeker design that does not compromise on user-friendliness and functionality.

A big advantage of the Suny over more affordable options like the Happy and Vivy 2 is a slightly larger water tank. With the Suny, you can enjoy the benefits of an 8.0 litre tank. This will allow you to prepare taller drinks with less time spent refilling.

The basic standards of INTELLIBREW barcode technology and one-touch operation are all present and accounted for while, with the Suny also boasting Smart Start technology.

You can also make use of automatic cleaning and descaling programmes, while adjustable cup stand height allows you to prepare a wider variety of drinks, including tall beverages.

As with other more affordable Tassimo models, there are some drawbacks with the Suny. You will not find anything in the way of personalisation settings, meaning you are limited to the functionality that kicks in upon reading of a barcode from your T-Discs of choice.

Furthermore, this unit does not include any extras like an integrated Brita filter or T-Disc storage.

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Tassimo TAS7002GB Bosch Caddy Multi-Beverage Machine


Bosch Caddy

This Tassimo Caddy coffee maker is perhaps one of the best you will find from the popular manufacturer. One of the biggest draws of this bosch coffee machine is a very impressive water tank capacity. In total, you have 1.2 litres to work with, providing you with plenty for whipping up tall drinks and requiring far less refilling over the course of any given day.

User-friendless and one-touch operation are also assured thanks to the innovative barcode reader technology, with virtually no pre-heat times to worry about delaying the preparation of your favourite drink.

A stylish choice that will look right at home in any contemporary kitchen, the Tassimo Caddy also brings convenient storage into the mix. This coffee maker incorporates a handy capsule holder as part of its overall design, with space to store up to 32 individual T-Discs.

This is particularly handy if you want ready access to your favourite coffee blends and saves even more space in kitchens with limited workspace. The capsules slide simply onto the main unit itself and can be removed entirely for when it comes to refilling with pods. Also included into the main design of this coffee maker is Brita filter water technology, a must for coffee purists.

You will have to make a few compromises to enjoy the premium features offered by this coffee maker, however. For a start, it commands a slight premium when it comes to price.

Although this is more than justified thanks to the larger capacity and integrated storage, you will need to weigh up your budget carefully to justify the cost. Furthermore, unlike more basic models from the line, you will not find personalisation settings allowed for with the Tassimo Caddy.

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Below you fill find answers to FAQ’s most searched by consumers around the Tassimo brand

      • What Tassimo flavours are there?
      • When to clean a Tassimo machine
      • When to use Tassimo creamer
      • When do Tassimo pods/discs expire?
      • Which Tassimo pods are vegan?
      • Which Tassimo pods need milk?
      • Can Tassimo pods be used in Nespresso machines?
      • Can Tassimo pods be used in Dolce Gusto machines?
      • Can Tassimo pods be recycled?


What Tassimo flavours are there?

The Tassimo Hot Beverage System offers a massive range of Tassimo pods (or T-Discs).

In addition to a variety of beverage types, you will find drinks offered from a wide line-up of popular brands, including Costa, Cadbury, Gevalia, Jacobs, Kenco, L’OR and Twinings.

Popular black coffee pods include Costa Americano, Kenco Pure Columbian, L’OR XL Classique and Kenco American Grande. Cappuccino options include Costa Cappuccino, Kenco Cappuccino, Kenco Flat White and L’OR Cappuccino.

You will also find a wide variety of espresso, latte, Americano and flat white pods to enjoy. Those looking for something a little different will find plenty of hot chocolate, tea and decaf coffee pods to choose from.

When to clean a Tassimo machine

From time to time, you will need to clean your Tassimo machine to ensure it operates effectively and produces the best tasting beverages possible. To commence cleaning, you will first need to locate your Tassimo cleaning disc.

This is an orange plastic disc that looks very similar to a conventional Tassimo pod. Depending on the exact model of your machine, the location of this cleaning disc can vary, so it is best to consult the instruction manual that your machine came with.

The cleaning disc must be inserted in the same place you insert coffee and drinks pods. The cleaning disc includes a barcode that will let your machine know you are looking to clean it, rather than prepare beverages.

You will need to ensure your machine is filled with enough water in order for it to be cleaned properly, so make sure your water tank is at least half full. Next, place a container on the machine drip tray in order to collect discharged water.

Any receptacle should have a minimum capacity of 270ml. Next, press the start button on the front of your Tassimo machine to commence cleaning. Once cleaning is finished, return your cleaning disc to its storage slot.

When to use Tassimo creamer

Tassimo creamer can used to prepare any drink that would normally use a milk pod. The creamer provides a richer, silkier flavour than everyday milk, so it is ideal if you are looking to enjoy a premium beverage.

Tassimo creamer will also produce a more generous serving than a beverage prepared with milk, as the creamer does not dissolve and blend with the rest of the liquid in your drink, leaving a frothy head instead.

When do Tassimo pods/discs expire?

Tassimo advises that all T-Discs are used within six weeks of opening to ensure optimal flavour and enjoyment. However, it is advised that you always refer to the external packaging of your discs for an accurate best before date.

Which Tassimo pods are vegan?

Most Tassimo pods are vegan-friendly, with the vast majority of the range including no dairy ingredients whatsoever. However, the milk and creamer pods you add later are not suitable for vegan diets.

Instead of milk and creamer pods, you may wish to add soy milk and other dairy-free alternatives to your beverage separately.

Which Tassimo pods need milk?

You can technically enjoy any Tassimo beverage without using a milk pod. However, for best results, you will want to ensure you have added milk to popular Tassimo drinks including lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolates.

Frothed milk prepared separately can sometimes be used, but may not produce premium results.

Can Tassimo pods be used in Nespresso and Dolce Gusto machines?

T-Discs are designed to be used exclusively with Tassimo machines and therefore cannot be used in Nespresso and Dolce Gusto machines.

Can Tassimo pods be recycled?

Tassimo discs have been designed to adhere to strict EU Packaging Waste Directive requirements. Aluminium, polyethylene and polyester make up the outer bag that the pods themselves come in.

These bags can recycled along with general plastic waste for convenience. The dispenser carton itself is made from paperboard and is also easily recycled.

How to Clean / Descale a Tassimo Coffee Maker


8 Best Exercise Bike | UK Buyer’s Guide & Product Reviews | 2020

If you are looking to shift excess pounds from the comfort of your own home, an exercise bike is a great choice. This workout staple has been a favourite for many years, offering an accessible and affordable way for users to set pulses raising and burn calories. Why are they so popular? Exercise bikes provide the user with an easy way to undertake cardio workouts, yielding noticeable results no matter what fitness level you’re currently at.

Most models are small enough that they can be kept inside without becoming an eyesore or unwanted obstacle in your home. Working out on an exercise bike is also a good option for those suffering from existing ailments or injuries, with the low impact nature of the workout unlikely to exacerbate them.

Keen to start shifting weight and building your fitness levels? Our go-to guide for Best Exercise Bike has everything you need to know about exercise bikes, helping you find the right model for your requirement.

Main Types of Exercise Bike

There are actually several common types of exercise bike you’re likely to encounter when browsing the market. The first of these, and probably the most recognisable, is the upright exercise bike. They are constructed to resemble and replicate the function of a typical outdoor bicycle. Once mounted, the rider is placed in an upright and slightly raised position, with the body tilted forward slightly. The key difference here however is that the handlebars are placed far higher than a typical bike. The reason for this is that the upright position can be maintained more comfortably for longer sessions, preventing the body from falling into a curved position.

The flywheel element of an upright exercise bike also means that, when you wish to stop, you can do so without having to remove your feet from the pedal. Again, this makes them a more comfortable and accessible choice for those with lower overall fitness levels that they’re looking to build on and develop. In most cases, upright bike models will include integrated computer elements. The functionality of such elements will vary wildly depending on how much you’re willing to spend on an exercise bike.

Common features of these training computers include the ability to set timers for length of workout, adjust the resistance of the bike and more. You can also use these computers to give you an idea of your heart rate while working out, as well as the total amount of calories you are likely to have burned while working out. Upright exercise bikes are definitely worth considering if you are seeking a user-friendly workout option that doesn’t skimp on comfort. Admittedly, they don’t generally allow for more strenuous workouts, but you can still push yourself to moderately intense levels with one.

Recumbent Models

You will notice the differences between recumbent exercise bikes and other models immediately. The key difference here is that body positioning dispenses with a conventional seat. Instead of a normal cycling seat, a recumbent seat is located much lower and includes a backrest. The positioning of the pedals is also different, with them being placed in front of the rider, rather than below. As such, the overall positioning of the body is comparatively relaxed.

There is good reason for this more relaxed design, however. Thanks to the positioning of the seat and pedals, not to mention the inclusion of a backrest, the user can enjoy far lower levels of stress on the body while riding. This makes them a very worthwhile consideration for anyone who struggles from significant back pain and similar ailments.

Even those who don’t suffer from back pain may find recumbent exercise bikes appealing. The reclined position these bikes provide make them more accessible for those struggling to bite the bullet and get stuck in to a rigorous workout. However, they are not just the reserve of the less motivated or those suffering with pain. With the pedals positioned in front of the body, the legs are separated from the core of the body during workouts. As such, they can be effectively used to develop leg strength. When used properly, they excel over upright exercise bikes in this regard.

Indoor Cycling Alternatives

These are the type of exercise bike you are likely to have seen lining the edges of gyms or at a spin class. The standout features of indoor cycling models is that they include an open, weighted flywheel. The function of this is to produce a more accurate momentum akin to conventional cycling that you won’t find with upright exercise models.

Another major difference between these types of exercise bike and upright models is the handlebars. With indoor cycling models, the handlebars are comparably lower in their positioning. The reason for this is that it encourages the user to adopt a lower riding position, more reflective of the type of posture you’d see from a rider of a racing bike.

If you are keen to undertake more rigorous workouts, this lower position will help you achieve your goals. However, this riding position is intensive and can create significant strain on the body, particularly the lower back region. As such, the beginner is best advised to avoid this type of model until they’ve built up their body strength.

