The 12 Best Ankle Support Options for 2022 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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If you are looking to avoid injury as you work out or manage an existing ailment, investing in the best ankle support is a must. The market is rich in ankle support solutions nowadays, providing you plenty of choice when it comes to protecting your feet and ankles against sprains, tendon damage and other injuries. Unsure of what to look for when shopping for compression support?

Our go-to guide has all the essential information you need to bear in mind when looking for the best ankle support UK market has to offer.

Why You Should Use an Ankle Support

Ankle supports are commonly used to prevent and protect against injuries sustained when playing sports or working out. Common ailments like sprained ankles, damaged tendons and muscle injuries can be easily prevented by wearing a reliable ankle support.

If you are selecting an ankle brace with injury prevention in mind, you will benefit from picking a lightweight and discreet option that will have minimal impact on mobility.

Opt for thin, yet robust materials and supports that include some anti-slip credentials. You will also want to consider an open heel design as these varieties of ankle support brace ensure maximum mobility.

Another key reason for wearing ankle supports is to encourage healing of existing injuries. Premium ankle braces protect the foot and ankle from further injury, allowing damaged tissues to recuperate without undergoing any additional strain.

If you are shopping for ankle supports that will accommodate healing, look for options with adjustable compression levels that can be used for phased recuperation.

Compression supports will also encourage optimal levels of circulation, with increased blood flow significantly increasing healing. Some ankle guards will also offer heat retention properties. This is essential for ensuring muscles are properly warmed up prior to undertaking exercise.

Ankle Support Varieties

One of the most common types of ankle support is the sleeve variety. These braces are usually made from high-quality neoprene or a tightly woven fabric.

Sleeves of this kind provide wide coverage of good levels of protection, as well as a reasonable amount of compression support. They are a good choice for those looking to alleviate existing pain and reduce the incidence of inflammation.

A more advanced alternative to sleeves are ankle supports with integrated straps. These supports build upon the basic design of ankle sleeves and incorporate strap fastenings to provide added levels of protection and enhanced compression.

The best varieties offer full wraparound compression support and are the go-to choice for those looking to prevent sprained ankles and similar injuries. If you are seeking maximum support from your ankle guards, look for braces that include lace up fastenings as a standard feature.

These braces incorporate a traditional shoelace element that, when properly fastened, grants incredible levels of support that can be tailored in tightness along the length of the foot.

Custom Compression

No matter what your reason for investing in ankle supports, you will want to ensure the product you are picking offers plenty in the way of custom compression.

The best ankle guards on the market will offer figure-6 or figure-8 strapping to deliver superior compression throughout the foot and ankle. If you intend to undertake a wide range of exercises and physical activity, you will definitely benefit from ankle guards that offer a range of compression options.

Guards with multi-purpose compression that can target various points throughout the foot, ankle and calf are the ideal option if your budget allows.

Premium Materials

As with any item of sportswear, the ankle supports you invest in should be made from premium materials. Unless you are planning to undertake exercise that does not require you to wear footwear, you will need braces made from material slimline enough to fit comfortably within your footwear of choice.

Although the material in question needs to be thin and lightweight, it needs to be robust enough to hold up well to repeated wear and rigorous activity. Blends rich in nylon and neoprene are often the best option, while medical grade materials are also commonly found on the market.

Ankle brace materials also need to be breathable to ensure optimal levels of comfort, allowing your feet to breathe and remain dry. You will also benefit from ankle supports boasting odour control properties, especially if you do not wish to constantly clean your supports.

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Our Top Choices for the Best Ankle Support

  1. Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace
  2. Bracoo FS10 Ankle Support
  3. McDavid Light Ankle Brace
  4. Modetro Sports Ankle Brace
  5. BodyProx Ankle Support Brace, for Sports Protection
  6. Actesso Ankle Support Sleeve with Strap
  7. WASPO Ankle Support Brace
  8. Neotech Care Ankle Brace Support
  9. Bionix Ankle Support Brace
  10. Neo G Ankle Support with Figure of 8 Strap
  11. Dualeco Ankle Support Brace
  12. VANWALK Ankle Brace

Reviews of 12 Best Ankle Support

Looking for quality ankle braces? Read on for our pick of some of the best ankle brace products currently available on the UK market.

Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace | Best Ankle Support

This Bodyprox Ankle Brace offers plenty in the way of flexible support and comfort. This one-size-fits-all brace has been designed to protect the ankle and minimise the chance of injury when working out. It is also ideal for those who suffer from chronic ankle pain or existing injuries.

The open heel design of this support brace allows for a wider range of motion as the wearer works out, without compromising on support for the ankle tendons and associated joints.

The durable neoprene sleeve material also enhances the support offered by this brace. The material is breathable, providing enhanced comfort while also retaining essential heat. The breathable neoprene also minimises the incidence of skin irritation.

Bracoo FS10 Ankle Support

This Bracoo FS10 ankle guard utilises adjustable compression to provide you with the support you need. You can look forward to secure, compressed support along the entire sleeve thanks to hook-and-loop fasteners which can be secured to your liking.

This is particularly handy if you are looking for an ankle brace that can provide tailored support for a variety of existing injuries and conditions. It also makes this a very suitable choice for those looking to reduce pressure during rehabilitation and recovery.

The neoprene material has been specially selected to improve circulation and boost recovery times, while its breathable nature reduces skin irritation. A must-have if you are looking for a superior fit and multi-purpose support.

McDavid Light Ankle Brace

This ankle brace from McDavid provides the perfect combination of superior support and lightweight convenience. Made from a single layer of durable polyester, this ankle brace fits easily inside your footwear and will not impede your performance when carrying out rigorous activity.