Other specific features of indoor cycling models include the dual-sided design of the pedals. Thanks to this design, the rider can firmly attach their feet to the bike, thereby generating more power as they train. What’s more, as the pedals are adjoined to the flywheel itself, the pedals continue to spin, even when the user stops exerting their own force on them. This is ideal for those looking to maintain consistent activity during workouts. Indoor cycling bikes are the go-to choice for more active users and those familiar with high-intensive cycling. Unless you’re accustomed to them, they should be avoided until you’ve developed your strength and ability.

Key Things to Look Out For in an Exercise Bike

No matter what type of model you’re looking to invest in, you’ll wan to pay special attention to a few key features. The first of these is the training console. This is a simple computer that’s integrated into the overall body of the bike, often found between the handlebars. This console screen can be used to set training limits and activate timers to help facilitate your workout, while also offering you displays of important stats like heart rate readings and calories burned.

Resistance is another key area of consideration. Resistance is enforced with the use of friction or magnets worked into the build of the bike, although this later type of resistance is less common than friction varieties. Friction resistance can be easily changed by the use of an adjustable knob. Again, this is often found within easy reach of the handlebars.

Product Reviews of Best Exercise Bike in UK for 2020

Feeling inspired to put your workout plans into overdrive? Now you know what to look for in a good exercise bike, it’s time to invest in one. We’ve put together a go-to list of great options you can currently find available on the market. In our line-up of must-have models for best exercise bike, you will find options from some of the leading manufacturers in the business, with options to accommodate every budget.

Nero Sports Upright Indoor Bike


Nero Sports Upright Bike

This entry on our list falls into the category of cycling exercise bikes that should tick all the boxes for those looking to undertake more vigorous workouts. Great for those looking to take their cardio training up a notch, this bike boasts 12 kilogram flywheel as standard, while also allowing for silent running. If you’re worried about disturbing neighbours or partners while they sleep, this is a great choice.

There is plenty of useful tech incorporated into the design of this model, including pulse sensors, a heart rate monitor, as well as an LCD computer to aid your workouts. A super soft seat is on hand to ensure you can push yourself to the limit for longer, while a smartphone stand between the handlebars means you can keep up with media as you train.

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JLL Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike 


JLL Resistance Bike


Magnetic resistance bikes aren’t all that common, but here’s one that’s well worth a look. You’ve eight different levels of magnetic resistance to work with here, giving you plenty of variety to vigorous workouts. There is plenty of integrated technology to aid your training as well, with an LCD monitor displaying everything from time elapsed, speed statistics, distance travelled, calories burned and much more.

A heart rate monitor is integrated into the handrails, allowing you to keep a close eye on your vitals as you go. What’s more, this bike model can be readily adjusted to best suit you. You can rotate the handlebars by 360 degrees, while the seat can be adjusted to seven different positions.

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JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Exercise Bike 

JLL Pro Indoor Bike


The JLL IC300 PRO is a quality choice of exercise bike that should tick all the right boxes for those looking for gym-level performance from the comfort of their own home. Quiet and smooth cycling is assured thanks to adjustable magnetic resistance, with a direct belt driven flywheel on hand to ensure consistent and reliable motion. This exercise bike also allows for plenty of personalisation and adjustment, with a 3-piece crank as standard. You will also find no less than six handlebar level adjustments to pick from, along with ten vertical seat adjustment levels.

This exercise bike also provides you with a large LCD monitor to keep on top of your essential stats, with seven key functions provided for. The impressive monitor gives you control of and updates on time elapsed, speed attained and distance travelled. You will also find details of pulse, RPM, calories burned and more. Despite the comprehensive exercise features offered by this bike, it is surprisingly compact, making it an ideal choice for those looking to work out from smaller spaces in the home.

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ANCHEER Indoor Stationary Exercise Bikes


Ancheer Indoor Bike


This ANCHEER exercise bike is another first-rate choice for those looking for premium features. The incredibly stable design of this bike combined with the high-quality belt drive system provide you with an incredibly smooth and silent ride. Not only does this provide you with increased momentum for more intensive workouts, it also ensures you will not disturb other members of your household if you are working out from a spare room or empty corner.

This bike also provides plenty in the way of customisation. The handlebar can be adjusted to best meet your positioning requirements, while the seat can be easily moved backwards and forwards, or vertically, to comfortably accommodate your riding position. This exercise bike also delivers when it comes to resistance settings. You can adjust resistance settings with ease thanks to a twisting mechanism, meaning you can make instant adjustments to resistance levels in the middle of a training session.

The onboard digital monitor also provides you with all the essential information you need for a premium workout session. The LCD screen gives you readings on session time, speed, distance, calories burned and more besides. A 4-ways padded seat and superior safety features make this exercise bike a solid choice for those looking for a piece of equipment that will hold up well to rigorous use.

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ANCHEER Indoor Exercise Bike


Ancheer Exercise Bike

This folding exercise bike from ANCHEER is a great choice for those after something compact and portable, yet something that doesn’t skimp on essential training features and tech. The sturdy X-frame is well worth a mention, with the sturdy build still allowing you to maintain excellent levels of balance during your workout.

You have plenty of adjustment potential here as well, with six different levels allowable for seat adjustments alone. There is also ten levels of magnetic resistance to choose from, giving you plenty of choice for when it comes to taking training up a notch.

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DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser, White




If you are looking for an exercise bike that is more discreet and lower in profile, the DeskCycle is the way to go. This innovative exercise bike is one of the lowest available on the market, with a maximum pedal height of just ten inches. Because of its small design, this exercise bike is ideal for use when you are sat working at your desk, allowing you to burn off calories and strengthen muscles as you work through your daily schedule.

While other pedal exercise bikes have relatively limited performance when it comes to resistance, the DeskCycle impresses with a varied range of resistance settings. You can choose from eight different resistance settings with this machine, giving you plenty of options if you are looking to build toward a more intensive exercise routine.

The magnetic resistance of this machine ensures a smooth and silent pedal motion. This is particularly important if you are looking to introduce this machine to your home study or office. The magnetic resistance element found here is in fact the same patented system you will also find at work with the MagneTrainer.

Despite the compact nature of this pedal exerciser, you can still make use of an integrated display screen that boasts five different functions, including speed, time, distance, calories and scan readings. A great value option for those looking for a more versatile choice of exercise bike they can fold into their daily routine with ease.

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DeskCycle2 Mini Exercise Bike.



If you are looking for something a little different, the DeskCycle2 is definitely something you want to look into. This compact exercise bike can be tucked discreetly underneath your desk, allowing you to undertake laid-back cycle sessions as you work. Magnetic resistance is at the heart of this bike, giving you a smoother pedal motion that’s both quiet in operation and perfect for working out your joints.

You have eight different resistance settings to choose from, allowing you to up your game as you go. What’s more, despite the low profile design of this exercise bike, you don’t have to dispense with the convenience of an LCD display. You will still be able to see essential stats on speed, time, distance and calories. A great value option for those looking to incorporate workouts into their everyday routine.

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DKN AM-E Exercise Bike



The DKN AM-E is an ideal choice for those seeking an exercise bike that can be readily adjusted as you become more accustomed to your workout, helping you achieve increased strength as you go. There is a dozen pre-set programmes to choose from here, with no less than 32 levels of magnetic resistance on offer. A large console screen display is also on offer, giving you clear view of all the essential statistics you’ll need to ensure premier workout performance. Pulse sensors can be found in the comfortable hand grips, making it easy for you to know how you’re doing as you train.

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6 Best Budget 3D Printer | UK Buyer’s Guide & Product Reviews | 2020

Up until very recently, 3D printers were seen as the reserve of scientists and engineering specialists. However, in more recent years, the 3D printing market has exploded thanks to a wave of technological innovations and a trend towards more affordable printing units and materials. Whether you are a hobbyist looking to produce 3D printed projects or you have more specific printing goals in mind, a 3D printer can prove a very worthwhile investment. Our go-to guide has everything you need to know about finding the Best Budget 3D printer to best meet your project goals and printing ambitions.

Common 3D Printer Varieties

There are a number of different 3D printer types to consider, but only a handful of them are geared towards the hobbyist and everyday user. One of the most commonly and affordable options of 3D printer is the so-called Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) model. If you are after a reliable printing solution, this is without doubt the best way to go.

Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)

Utilising technology that was first developed in the 1980s, FDM printers have become the most popular choice for consumers today. To facilitate 3D printing, this devices heat and then express thermoplastic material in very thin layers, eventually creating the desired printed element. The build plate of FDM printers drop the object that’s being created incrementally as the process is carried out, allowing for subsequent layers to be properly added.

Deciding on an FDM printer can prove a little daunting at first, not least because there are countless options to consider within the FDM category itself. However, if you’re after something that’s budget-friendly, an FDM printer is almost certainly the direction to go. Not only are the printing units themselves affordable, the material required in order to print in 3D won’t break the bank either.

Stereolithography (SLA) Technology

The other common variety of 3D printer you’ll encounter utilises stereolithography (SLA) technology. These types of 3D printers operate a little differently to FDM models. SLA devices utilise ultraviolet lasers and photosensitive material in order to print in 3D. To achieve the desired result, liquid resin is cooled down until it solidifies.

As with FDM printers, stereolithography devices drops the object that’s being printed incrementally after it completes each print cycle, with new layer being deposited atop the previous ones. Once printing itself is finished, the printed object may need to be further exposed to an ultraviolet source to sufficiently harden the resin material.

While SLA printers will generally produce more precise results and a superior finish, the printers themselves and the material required to print with are more expensive than what you can expect to pay for FDM printing.

One thing to bear in mind about both of these types of 3D printer is that, when printing objects with overhanging shapes, support needs to be provided to ensure the finished product can be printed as desired with no compromise to structural integrity.

Printing Speed

This is definitely a key area of consideration if you are looking to invest in a 3D printer. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that faster needn’t always mean better when it comes to 3D printing. In fact, models with a faster printing speed can yield finished products with a lower overall quality. As such, don’t be tempted to part with your cash just because a 3D printer boasts an apparently impressive millimetres per second speed. Printing speed should of course play a significant part of your buying decision, but it should instead reflect your individual printing requirements.

As a general rule, however, you’re best served by more moderate speeds as this will ensure 3D printing at a much higher standard. Another key thing to remember about 3D printing is that average speeds are incredibly hard to calculate. The very nature of 3D printing is that it allows you realise bespoke designs to produce customised objects. There’s ballpark figures that can be used to calculate printing speed, but no hard and fast rule you can turn to.

Print Resolution

Another major thing you need to be thinking about is print resolution capabilities. Print resolution is measured in dots per inch (dpi) and refers to the absolute minimum level of detail and thickness you can expect from your printing. As a rule, the smaller the number, the better printing results you can expect. Take some time to consider what you’ll be printing with your chosen device and what kind of results you’re expecting. If you’re entering the fray with a budget model, don’t part with your money with unrealistic expectations.

Buy with Foresight

Even though 3D printers are becoming much more affordable, the technology that’s at the core of such devices is constantly evolving and becoming more refined. If you’ve the budget to play with, you may be happy enough to part with your money as an introduction to the world of 3D printing.

The average hobbyist with smaller projects should find their 3D printer fit for task for some time, but the enthusiast who wants to move on to bigger and better things may quickly find their 3D printer of choice outpaced by their project goals.

To ensure you have made a good long-term investment, look for 3D printers that can be readily adapted with new components over time. If this isn’t possible, consider looking for a model that can be used to supplement more enhanced 3D printing at a later date when you invest in a more premium model.

Remember to check out our in-depth buyers guide and product reviews on Portable DVD Player and Budget Projector

Product Reviews of 6 Best Budget 3D Printer

If you are feeling inspired by our buying guide, why not have a look our line-up of some of the Best Budget 3D Printers you can currently find on the market in UK.

ELEGOO MARS UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer


If you are looking for peace of mind when it comes to buying a 3D printer, the ELEGOO Mars is a good way to go. This tried and trusted manufacturer has been producing 3D printers since 2014 and brings plenty of innovation to the table with this user-friendly model. This particular model utilises UV photocuring technology in order to print (the first such model from ELEGOO). Although it’s been created with user-friendliness in mind, the ELEGOO Mars is incredibly robust and built to an industrial standard.

Even if you have never used a 3D Printer before, you will have no trouble getting to grips with this accessible model. This printer comes semi-assembled, saving you less hassle when it comes to getting started, with only minimal assembly required in order to commence printing. A 3.5 inch control panel screen makes operation incredibly straightforward, with real-time displays of printing process so you’ve an accurate estimation of how much time your project will take to be realised.

This printer also comes with CHITUBOX Slicing Software as standard, providing you with an incredibly efficient printing speed. Off-line printing is also supported by the ELEGOO Mars, meaning you can print directly from a USB flash drive, with no need to launch your computer beforehand. Precision is also assured, with a 2560×1440 2K HD masking LCD on hand to deliver impressive resolution as standard.

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ANYCUBIC Mega Zero 3D Printer

Make quick work of 3D printing projects with the MEGA Zero. Offering professional printing results from the comfort of your home, this reliable model from ANYCUBIC serves as a great gateway to the world of 3D printing. With an innovative modular design, this 3D printer comes semi-assembled so you can begin printing more quickly, right out of the box.

You can also look forward to a very stable structure, with the Y-axis boasting a dual screw rod design and robust aluminium frame that allows for more precise printing results. This printer also includes a powerful extruder that further enhances printing precision.

Other standout features of the MEGA Zero include the power loss resume function. Should you encounter an unexpected power outage in the midst of printing an object, you only need to hit a single key to resume the print job at a later point. This is ideal for saving you material waste and unnecessary expense. There’s also an auxiliary levelling function as standard, which quickly locates the corners of your print platform during the levelling process, further enhancing printing efficiency.

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Geeetech Acrylic Prusa I3 Pro B Unassembled 3D Printer DIY Kit

Geeetech Acrylic Prusa

The Geeetech Prusa Pro B is an ideal choice of 3D printer for those looking to get acquainted with 3D printing potential. Designed for and tailored toward the DIY market, this 3D printer features a heated print bed that boasts maximum temperatures of 110 degrees Celsius.

What’s more, this 3D printer utilises 8mm acrylic plates and metal carriages to ensure much more stabilised printing, delivering more precise results. The Prusa Pro B is of the PLA 3D printer variety, using PLA material in order to create filaments and print. However, you’re not limited to this one type of printing medium. If you wish to work with other filament types, you can invest in additional nozzles in order to accommodate printing in other mediums.

One thing to point out about this particular 3D printer model is that it comes in kit form. Unlike the previous entries on this list, this printer doesn’t come semi-assembled. You’re responsible for the entire build here, which might prove a little daunting to the newcomer to 3D printing. However, with plenty of instructional material included and many online references available, you should to the build as an educational experience that will be of benefit to your 3D printing activities.

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Geeetech A20 3D Printer

Here’s another worthwhile printer to consider from Geeetech. The A20 is designed with user-friendliness in mind, right from the off. This 3D printer has been created to provide you with an affordable and effective 3D printing solution. Even if you’re a complete beginner, you’ll have no trouble putting together this printer out of the box and commencing your printing projects. What’s more, you can look forward to incredibly precise printing results. With a print accuracy rating of just a tenth of millimetre, it’s an ideal choice if you’re after sleeker contours, smoother finishes and more stable overall structures.

There’s also plenty of handy features on offer here that make working with this 3D printer a pleasure. The ventilation extruder has a 360-degree design, which massively reduces the chance of clogging and potential leakage. This also enhances precision, as the printing head can move more delicately and with greater levels of stability. What’s more, you’ve got a break-resuming feature as standard, which is ideal if you want to put a pause on proceedings and return to the machine at a later point. It’s also a good choice of desktop 3D printer, with the device designed to produce minimal operational noise as it prints.

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FLSUN QQ-S 90% Pre-assembled Delta 3d Printer


The FLSUN QQ-S is an affordable choice of 3D printer for those after a device of the Delta variety. Here you’ll find a circular print bed that’s synonymous with Delta devices, with an extruder above the main print bed another signature of this printer category. Like most Delta printers out there, the QQ-S scores highly when it comes to printing speed, not to mention an incredibly stable printing bed that makes it a good choice for those more delicate jobs.

Compact and quiet, the QQ-S is an affordable enough choice of desktop 3D printer. You have a broad choice when it comes to connectivity, with an SD slot as standard, not to mention USB input and wireless connection also possible. One can also utilise this device to print with a wide variety of materials. The QQ-S allows you to print in PLA, ABS, HIPS, wood, PVA and more. Other noteworthy features include the robust design, with the entire frame constructed from stainless steel to ensure incredible levels of stability to enhance precise printing.

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Flashforge 3D Printer Finder Single Extruder Printer

Flashforge 3D Printer

With its sleek exterior and compact design, this Flashforge 3D Printer is an instant eye-catcher. If you are seeking a desktop-style 3D printer for everyday use, this will tick all the boxes. There is no hard edges to worry about, nor will you have to concern yourself with exposed wires or heating elements. This is a printer that hits high notes when it comes to safety. On a more technical note, this 3D printer more than delivers in terms of precise results and reliability.

Standard features include an assisted levelling function, a filament run-out reminder to ensure you’re never caught short, not to mention a slide-in build plate to make every operation a breeze. You will also find smart supports on offer here to help your objects maintain integrity when overhanging elements need to be printed.

This is a very user-friendly option. The 3-5 inch touch screen provides you with a clear view of essential information, providing you with instant previews of model files, while also allowing for fuss-free operation. What’s more, this printer is ultra-quiet when it comes to operation, ensuring it causes little distraction as you go about the rest of your business.

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6 Best Inflatable Hot Tub | UK Buyer’s Guide & Reviews | 2020

Whether you are planning for the summer months or just want to maximise the use of your outdoor space for entertaining, an inflatable hot tub is well worth considering. At a fraction of the price of permanent builds and requiring nothing in the way of additional construction, the best inflatable hot tubs will add instant luxury to your gardens and patios with minimal fuss. Let’s delve deeper into what one should look out for when selecting their ideal choice of hot tub. We have put together an in-depth guide on the  6 Best Inflatable Hot Tub in the market for 2020.

Key Features to Consider

If you’ve decided it’s time to join the ranks of happy owners of inflatable hot tubs, you’ll want to make sure you’ve taken stock of the key features in order to make the best possible buying decision. Perhaps the most important thing to consider when looking at potential hot tubs for your outdoor space is size. Generally speaking, the smallest models of inflatable hot tub will accommodate two people, while the largest can hold anywhere up to eight individuals.

Although hot tubs are a hub of relaxation, your exact applications need to be considered before you buy. Will you be using it for your own use almost exclusively? If so, a smaller model should suffice. However, if you’re likely to be socialising regularly and expect many friends and family to want to join and enjoy the jets, you’ll want to invest in something altogether larger.

Price will play a big factor in your overall choice of size. A model that can accommodate four people will be relatively affordable, but those tubs that can sit several more users are significantly more expensive.

Available Space

Although they are a portable option, inflatable hot tubs will still take up significant space outdoors. As such, you will want to take the time to properly assess your available space before you fork out for one. The smallest available inflatable hot tubs on the market have diameters of around two metres, so you need to provide adequate space in your garden or atop your deck. Larger tubs will of course require bigger spaces, but that’s not the only thing you need to bear in mind.

It’s not just square footage that needs to be thought about when planning for a hot tub. The condition and inclination of the ground itself is of crucial importance. You will want to have a very flat surface to inflate your hot tub on, so uneven gardens and stony earth is out of the question. A smooth and flat lawn with adequate dimensions should be fine for the task, while larger patios and decks are also a good fit.

If you are opting for a larger tub that will take centre stage at social events you are looking to organise, make sure you’re leaving enough space around the tub for guests to get from A to B and ensure it doesn’t become an unwanted obstacle.

Even if you have spent hours selecting the perfect spot to inflate your hot tub, you may quickly decide that it would sit better elsewhere. This isn’t unusual, with many hot tub owners quickly discovering new sun traps in their outdoor spaces that would make much better spots to relax in.