The figure-8 design is intended to simulate the conventional figure-8 strapping pattern that is often used in sports such as basketball, tennis and more. Compression and comfort are both guaranteed here, with easy adjustments to accommodate your individual preference.

In fact, you do not need to remove this guard in order to adjust it. Full adjustments can be made while still wearing footwear over it, making it an incredibly convenient option.

Although you can count on full compression support here, you can also expect high levels of breathability. A user-friendly support that delivers where it counts.

Modetro Sports Ankle Brace

This Modetro compression sleeve is an ideal choice if you are suffering from ailments like plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, arch support issues and general foot pains.

This ankle sleeve boasts graduated compression, providing optimal support in all the right places to minimise the chance of injury as you work out. This ankle guard also improves blood circulation, making it a good option for those recuperating from injuries.

The high-performance material used here is lightweight and breathable, wicking away sweat and moisture to eliminate odours and keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Anti-slip technology also ensures this guard stays firmly in place inside footwear. This brace comes with an additional ankle strap that can be detached and reattached at will. Ideal if you are looking for added levels of ankle, calf and knee support.

BodyProx Ankle Support Brace, for Sports Protection

This great value ankle brace offers optimal levels of support and comfort. This one-size-fits-all guard is an ideal choice for men and women alike, with a slimline design that fits snugly in most footwear.

This ankle support is also a very user-friendly option, with simple adjustments and a universal fit that means it can be worn on either ankle. You can customise the compression levels of this support to your liking, giving you bolstered levels of support to alleviate existing ailments or weaknesses.

You can also look forward to anti-slip friction thanks to the inclusion of silicone gel. This adjustable ankle guard has been made from premium materials, with the breathable fabric boasting sweat-absorbent properties to keep your feet dry and comfortable during lengthy periods of activity.

Actesso Ankle Support Sleeve with Strap

This ankle support from Actesso will make a welcome addition to your workout routine if you suffer from existing foot ailments or have recently suffered an injury.

This lightweight design is made from breathable material to keep your feet dry and comfortable, with a low profile that ensures it will fit within most types of footwear with ease.

Adjustable ankle cross straps are also on hand to deliver strengthened support where you need it most, with a custom fit always assured so you can enjoy optimal levels of compression.

An ideal choice if you are suffering pain from a sprained ankle, tendon issues or a fracture.

WASPO Ankle Support Brace

This ankle support brace from WASPO has plenty of first-rate features that will help get you back on your feet and resuming an active lifestyle. Maximum comfort is assured thanks to a lightweight and breathable material that boasts sweat-absorbing properties, keeping your feet dry as you work out.

This ankle strap is also sleek and low in profile, with the brace remaining firmly in place thanks to firm rip-tape fastenings. Anti-slip technology also comes as standard, keeping your tailored adjustments locked in place and preventing further injury.

An open heel makes this a particularly desirable choice for those looking for optimal levels of mobility.

Neotech Care Ankle Brace Support

There is a lot to love about this Neotech ankle brace support. Made from an incredibly breathable material, this support is lightweight and comfortable, even if you intend to wear it for hours at a time.

Once properly adjusted, this ankle strap will relieve general pain symptoms and dramatically reduce the chance of repetitive strain injuries. It can also help reduce the incidence of swelling.

This brace utilises compression and heat retention to protect your feet and ankles from injury, warming muscles up more quickly and improving blood circulation.

Bionix Ankle Support Brace

This ankle support brace is a solid choice if you are looking to alleviate existing foot and ankle pain, while also staving off further injury as you work out.

Superior compression technology is the name of the game here, with high-quality breathable fabric also helping to retain essential body heat to keep your muscles warm.

This ankle support for running is a good option for those with existing ailments or injuries that need to compensated for when undertaking physical activity, with the premium design helping improve circulation to bolster recovery times.

Easily adjusted for a custom fit, this ankle brace is a great value investment for those looking to stay active.

Neo G Ankle Support with Figure of 8 Strap

If you are prepared to fork out a little more, this Neo G ankle strap is worth a second look. This one-size-fits-all ankle brace can be fully adjusted for a perfect fit and to ensure optimal circulation.

The neoprene material used here is of a medical grade, picked for its heat retention properties and therapeutic potential. You can make quick adjustments to provide you with personalised levels of compression, making it ideal if you require varying levels of support for different activities.

The Class 1 Medical grading of this ankle support also make it a very good option for those looking to recuperate from more severe ailments and injuries.

Dualeco Ankle Support Brace

You can look forward to impressive levels of support and stability with this adjustable ankle support brace. An anti-slip silicone design keeps you firm on your feet, giving you the stability you need to support delicate ankle joints and tendons.

If you are suffering from existing ailments or pain, this support can be readily adjusted to deliver essential pressure in all the right places.

The premium material used here is lightweight and breathable, quickly absorbing sweat to keep your feet dry, while stamping out bacterial growth and associated odours.

This is a good choice for those looking for a slimline support, with the pared-back design suitable for use with all types of footwear.

The open heel is also useful for those seeking a support solution that provides plenty of mobility and flexibility.

VANWALK Ankle Brace

This VANWALK ankle brace boasts some pretty impressive design credentials. 3D weaving technology makes for a more elasticised and softer support, preventing strain on your feet.

This innovative technology also ensures high levels of support all round. You can look forward to 360-degree sport protection, pressure bandage performance and double pressure support as standard.

A detachable non-slip ankle strap also comes included with the main support itself, giving you added levels of stability. The ergonomic design of this brace also delivers targeted compression at precise points throughout the foot.

Your toes, arch, ankles and heels are all supported with optimal compression to enhance blood circulation and reduce swelling.

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BESKEY Ankle Support Brace Adjustable Breathable Elastic Nylon Material 1 Size Fits all Use for Sports
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