Power Access

You will no doubt want to regularly move your hot tub around your outdoor spaces, so it’s worth picking a model that’s easy to inflate and deflate. Of course you will need to ensure that your hot tub is within reach of the mains power. Inflatable hot tubs all sport plug sockets on the main body of the tub itself, so one needs to ensure they have access to a long enough extension cable to power it.

Easy Installation and Operation

By design, inflatable hot tubs are incredibly user-friendly and simple to set up. If you’re worried about the installation and inflation of your hot tub, look for models that include an in-depth instructional manual and video as part of the package. However, you shouldn’t encounter any trouble in getting your hot tub going. It really is as straightforward as inflating it, hooking it up to a pump and getting it filled.

One thing to bear in mind when setting up your hot tub for the first time is to avoid the urge to over inflate it. The heat and weight from the water, not to mention heat from the sun, will all effect the pressure of the tub. As such, it’s best to hedge your bets and add more air after the hot tub has been filled with water to best suit your preference.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, despite taking as little as 15 minutes to inflate and fill, your hot tub won’t be bubbling away as desired immediately. You will need at least half a day to get most hot tubs at an ideal temperature, so plan ahead if you are looking to sit back and relax come the weekend or if you have got an outdoor gathering planned.

Looking After an Inflatable Hot Tub

Maintaining an inflatable hot tub is relatively easy. If you are looking to keep your hot tub inflated for long periods of time, you will want to adhere to conventional water cleaning and chemical treatment steps. Inflatable hot tubs utilise filtration systems to keep the water inside clean, meaning you don’t need to regularly drain and refill it.

If you are keeping it inflated for much longer periods, you will also want to consider adding chemicals to the system to prevent the build-up of potentially harmful bacteria. However, as a rule, inflatable hot tubs are far easier to care for than conventional ones.

One of the biggest concerns of would-be buyers of inflatable hot tubs is what to do in the case of a puncture. This is definitely worth considering, but it needn’t put you off the inflatable variety in the slightest. The best inflatable hot tubs are constructed from incredibly robust materials that will withstand everyday wear and tear with ease. However, there’s always the chance that something sharp can snag on the material and cause a significant tear that will see your hot tub drained in minutes. In these instances, you’ll have to carry out a repair.

When buying an inflatable hot tub, always pick one that includes a maintenance and repair kit as part of the overall package so you can make such repairs immediately. The last thing you want is to wait days or even weeks for a repair kit to arrive in the post as summer fades away.

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Product Reviews of the 6 Best Inflatable Hot Tub in UK for 2020

Already itching to transform your outdoor spaces for entertaining? We have put together a first-rate pick of 6 inflatable hot tubs for you to consider. You will find a range of eye-catching styles to consider, each boasting their own unique features to best fit your requirement. With options from some of the best manufacturers around and models to suit all budgets, you are bound to find something that fits the bill.

Lay-Z-Spa Paris Hot Tub with LED Lights 4-6 Person


Lay-Z Spa 4-6 Person


This Lay-Z-Spa Paris Hot Tub is a standout model from an award-winning brand. There’s bags of brilliant features to mention here, but we’ll start with the integrated massage system. Specifically, we’re talking about the 87 AirJet System, which delivers soothing massaging action in many directions. What’s more, this system comes with integrated LED lights for that luxurious jacuzzi effect.

Perfect for evening entertainment. It’s also incredibly easy to set up and inflate this hot tub. You need not worry about digging out a tool box with this Lay-Z system. Simply inflate with the included pump and you are good to go in as little as ten minutes. If you are worried about having to wait around an age before you can use your new hot tub, this should come as music to your ears.

What’s more, there’s the so-called Blissful 40 Rapid Heating System. Thanks to this enhanced pump technology, you can heat and filter water at the same time as running the integrated massage system.

This is also a robust choice. There’s a cushioned floor to withstand damage, not to mention leather-like material as standard. The insulated cover and ground fault detection system provide you with plenty of peace of mind regarding potential damages to your hot tub, while also adding another layer of comfort while you relax.

You can also plan ahead with this hot tub system, with the energy saving timer very handy for when it comes to having your tub primed and ready to enjoy for when you return home.

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Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Hot Tub, Inflatable Spa, 4-6 Person

Lay-Z Spa Vegas 4-6 Person


Here’s another magnificent model from the Lay-Z-Spa brand. Once again, you’ve the soothing effects of the 87 AirJet system to enjoy, with an all-surrounding massage experience that’s great for relaxation. Inflating is also a breeze, with no tools required to get this beauty ready for filling. The Blissful Rapid Heading System also comes as standard, with pump technology that enables you to heat and filter water, without having to wait until you can enjoy the massage system.

This is a very durable option as well. The materials used in the construction of the Vegas model should put your mind at rest if you’re worried about your hot tub suffering unwanted wear and tear. There’s a cushioned floor that withstands damage from the ground beneath, while insulated leatheroid material has been used in the construction to stave off tears.

For added peace of mind, there’s ground fault detection as well. Need more convincing? As with the Paris model, there is an energy saving timer on hand so you can set your hot tub to heat ahead of time, meaning you can dive straight in after a long day at the office.

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Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Inflatable Portable Hot Tub Spa, 4 – 6 Person


Lay-Z Spa Palm Springs 4-6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

Our list wouldn’t be complete without one more model from the Lay-Z-Spa line-up. Here is the Palm Springs variant from the popular inflatable hot tub brand, offering plenty of exciting features to help you enjoy your outdoor spaces in style. The Palm Springs tub features the signature Lay-Z-Spa massage system, with 120 individual AirJets on hand to provide plenty in the way of relaxation.

Operating your spa is a breeze thanks to the digital control panel, allowing you to make quick and easy adjustments to temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius. The control panel can also be used to adjust the AirJet system as you see fit. What’s more, it features a timer for fuss-free pre-set adjustments.

The Palm Springs from Lay-Z-Spa is also incredibly easy to set up, with installation taking as little as 10 minutes. Should you run into any trouble, however, an instructional DVD comes with the hot tub itself to answer any questions you might have.

If you are after something with plenty of capacity, the Palm Springs should more than suffice. Once fully inflated, you have ample space for between four and six people at a time. You can also invest with peace of mind thanks to a robust construction and resilient materials.

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MSPA Alpine Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Jacuzzi


MSPA Inflatable Hot Tub Jacuzzi

This MSPA Alpline D-AL04 inflatable hot tub is a great way to go if you’re after the convenience of an inflatable model that doesn’t skimp on aesthetics. The patented square shape of this hot tub isn’t just easy on the eye, it makes the most of some very robust safety and durability features as well. Rhino-Tech 6-Layer reinforced material has been used in the construction, ensuring you needn’t worry about your tub sustaining damage and requiring a repair job. There’s also some great jet technology at work here, with specific positioning to deliver optimal bubbles at all times.

There’s more to love about this hot tub in the form of the handy remote control that allows for self-inflating, not to mention a host of other features. With the remote, you can control temperature, bubble release, not to mention heating timer settings. There’s an integrated control centre makes life easier, while whisper quiet technology means you can enjoy this hot tub well into the early hours without worrying about disturbing neighbours.

You’ll find everything else you could possibly require to get up and running with this hot tub, with hose adaptors, a filter cartridge pack, ground mat, covers and more all included. If you’ve always been put off by the appearance of inflatable hot tubs in the past, the Alpine D-AL04 is sure to convince with its attractive square shape and stripped-back aesthetic. A worthy addition to your garden deck.

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MSpa Portable Square Hot Tub – 6 Person Bubble Spa Inflatable Jacuzzi


MSPA Tekapo 6 Person


If you are looking to host a garden party to remember, this MSPA D-TE06 inflatable hot tub might be worth a second look. This robust hot tub is a great choice for those who want to entertain bigger groups, with its 6-person capacity a definite perk.

It’s also a robust choice, with hard-wearing materials and a sturdy construction ensuring it holds its shape well after inflation, no matter how much you’re using it. You will also have no trouble relaxing in this hot tub, with innovative air jets positioned at strategic locations to ensure optimal release of bubbles in many directions.

Heating up to temperatures of 42 degrees, this inflatable hot tub holds its owns against conventional jacuzzi models. Thanks to the wired controller, you can make easy adjustments to temperatures and bubble jets. What’s more, the controller can be used to self-inflate your hot tub, as well as make pre-set adjustments to your timer so you can have your tub ready to go when you get home after a busy day.

In addition to the tub and controller, you have a host of extras on hand to ensure you get the best possible enjoyment from your purchase. Included is a garden hose adaptor for easy filling, a filter cartridge pack, a cover and ground mat, wrench, plus an instructional DVD should you run into trouble at installation.

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Intex Pure Spa Plus Hot Tub with Inflatable Headrests


Intex Pure Spa Hot Tub


Comfort and relaxation are at the forefront of the design of this Intex PureSpa Plus. This inflatable hot tub has plenty to offer, with its eye-catching design guaranteed to make a fine complement to your garden or patio. Designed to deliver an authentic spa experience from the comfort of home, this circular tub is easy to set up, with a user-friendly control panel on hand so you can make quick and hassle-free adjustments to temperature and bubbles.

The PureSpa also boasts integrated LED lights to add a dash of colour to your relaxation sessions, with inflatable headrests also on hand to ensure you can kick back and unwind in style.

In addition to its luxurious appeal, the PureSpa is a winner when it comes to ease of ease. It’s easy to keep on top of maintenance thanks to the simple filter cartridge system, while the hard water treatment system means chilling in your tub won’t take its toll on your skin. It’s a little bit pricier than some options on this list, but if you are prepared to fork out a little more, you won’t be disappointed.

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5 Best Weighted Blanket | UK Buyer’s Guide & Product Reviews | 2020

If you are someone who struggles to enjoy a good night’s sleep, chances are you have tried plenty of potential remedies to help alleviate the problem. However, one solution you may have overlooked is a weighted blanket. A popular sleep accessory for young and old alike, weighted blankets are a heavier alternative to conventional bed linen and quilts, with the added bulk helping produce desirable sleep hormones to help you rest easy at night. Interested in learning more? Our go-to guide on Best Weighted Blanket has everything you need to know about weighted blankets and what to look for when you buy.

Weighted Blanket Basics

As the name would suggest, weighted blankets are altogether heavier than conventional blankets, quilts and comforters. In fact, the heaviest weighted blankets available on the market can weigh in excess of 13 kilograms.

The additional weight of such blankets have a direct affect on the production of melatonin the user produces as they sleep. This hormone helps promote a feeling of well-being and creates a soothing effect for those using them. This goes a long way in creating lower levels of anxiety at night, encouraging a better night’s sleep.

There is a great deal of variety on offer for those looking to invest in a weight blanket. Some blankets of this type have a uniform weight that is equally distributed across the user as they sleep.

Other types of weighted blanket have a less even distribution, with different parts of the body benefiting from higher or lower levels of additional weight. When it comes to considering purchasing a weighted blanket, you will want to think seriously about how much you’re willing to spend.

You will find plenty of budget-friendly options available on the market, but there’s also plenty of options for those with the money to spend on more premium offerings.

Key Functions of Weighted Blankets

The central feature of weighted blankets is that they promote a co-called grounding sensation. This works by applying subtle levels of pressure on the user as they sleep, forcing them slightly deeper into their mattress.

This grounding effect also encourages the production and release of melatonin hormones. As we have already mentioned, this hormone has a distinct calming effect that is a good promoter of quality sleep.

In order to achieve the best possible results, you’ll want to ensure you’ve picked a blanket with an adequate weight that facilitates an ideal amount of quality sleep. There is no one-size-fits-all solution here, so each and every would-be user needs to seriously consider their options before making an investment.

As a general rule, an adult user who wants to reap the biggest benefits from a weighted blanket should seek one that weighs in at no more of a tenth of their overall body weight. However, slightly lighter options should yield good results.

If you are looking to purchase one for a child, a similar blanket to body weight ration should be observed. That being said, weighted blankets aren’t advisable for use with very young children.

If you are dealing with a child aged ten years or under, the use of a weighted blanket should be discussed in detail with a doctor beforehand.

Those Who Should Avoid Weighted Blankets

Not every adult will benefit from a weighted blanket, either. In fact, in some instances, using them can be harmful and produce distressing side effects. People who suffer from respiratory ailments should generally avoid using weighted blankets, with the added bulk a potential risk to breathing function.

Likewise, those who struggle with circulation issues should avoid weighted blankets due to the pressures applied to the body as the user sleeps. Anyone who has suffered from claustrophobia or experienced similar phonic reactions should avoid weighted blankets as well.

How Weighted Blankets Can Help You

Provided you are not someone who should avoid weighted blankets, these sleep accessories can bring some appealing benefits to improve health and sleep quality.

For one, the ground effect that these blankets produce will limit the production of steroid hormones like cortisol. In and of itself, stress hormones aren’t a negative thing, yet they can be produced subconsciously if the sleeper is experiencing a nightmare. When this happens, the anti-anxiety relief that melatonin provides is counterbalanced and sleep quality is significantly decreased.

Delving deeper into the subject of hormone production, let’s look at melatonin in more detail. Melatonin is produced naturally from exposure to natural light during the day, with the hormone having the effect of making us feel more alert during the morning and sleepier at night.

Those who struggle to enjoy a good night’s sleep generally produce lower levels of this essential hormone. This has a direct impact on sleep quality and maintaining quality sleep cycles. As such, utilising a weighted blanket can help counterbalance the problem.

Even more hormones factor into play come bedtime. The grounding effect of weighted blankets can in fact yield the release of several important hormones related to feelings of happiness and well-being. These include dopamine and serotonin. When these hormones are released into the body, the nervous system benefits from a distinct calming effect, with the individual feeling generally more relaxed and agreeable to sleep.

Another key benefit of weighted blankets is that they can help control the incidence of sleepwalking episodes. Those who suffer from sleepwalking will know how detrimental it can be to sleep quality.

Adults and children alike can be reap the benefits of weighted blankets in this regard, with the calm and relaxing sensations they create prior to sleep helping ensure the user enjoys a more restful and uninterrupted sleep session.

Key Feature to Look Out For in a Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are filled with materials that are distributed evenly throughout the interior, providing essential weight distribution. Regardless of the material used, this filling will generally make no noise, meaning that sleep isn’t unnecessarily disturbed.

In most cases, this filling material takes the form of beads made from plastic or glass, although more sand-like materials are increasingly common. As well as the material used to provide the signature weighting of the blanket, these sleep accessories will tend to include material padding. This is mainly for comfort, separating the harder fillings at the core of the blanket from making contact with the body of the sleeper.

With maintenance in mind, many weighted blankets will also feature layers of water-resistant or water-proofed material. Picking a blanket with these materials or moisture-wicking capability is well worth considering if you are someone who perspires a lot during the night, or if you are looking for a blanket for young children who are prone to accidents.

In most cases, weighted blankets will also feature an outer fabric cover. These might be firmly stitched in place, allowing you to launder the blanket in its entirety, or removable.

The best weighted blankets will have an outer layer made from natural materials like cotton or high-quality synthetics. If you’re looking for blankets that score highly on breathability and comfort, go for natural fibres like wool and cotton.

These will help promote better sleep on warmer nights and during the summer months. However, blankets made from such materials are likely to be more expensive than other varieties. Synthetic materials usually make for an altogether cheaper weighted blanket, but they tend to create a warmer sleep environment.

Weight Distribution and Size

At the lighter end of the spectrum, weighted blankets weigh in at just over 2 kilograms. The heaviest you’re likely to encounter will weigh little more than 13.5 kilograms. Although the majority of people will probably prefer a blanket that weighs around a tenth of their overall body weight, not everybody has the same preferences.

As such, manufacturers have produced a wide variety of weights to consider for those interested in these sleeping accessories. Those who are unsure about which weight to go for might be best served by an adjustable weighted blanket.

These designs can be folded in various ways to alter the weight distribution of the blanket. This variety of weighted blanket is a good bet for those looking to experiment with what works for them.

It should come as no surprise that the heavier the weighted blanket, the larger it will be. However, most weighted blankets produced by manufacturers have been designed to accommodate common mattress sizes, ensuring you are not left with a blanket that’s too big.

Additional design features are on hand to help ensure a better fit. Most blankets will feature claps on the inside, minimising the chance of internal distortion and maintaining proper distribution at all times.

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Product Reviews of 5 Best Weighted Blankets

Now you know what to look for in a good weighted blanket, it’s time to have a look at what’s available on the market. Our line-up of must-have options includes weighted blankets from some of the best manufacturers in the business, with choices to accommodate all budgets.

jaymag Weighted Blanket for Adults/Teenagers Sensory Calming Anxiety Blankets for Better Sleep and Stress Relief, 100% Cotton with Glass Beads, 122x183cm 6.8kg

Jaymag Weighted Blanket


If you are after an affordable choice that delivers, this weighted blanket is worth considering. This jaymag weighted blanket provide ‘Deep Touch Pressure’ to induce a feeling of well-being and relaxation as you drift off to sleep.

The materials used here are all top-quality choices, with the essential weighted material made up of hypo-allergenic glass beads. The outer material is a pure cotton that’s a good choice for those seeking a breathable option that won’t add unwanted layers of warmth to your bed linen.

Precise computer-programmed sewing as been utilised to ensure the best in weight distribution, while the diamond lattice construction means you don’t have to worry about unwanted pilling.

This blanket is machine washable, ensuring fuss-free maintenance.

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ZZZNEST Weighted Blanket for Adult, Heavy Blanket for Sleep and Stress Relief, Anxiety Blanket, Sensory Calming Blanket for Great Sleep, 100% Cotton Material with Glass Beads, 7.2kg 152x203cm, Grey

ZZZNest Weighted Blanket

This premium ZZZNest weighted blanket is a good choice for those seeking a better night’s sleep. The 7-layer design is the real standout here, ensuring the weighted materials don’t cause any disturbance while sleeping.

A high-density organic cotton makes up the outer layer, making this very comfortable and breathable option, while a diamond quilted design ensures great weight distribution throughout.

A three-dimensional lock bead sewing technique has also been utilised to ensure no chance of leaks, while no less than ten ties are utilised to ensure the blanket can be fastened securely to the outer cover, drastically minimising shifting while you sleep.

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SCM Weighted Blanket With 2 Replaceable Covers – Nano-ceramic Bead Technology – Heavy Sensory 2.0 Blankets – Great Sleep for People with Insomnia or Stress – Blue – 104 x 152 cm


SCM Blanket

This weighted blanket from SCM Home is a good choice for those seeking great value. Designed with hot and cold sleepers in mind, this blanket comes with two different duvet covers.

One is made from a warm fleece material for the winter months, while the other is constructed from coolmax microfibre material that keeps the body cooler during sleep. Inside, this blanket uses advanced weighted material, in this case non-ceramic beads.

The result is better weight distribution and advanced levels of comfort.

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SNUZI Weighted Blanket


This Snuzi Life Weighted Blanket has amounted plenty of press attention and it’s not hard to see why. This blanket has been designed with comfort and quiet in mind, with glass beads the order of the day when it comes to the weighted material.

Beads are kept firmly in place in their designated quilt pockets, maintaining optimal levels of weight throughout the entire blanket.

Durable stitching can be found as standard, ensuring this blanket maintains its integrity for longer, while also aiding overall weight distribution to produce the best pressure effects for the sleeper.

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Anjee Weighted Blanket for Children, Kids Calming Blanket for Autism, Insomnia, Restless Leg Syndrome, 100% Cotton Material, 2.3kg 90x120cm, Pink Leopard




A kid-friendly option that is bound to bring a little colour to bedtime. This weighted blanket has been designed with children in mind, which is why you  have a choice of eye-catching colours and quirky prints to choose from.

Weight distribution is of a premium standard, while comfortable cotton outer fabrics make this a breathable choice that can be used throughout the year. A range of sizes are available to choose from, meaning adults can also make use of this top-tier weighted blanket.

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6 Best Cat Repellent | UK Buyer’s Guide & Product Reviews | 2020

Gardeners across the globe will know how destructive unwelcome cats can be to their outdoor spaces. Whether they are digging up flower beds and vegetable patches, defecating on lawns or scratching at outdoor surfaces, cats can cause some serious damage. However, there is a range of cat repellent options available to help you combat the destructive tendencies of errant felines. From discreet prickled mats to deter digging to ultrasonic sentries to send cats packing, there’s some very effective ways to safeguard your garden against feline pests. Our go-to guide on Best Cat Repellent has everything you need to know about cat repellent strategies, allowing you to decide which solution is right for you.

Preliminary Steps to Securing Outdoor Spaces

Before you invest in cat repellent solutions to safeguard your garden against feline invaders, it’s always worth taking some initial steps to help minimise the issue. If possible, remove cat droppings from your outdoor space as quickly as possible. This helps break a habit before it forms, with a cat less likely to return to the scene of the crime to repeat the behaviour.

If possible, clean any areas where cats have been urinating to remove the odour as quickly as you can. Again, this will help prevent the recurrence of such behaviour. However, it’s arguably even more important to remove trace odours as cats will utilise these as territory markers. If a terrorising tabby thinks your lawn or flower beds are their territory to do what they want with, you’ll have a real time of keeping them at a distance in the future.

Introduce Aromatic Foliage to Deter Cats

This is one potentially effective way of convincing cats to stay away. Many plants carry pungent aromas that are very unappealing to felines. Catching just a whiff of these shrubs, flowers and herbs can send them packing. Plants like rosemary and lavender are particularly good choices if you are looking to adopt this tactic. Simply introduce a potted plant of your chosen variety to problem areas and see if it has any effectiveness in forcing felines away.

The obvious issue here is that you’re having to make potentially unwanted changes your garden to eliminate a problem that hasn’t been created by you. Adding aromatic plants is all well and good if you are a fan of the plants required or you can put edible herbs to good use, but you may decide that you’re not prepared to plant your garden around pests.

Protective Netting and Mesh

Securing specific parts of your garden with protective netting or wire mesh can prove to be a very effective way of keeping cats away. Provided you’ve invested in netting or mesh that’s robust enough, even the most persistent pussy will have a hard time breaching your defences. The problem here is that introducing protective barriers to your garden is quite labour intensive.

You may also need to continuously add extra netting as you spot new points of entry a cat has discovered. What’s more, most of these materials are rather unsightly, thereby spoiling your enjoyment of your garden. If aesthetics aren’t a concern for you, it’s certainly worth giving this a try before you progress to more offensive methods of cat deterrent.

However, you will want to ensure you are not introducing any material that might potentially harm any cats looking to invade your outdoor spaces.

Effective Cat Repellent Options

If you have tried all of the above and are still fending off a feline invasion, it’s probably time to up your defences. Below, you will find a line-up of some of the most effective repellent options you can introduce into your garden to stave off cats for good.

Water Spray Repellent Devices

Repellent devices that utilise water spray as part of their mechanism are among the most common options on the market. What’s more, they are the easiest to maintain and won’t cause any real harm to problem cats. Most devices of this type will include a ground spike that can be pushed down into soil, with the spraying mechanism houses at the top of the spike.

Water Spray repellent devices are very similar to solar-powered garden lights in this regard. Once placed in the desired location, these silent safeguards utilise sensor detection to alert themselves to the presence of a nearby cat. Once a sensor picks up a target, it will emit water that should hopefully send a cat fleeing from the scene. The spraying power of such devices varies significantly. The most effective can be connected to a hose to provide a much more robust jet of water.

However, even the less powerful varieties available on the market will deliver a spray that should sufficiently deter cats from sticking around. If you are considering this repellent option, make sure you go for one that offers a good spraying range. If you are looking to project an entire garden, you will want models with wider ranges and should definitely be looking to introduce multiple repellent units to your garden.

However, they can be used effectively individually. If you want to protect specific areas of your garden, such as plant beds and seating areas, a quality repellent device with a range of two metres should be more than adequate.

Wall Spikes and Fence Guards

If you like the idea of netting and mesh, but have so far found the strategy to be ineffective in keeping mischievous moggies away, wall spikes and fence guards are worth looking into. These types of deterrent can be placed along the tops of fences and walls to add a robust layer of defence against feline intruders. You will find wall and fence spikes in a range of colours and materials, giving you plenty of choice to ensure a sympathetic match to your existing outdoor space. Quality spikes and guards are less of an eyesore than mesh and netting material, ensuring you can continue to enjoy your garden without compromising on aesthetics.

Admittedly, installing such spikes can be a hassle, taking significant amounts of time to ensure they’re fitted correctly and effective enough for their intended use. What’s more, if you’ve a great stretch of wall or fence panel to protect, it can be potentially expensive. It’s not really a solution you can put to good use in partial form. However, if you’re utilising other methods of deterrent, spikes can be a good supplemental measure.

Ultrasonic Devices

Arguably the most effective solution available, ultrasonic cat repellent devices should keep your garden free of unwanted guests for the foreseeable. Superficially, they are quite similar to those devices that use water sprays and jets to chase away cats. As with those models, ultrasonic options usually include a ground spike so you can drive them into the soil of your lawn or plant beds so they stay firmly in place.

Once again, a sensor is used to detect the nearby presence of a feline. When this sensor does pick up the presence of a cat, the device emits a high-pitched ultrasonic signal that will prove unbearable to cats, driving them away from your garden immediately.

Although they are a little more expensive than other options available, ultrasonic devices will likely to prove to be the best long-term investment for you. They are a discreet choice for those not looking to spoil the view of their garden, with subtle designs that will blend into the surrounding foliage with ease. What’s more, they are designed with long-standing outdoor use in mind, meaning you don’t have to worry about maintenance and weathering.

In most cases, you won’t need to worry about keeping them powered. While some models may utilise batteries, the vast majority of ultrasonic repellent designs on the market utilise a solar-powered cell in order to carry on functioning. There’s a slight issue here in that they will need to be placed in a position that receives adequate sunlight. However, you only need minimal exposure to light sources to ensure effective charging.

Product Reviews of 6 Best Cat Repellent

Ready to reclaim your garden? We have put together a pick of reliable repellent options to keep cats at bay. There’s a variety of model types included here, with plenty of budget-friendly choices that won’t break the bank.

Pestbye® Waterproof Cat Repellent – Solar Powered


If you are after an effective option for sending cats packing fast, this Pestbye® Ultrasonic Cat Scarer should more than suffice. It’s a very affordable option for those with less budget to work with, but it doesn’t skimp on technology and effectiveness.

This cat scarer is easily fixed in place via the ground spike, with the integrated motions sensor on hand to pick up the presence of cats. When it does detect a feline, it emits a high-frequency sound that will quickly deter unwelcome visitors. What’s particularly nifty about this device is that the frequencies can be adjusted, allowing to make tailored changes to target specific cats. Waterproofed to withstand the elements, this cat scarer is also solar powered so you don’t need to worry about batteries.

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Defenders Prickle ( Deters Pets and Wildlife from Digging)


Defenders Prickle


If it’s digging that’s causing you concern, this Defender Prickle Strip Dig Stopper is well worth investing in. These prickle strips are simply positioned below ground level before being covered with a light top layer of soil. When installed, these strips prevent cats and other pests from getting stuck into your flower pets and vegetable patches, with the prickled texture an effective deterrent against probing paws.

You can cut these prickle strips to size to accommodate ample coverage of specific areas, while the weather-resistant material means you can leave them in place all year ground. What’s more, the mesh design of the material won’t impede plant growth, making them particularly handy for use in growing beds and patches.

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Plai 6 x Flat Prickle Strip Dig Stopper, Cat Repellent Mat


Plai Prickle Strip Dig Stopper

Here’s another great choice of dig stopper solution for those looking to protect flower beds and growing areas in their garden. This great-value pack of prickle material includes six individual strips that are ideal for use in tighter spaces or awkward spots. As with the previous solution, they’re incredibly robust and made from material that will withstand year-round weathering, while the mesh design of these strips allows for plant growth to continue on as normal.

These strips have an interlocking design that means you can combine multiple strips to secure a larger area, without needing to cut and shape as you go. As such, they’re a very versatile option and can be retrieved and re-positioned with minimal fuss.

Zonpor Outdoor Animal Repeller Deterrent for Garden


Zonpor Cat Repellent

This zonpor Ultrasonic Cat Repellent unit is a great option to consider if you’re dealing with more persistent cats. As with similar models on the market, you simply need to anchor this device in place with the ground spike to safeguard your outdoor spaces.

There’s some very impressive technical spec on offer here, with a sensor angle of 110 degrees. What’s more, there’s a detection range of up to nine metres, although this will ultimately depend on the size of the target animal.

Another handy feature here is that frequencies can be adjusted. This is very useful if you’re having trouble deterring specific cats and need to tailor your signal strength and frequency range. The sensitivity of the infrared sensor can likewise be adjusted via user-friendly controls.

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Fence Wall Spikes Cat Repellent


S4U Fence Wall Spikes

If cats are entering your garden over fences or walls, these wall spikes are a good way to secure your outdoor space. This pack contains ten individual spike strips that measure 49 centimetres in length, making them an ideal solution for lining atop fence panels and walls, not to mention window sills.

The high concentration of spikes will definitely prove a successful deterrent against birds and small animals, while also serving as an extra layer of defence against larger pests like cats. Made from robust materials that are protected against UV and frost weathering, these strips will make a welcome addition to your defensive strategy.

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FITFORT 20w Ultrasonic Pest Repeller


FitFort Cat Repellent

We have previously discussed the effectiveness of ultrasonic devices in deterring cats, with this option from FITFORT a prime example of what we’re talking about. This device is a particularly powerful one, operating at 20 watts to ensure effective deterrence against unwanted pests. Frequency conversion technology is the real start of the show here. By combining the effectiveness of ultrasonic frequencies and electromagnetic waves, pests don’t have the chance to adapt themselves to the effects of this device.

There is also an additional Bionic Wave element that imitates animal sounds to help chase away larger animals, such as persistent cats and other pests like foxes. If you’re after a safe and environmentally-friendly choice, this is definitely the way to go. Not only is it safe to animals, it won’t add any unwanted hazards to your garden, allowing you and your family to enjoy your outdoor space with no worries.

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4 Best Metal Detector | UK Buyer’s Guide & Product Reviews | 2020

For many, a metal detector has been on their wish list for years. Young and old alike dream of discovering something valuable underfoot and a metal detector is the ideal tool to help in this regard. Nowadays, there’s a wide range of metal detectors available for those looking to get into the detectorist game, with all manner of extra features to help make the search go more smoothly. If you are looking to enter the fray, our go-to guide on Best Metal Detector, will give you some crucial insights into what to look out for when investing in a metal detector model for the first time.

Metal Detectors Explained

In short, a metal detector is a piece of equipment that can be used to identify metals buried in a range of materials, without having to make contact with it first. Metal detectors work by utilising radio waves. Detectors emit these waves, sounding an alert if and when they happen upon any secondary sources. If such instances, these means the presence of metal has been detected.

As soon as you switch a metal detector on, an electromagnetic field is generated within the head of the device, with this subsequently expanding into the surrounding area. Should something made of metal fall within the search range of this electromagnetic field, specific currents are generated which work to counter the field itself. This minimises the overall strength of the electromagnetic field, with the resulting data produced alerting the user to nearby metals.

Metal Detector Types

All models of metal detector use a coil transmitter, generating an electromagnetic field across it. Additionally, a magnetic flux can be found beneath the coil itself. It is this, the magnetic flux, that is transformed into readable data that can be processed via the display of the metal detector. This alerts the user to presence of metal. Different types of metal detector operate differently.

Very Low Frequency (VLF)

Very low frequency metal detectors are arguably the most commonly used type of metal detector. Also known as induction balance detectors, these types of detector utilise two coils. One of these is the transmitter coil, or simply put the outer coil loop. Inside of this loop is a wire coil, with electricity sent along it in one direction and then in opposing direction. This process occurs thousands of times every second.

Frequency of a detector is established by the amount of times this current switches. The other coil incorporated into a VLF unit is the receiver coil. This is another coil of wire that serves as an antenna component. This picks up and subsequently amplifies frequencies that might be produced from prospective objects the detectorist is searching for.

Pulse Induction (PI)

With pulse induction metal detectors, however, a single coil is used as both the transmitter and receiver. With a pulse induction metal detector, pulses of electricity are delivered downwards into the ground. This serves to generate a magnetic field. Most detectors of this type produce around 100 pulses per second. If a pulse makes contact with an object made from metal, there’s a reversal of field. In such instances, the detector then picks up a successful signal, alerting the user to the presence of a metal object.

Metal Detector Displays and Settings

Metal detector screens help the user make sense of what it is they have potentially found. For the beginner or less experienced metal detector, picking a user-friendly screen is crucial in successful hunting. A usable screen should be able to display essential statistics that allow the user to properly establish the kind of metal they have detected. This will help determine the kind of object that might have been happened upon and establish whether or not it’s worth digging.

Metal detectors should also include a pinpointer and establish the depth of detected objects, as well as give an idea of intensity of the material found. Again, this will help the user make a more informed decision of what is they may have found and determine whether or not it’s a valuable find.

A host of other settings should also be found as standard. These include battery life indicators, which are very important for those undertaking long searches of sites. You should also invest in a model where the sensitivity of the detector can be readily adjusted. This will help you focus your search at particular points of interest and help you refine in-depth searches with promising readings.

Essential Extras and Accessories

It’s not just the main metal detector model you need to invest in if you are hoping of uncovering something valuable. There is a host of extras to add to your inventory before embarking on a hunt. Second in importance to the metal detector itself is a shovel. After all, there’s no point chancing upon a positive reading if you can’t get to your loot. It’s worth investing in something of quality here.

You will want a shovel that’s easy to handle and comfortable to carry, allowing you to sift through sand or soil with ease. What’s more, you’ll want something that’s robust and resilient to the elements, ensuring you won’t need to replace it any time soon.

You will no doubt have seen many a detectorist walking around wearing headphones. If you are looking to compensate for technical shortcomings in a cheaper model, or you are looking to amplify the search capabilities of a more expensive one, headphones are definitely worth investing in. Adding a pair of headphones to your arsenal means you limit the chance of missing a potential signal, whether that’s because your main device isn’t all that powerful, or you’re searching in an outdoor environment with all manner of audible distractions.

We have talked a little about pinpointers above, but it’s worth taking a moment to delve more deeply. A pinpointer is a must if you are hoping to establish exactly where a potential find is located. A premium pinpointer will provide you with very specific information in this regard, saving you time and hassle in digging in the wrong spot. If you are worried about rival detectorists happening upon something of value, or you’re simply looking to shave time off your search, investing in a pintpointer is a must.

Planning on hunting at night or during the winter months? Make sure you’ve got a flash light to hand. Even in daylight, a good flash light will prove its worth after you start digging, giving you much better visibility of potential finds in the ground. Furthermore, you will want to make sure you’ve got ample storage for all your kit on the move, so take some time to pick out a durable backpack to house all your equipment and accessories.


Nowadays, metal detectors are generally more affordable than they once were. Even the amateur treasure hunter can find a model that’s fit for task that won’t break the bank. However, if you’ve the money to spare, it’s worth considering your options before splurging on a purchase.

A quality metal detector that delivers will usually retail for no less than £120-150. Go any lower than that and you’ll want to make sure you’ve thoroughly brushed up on the spec offered to ensure it can handle the kind of detectorist applications you’re after. If you’re a more proficient detectorist, you can expect to pay many times that amount for a premium model.

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Product Reviews of 4 Best Metal Detector

Keen to begin your treasure hunt? Now you know what to look for in a good metal detector, it’s time to explore what’s currently available on the market. We have put together a line-up of some of the best options available to UK buyers right now. You will find models from reputable manufacturers with a host of nifty features, with a range of options to accommodate all budgets.

DR.ÖTEK Lightweight Metal Detector with Backlit LCD


Dr Otek Metal Detector

There is lots to love about this metal detector from DR.ÖTEK. Designed for adults, this metal detector is a great bet for those just starting out, with plenty of user-friendly features to make your treasure hunts go without a hitch.

For starters, there is a clear LCD display with backlight, allowing you to make quick and easy readings, even in darkness. Energy efficiency has also been considered in the manufacture of this detector, with the LCD screen shutting off automatically after ten minutes. As such, you won’t find yourself with a dead battery at the worst possible time.

This metal detector boasts no less than five enhanced modes of operation, including discrimination, memory, pinpoint, all metal and jewellery modes. An innovative memory mode function also recalls a single kind of metal to look out for while detecting. This is particularly handy if you’re looking to streamline your hunts in search of specific materials.

Depth and sensitivity adjustments can also be made quickly, with five different grades of sensitivity allowable. Finally, this detector is a good option for those after something lightweight and easy to carry over long distances.

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TACKLIFE Detector, Waterproof Coil and Large LCD Display


Here’s a very affordable option for those first starting out in metal detecting. The MMD02 has plenty in the way of user-friendly features, making it a good choice for kids and adults alike. The large LCD display has been equipped with backlights to allow for easy readings in all light conditions, while a low battery indicator is on hand to remind you when to replace.

The adjustable stem length of this metal detector also means you can easily change things up to ensure the model is best positioned to your height. An overload warning feature also comes as standard.

This metal detector can be used to detect all types of metal, with three tone audio to identify which type of metal you may have uncovered. Low tones will let you know you’ve stumbled upon ferrous metals and items like screws and nails, while a medium tone will alert you to metals with medium levels of conductivity, such as foil and rings.

A high tone will let you know you have happened upon high conductivity metals, such as copper and silver. What’s more, this metal detector is built with outdoor use in mind, with a waterproof housing ensuring you can use it safely in water. This makes it a good choice for those looking to comb beaches in their search for loot.

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This URCERI GC-1028 Metal Detector offers some impressive features at a very affordable price point. This robust metal detector includes an illuminated LCD display that offers all manner of readings. You can enjoy displays regarding sensitivity level, depth and battery levels. As such, you can keep on top of your search with all the relevant information as you go. The LCD screen includes an audio port so you can hook your detector up to a pair of headphones if you want better audible feedback as you hunt.

The build of this metal detector is also worth praise. It’s been designed with heavy-duty outdoor searching in mind, allowing you to get to work in all manner of soil conditions. You will also find a waterproof search coil included so that you can submerge your detector into shallow waters, making it ideal for use at the beach.

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Floureon Metal Detector

This FLOUREON metal detector is a good option for those just getting into the metal detecting game who want to hedge their bets with something budget-friendly. That being said, this metal detector doesn’t skimp on great features and user-friendly design. Firstly, it’s height adjustable, allowing you to personalise it to your preference with ease. This level of adjustment also makes it suitable for kids and adults alike.

On a technical note, the search coil is waterproof, making it suitable for use at the beach. In terms of readings, the LCD display comes with a green backlight, making it incredibly easy to keep on top of what you’re dealing with underfoot. You can also make quick adjustments here, including increases and decreases of sensitivity.

Included alongside the main metal detector itself is a host of handy extras to help you on your way. In addition to a 9V battery to operate your device, you will find a pair of headphones for when you require better audible feedback. Also included is a folding shovel that comes with its own storage pouch. If you are limited to a smaller budget, this is well worth a look. It also makes a great gift for kids or beginners.

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6 Best Portable DVD Player | UK Buyer’s Guide & Reviews | 2020

If you are looking to keep yourself entertained during long drives or lengthy flights, a portable DVD player is definitely worth investing it. The Best Portable DVD player models on the market provide first-rate features and impressive screen sizes and resolution, providing you with premier playback while you’re on the go. Need some help in deciding on the best model for you? Our go-to guide on Best Portable DVD Player has everything you need to help you pick out a Portable DVD player that ticks all the right boxes.

Key Things to Consider

It should go without saying, but when picking the right portable DVD player, portability should be a chief concern. Any DVD player model being promoted as a portable choice should be compact and easy enough to travel around with, but not every player is created equal in this regard. Generally speaking, a good portable DVD player should be small enough that it can be packed away into backpacks or carry cases with ease.

It should also be lightweight enough that it doesn’t account for too great a carrying weight. Some models may even incorporate useful features with portability in mind, such as integrated handles and more robust housing. If you’re someone who is looking for a portable DVD player that will be used regularly, opting for a compact yet durable model is the best way to go.

Screen Size Specs

Another point of paramount importance is screen size. If you’re looking to invest in a portable DVD player, chances are you’re someone who loves film and television. As such, subpar viewing on smaller screens is probably not something you’re interested in. After all, if you are reading this guide you have already decided against compromised viewing on smartphone screens or smaller tablets.

You will find a huge range of screen sizes available on the market today. The most compact portable DVD players offer screen sizes measuring a mere four inches. For many, this simply won’t do. Thankfully, the upper range of available screen size dwarfs this paltry measurement. Opt for a large enough model and you can enjoy portable viewing on screens measuring upwards of 16 inches.

Picking a large enough screen isn’t just important for viewing the latest blockbusters more clearly. If you’re looking for a portable DVD player to keep the kids entertained during long drives or flights, a large enough screen will prevent no end of arguments.

Viewing Angle

Historically, most portable DVD units looked much the same as a conventional laptop. These types of player are admittedly robust in their design, but they do come with a more limited viewing angle. Nowadays, most manufacturers offer portable players with viewing screens that can be adjusted conventionally and rotated. This allows for tailored viewing at almost any angle.

Invest a little more in a model with this level of flexibility and you won’t be disappointed. That being said, if you are a more heavy-handed user, make sure you have picked a durable enough model that’s not likely to break as you make clumsy adjustments.

User-Friendly Operation

Intuitive controls and a user-friendly design are essential components of a portable DVD player. You will want quick and easy access to all key functions and controls in order to operate your device on the go. Simple controls will also benefit younger users.

However, intuitive controls and a well designed user interface makes for a better device overall. The best interfaces will allow you to delve straight into viewing without having to spend time familiarising yourself with a user manual beforehand.

Multiple Media Formats

In the past, portable DVD players offered little in the way of function beyond being able to play back DVDs and CDs. However, portable DVD devices have come a long way since, with the models now available on the market offering a lot more in the way of media support. If you want to make the most of a DVD player you can use on the go, look for one that integrates multiple inputs as a standard.

As a minimum, you will want to invest in one that offers a USB input so you can quickly access other mobile media files. If you’re travelling with your laptop, you may also wish to invest in a DVD player that integrates a VGA input. If you’re on vacation, consider looking for DVD player models with SD card inputs so you can view your captured media.

Compatibility with various disc formats is also something to bear in mind. The portable players you’ll find on the market today should offer such compatibility as a standard and such devices aren’t reserved for the premium end.

Battery Performance

Here’s another crucial area you need to think about to ensure you’re making the right investment when shopping for portable DVD devices. As a rule, you want to be looking for devices that offer the longest amount of playback after a single charge. For cheaper models, five or six hours of playback seems to the standard, although more premium options will yield longer battery life.

When it comes to battery time, you need to think about your individual requirement. Are you looking for a portable DVD player so you can view movies during long flights? You will definitely want to invest in a device with high-capacity battery. Shopping for a DVD player so you can enjoy viewing in hotel rooms when away from home? You can make some compromises in this regard as you’ll have ready access to mains power.

You should also be cautious when weighing up the pros and cons of potential models. Battery life estimations are only a guideline. Your individual playback preferences will have a huge effect on the ultimate battery life of your device.

If you are someone who enjoys viewing at full brightness and louder volumes, you will run out of juice faster than someone happy with dimmer screens and more muted audio.

Keep an eye out for economy playback modes when shopping for portable players to ensure you have got a fallback to stretch limited batteries while you are between power outlets.

How Much to Spend?

Budget will of course play a huge part of your eventual buying decision. As a rule, the bigger the screen size and better the resolution, the more you are likely to pay. Likewise, the better the battery life, the bigger the price tag of a portable DVD player. That being said, these are the features that will make for a first class viewing experience, so they’re worth the investment.

If you are in two minds about whether or not to part with this extra cash, consider that you can use a portable DVD player in lieu of a conventional one at home when you are not travelling.

If indeed you are limited to a tighter budget and have to go for a more affordable option, you will be limited to available screen sizes and more diminished features. Key things you don’t have to compromise on with cheaper models is build quality and robustness, however.

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Product Reviews of 6 Best Portable DVD Players

Now you know what to look for when searching for the best portable DVD player on the market, it’s time to see what’s available. We have put together a first-rate pick of quality Best Portable DVD Players from some of the best manufacturers around.

APEMAN 2020 Portable DVD Player


The APEMAN 9.5 Inch Portable DVD Player prove you don’t need to pay a small fortune to enjoy premium playback. This portable player boasts a 9.5 inch LCD swivel screen with 270 degrees of flexibility, providing you with the perfect viewing angle at all times. This player also scores well in terms of media support, with connectivity for SD cards and USB drives.

When it comes to keeping your device powered on the go for longer playback, you can make use of three individual power supplies. There’s an integrated 2500mAh battery to deliver more than five hours of playback, while an AC power adapter and car charger are on hand to recharge when you need to.

Other nifty features include external audio support and a Last Memory function. This memory function is particularly handy if you need to power down halfway through a movie and want to reconvene viewing at a later point.

If you want to use this portable device as a regular DVD player and connect to your television, you are also in luck. There is an AV input and output included so you can readily connect with your TV to enjoy viewing on a larger screen.

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ieGeek 11.5″  DVD Player


ieGeek DVD Player

This ieGeek Portable DVD Player is another very affordable option for those who want to enjoy quality viewing on the go. This compact DVD player boasts a 9.5 inch screen with swivel adjustment so you can view from a great range of angles, while the robust housing keeps your device protected during travel.

This lightweight device is also designed with road trips in mind, allowing for easy attachment to car headrests. This device boasts an impressive 2500mAh battery, delivering around five hours of playback after a single charge. Should you run out of juice during your travels, you can make use of the included car charger. A conventional AC power adapter is of course included as standard.

Two high-power speakers are integrated into the build of this player, ensuring quality audio that’s crisp and clear. A 3.5mm earphone jack is also worked into the housing of this player for those who prefer to keep their viewing private. This particular player supports playback of all DVD regions, as well as compatibility with multimedia files via the USB and SD inputs.

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WONNIE Portable DVD Player

Wonnie Portable DVD Player

If you are after a slightly larger screen, this WONNIE Potable DVD Player is well worth considering. Offering a 10.5 inch screen with resolutions of 1024*600, this portable player will give you a quality viewing experience on the go, every time. In addition to DVD playback, this model comes with USB and SD inputs so you can access multimedia files, with multi-format compatibility for a wide range of file types.

Battery life is also good, with around four hours of playback expected from a single charge. This should be more than enough for the longest movies and several episodes of your favourite television shows. An AC power adapter is included as standard, while a car charger is also thrown in for good measure should you run out of juice on the move.

You can also look forward to superb viewing angles with this WONNIE portable player. This model features a screen with 270 degrees of rotation, with a conventional 180-degree flip. The vibrant display is further enhanced by clear stereo audio.

Should you wish to use this portable model as a conventional DVD player at home, you can make use of the AV inputs and remote control to enjoy home viewing on a larger screen.

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COOAU Portable DVD Player


There is some first-rate features on offer with the COOAU CU-101. This quality portable DVD player boasts a 10.5 inch screen that offers HD viewing and with vibrant brightness levels. The screen is also easily adjusted, with a 270-degree rotation and 180-degree flip.

As such, you can always count on a great viewing angle. Battery life is also of a good standard. The integrated 2500mAh battery will provide five hours of playback after a full charge, with an AC power adapter included as standard. Should you run out of juice on the go, you can make use of the included car charger.

This DVD player also provides support for most media formats. You can utilise the USB input and SD card slot to enjoy viewing of your multimedia files, while the player can also be synced to your television for when you are looking to enjoy your viewing on a larger screen.

If you are regularly travelling and need to halt viewing in the middle of a movie, there is disc read technology on hand to ensure you can pick things up right where you left off at a later time. An affordable option with plenty of great features.

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PUMPKIN Portable DVD Player


This Pumpkin Portable DVD Player has plenty going for it. This 1080p player comes with an integrated HDMI input and supports multiple high-definition formats when playing back media via USB or an inserted SD card. If you’re after superior viewing, this portable player is also a worthwhile choice thank to its 16 inch screen.

The screen itself can be adjusted thanks to a 180-degree slip and 270-degree rotation, providing you with plenty of options when it comes to viewing angles. Another area where this portable player excels is battery performance. An integrated 5000mAh capacity battery allows for up to six hours of playback, with a car charger included for recharging on the go. A conventional AC power adapter is also included.

Built with travel in mind, this portable player utilises enhanced anti-vibration and anti-shock technology as standard, ensuring your viewing pleasure is never compromised.

There are multiple inbuilt interfaces, with a USB/TF card slot as standard. You can also connect this player to a television thanks to the AV input and output. Ideal when you want to watch on a bigger screen.

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DBPOWER 12.5″ Portable DVD Player


This DBPOWER Portable DVD Player offers plenty of neat features at a very reasonable price. This compact player offers a 10.5 inch screen, with swivel adjustments as standard. You can rotate at up to 270 degrees, while the 180-degree flip allows for optimal viewing angles at all times.

You can also easily attach this player to the back of a car headrest, making it an ideal choice for keeping kids entertained during long road trips. An integrated 2500mAh battery provides you with very respectable runtime. After a full charge, this portable player will grant you around five hours of playback.

An AC power adapter is included so you can recharge when you’re within reach of mains power, while a car charger is also included so you can keep your device powered while you are on the move.

You can enjoy ready access to multiple media formats thanks to the USB and SD card inputs, while AV out/in allows you to hook this up to a television so you can enjoy viewing on a much larger screen. This device supports a vast array of multimedia playback and region free, meaning you’ll never have to worry about not being able to view your favourite discs.

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