10 Best Cantilever Parasol Cover Options for 2022 | Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Cantilever Parasol Cover

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Investing in the best cantilever parasol cover your budget will allow is a must if you intend for your outdoor umbrellas to hold up well for as long as possible. A quality cover will keep your cantilever umbrellas protected from the elements, staving off rain and the accumulation of mold. They will also keep dust at bay, ensuring your parasols look pristine when unveiled to be enjoyed in the sunlight. Our guide has everything you need to know when shopping for the best cantilever parasol cover on the market.

What to look for when buying a cantilever parasol cover?

  • Materials
  • Windproof features
  • Cover size
  • Ease of installation
  • Maintenance and storage


To ensure your cover is fit for task, you will want to invest in one with quality materials. Any good parasol cover should be made of high-quality Oxford material that has been manufactured to provide reliable waterproof performance. An additional interior lining can enhance the waterproofing of your parasol further.

A level of UV protection, be it in the form of a coating or separate layer, is also important to ensure your cover does not fade in sunlight. Double stitching at the seams is also a must if you intend for your cover to last for as long as possible. These premium seams will prevent your cover from losing its shape and distorting over long periods of time.

Windproof Features of Cantilever Parasol Cover

This is perhaps one of the most important things to consider when looking for a new cantilever parasol cover. Any good cover will include a side zip that runs along the side of the cover itself, minimising the amount of wind that can penetrate the interior.

More importantly, you will want to find a cover that includes a tether at the base that securely attaches your cover to your cantilever parasol. This can come in the form of a drawstring hem or a riptape attachment.

Provided your cover has been manufactured to a high standard, either option should prove sufficient to withstand the wind and keep your umbrella upright in a gale.

Cover Size of Cantilever Parasol Cover

The last thing you want is to invest in a new parasol cover only to find it is the wrong size for your umbrella. If the cover is too small, you will not be able to adequately shield your canopy against rain and the elements. Buying a cover that is too large also brings its own problems.

If you have too much empty space within the cover, wind may be able to penetrate and topple your parasol where it stands. You may also find that mold builds up faster if the elements are more easily able to intrude within the cover.

Most covers on the market are designed for a universal fit, allowing you to use the same cover to shield round and square umbrellas. However, you will need to pay special attention to maximum compatible sizes. Parasol covers will always cater to a larger round diameter than square dimensions.

Easy Installation

Installing and removing your parasol cover can prove challenging if you have a larger umbrella. Rather than reach for a ladder to mount when fitting your parasol cover, you are best advised to look for an option that includes a telescopic handle.

These handles allow for easy lifting of your cover, with no need to be at a height yourself in order to install it.

Maintenance & Storage

Make sure you invest in a cover that is easy to keep clean. Hardy materials will allow you to be heavy-handed when it comes to cleaning, without the worry you be damaging the integrity of your cover.

All you should really need to be doing to keep your cover clean is running a hose over it and leaving it to dry in the sun. You are also advised to pick a cover that comes with its own carrying bag, allowing for simple storage when not in use.

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Our Top Picks of Cantilever Parasol Cover

  1. Deyard, Hanging Banana Cantilever Umbrella Cover
  2. OKPOW Parasol Cover Cantilever
  3. RATEL Cantilever Parasol Cover
  4. GEMITTO Protective Parasol Cover with Rod
  5. TEEHON 420D Cantilever Patio Banana Umbrella Cover
  6. Aimego Garden Parasol
  7. UKEER Parasol Cantilever Cover
  8. Loietnt Garden Parasol
  9. Choicehot Cantilever Parasol Cover
  10. Dokon Parasol Cover with Contraction Rod

Reviews of 10 Cantilever Parasol Cover

Below, you will find our pick of some of the Best Cantilever Parasol Cover options currently available on the market, with choices to accommodate every budget.

Deyard, Hanging Banana Cantilever Umbrella Cover

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Size: 265 cm H x 40 cm W (top) / 70 cm W (middle) / 50 cm W (bottom)

If you are looking for a durable choice, this Deyard Parasol Cover should tick all the right boxes. This cover is made from a robust hydrophobic material that keeps you protected from the elements, while bound edges provide added protection against cracking.

The material used in the construction of this cover is both waterproof and protected against UV damage, making it an ideal choice in all weathers. This cover is also very easy to put on and remove, with an addition telescopic pole to make life easier.

This parasol cover also includes a riptape side strap that keeps the cover securely attached to the parasol itself, ensuring it will not blow away in windy conditions.

This cover offers wide compatibility with a parasols of varying sizes, but you should thoroughly check against the dimensions of your own parasol before you buy.

OKPOW Parasol Cover Cantilever

Size: 280cm H x 81cm W (middle) / 45cm W (bottom)/ 30cm (top)

This Okpow parasol cover is a budget-friendly option that boasts a first-rate construction. This parasol cover is compatible with a wide variety of parasol sizes, proving suitable for umbrella canopies ranging in diameters of 9 feet to 11 feet.

This cover is also very durable and resilient, with waterproof material and a UV resistant finish.

You do not have to settle for colour fading, material shrinkage or general warping. This cover also features a drawstring rope that can be securely locked in place to ensure it stays put in extreme wind.

The rip-resistant fabric will also provide you with peace of mind when it comes to removing and installing, even if you are heavy-handed.

RATEL Cantilever Parasol Cover

Size: 260 cm H x 40 cm W (top) / 64 cm W (middle) / 50 cm W (bottom)

This Ratel Parasol Cover is an easy choice for those looking to keep their outdoor furniture in premium condition for longer. This cover will comfortably fit a wide range of umbrella sizes, with a generous range that accommodates round umbrellas with a diameter of up to 11 feet, or square umbrellas with a maximum length of eight feet.

This cover will also securely attach to the umbrella beneath thanks to an adjustable rope. Incredibly durable and resistant to damage, this cover is made from Oxford 4200 polyester, with an additional inner coating and double stitched edges to ensure it holds its shape for longer.

This cover is completely waterproof, with a PU coated finish that is still breathable and lightweight. Designed with year-round use in mind, this cover has been manufactured to resist fading, tearing and the accumulation of mold.

GEMITTO Protective Parasol Cover with Rod | Best Cantilever Parasol Cover

Size: 280 cm H x 30 cm W (top) / 81 cm W (middle) / 46 cm W (bottom)

This GEMITTO Protective Parasol Cover with rod will provide you with total peace of mind when it comes to keeping your outdoor furniture looking its best. This heavy duty cantilever parasol cover is an incredibly durable choice, with heavy duty Oxford 210D polyester as standard to provide you with a robust option.

This cantilever parasol cover with rod will resist cracking, fading and tearing, while it also staves off the build-up of mold. This cover will also fit a wide variety of parasol sizes, fitting umbrellas ranging from six to 13 feet in diameter. Waterproofing is of course a key consideration of any parasol cover and this model will not disappoint.

The robust Oxford fabric comes with PU coating for additional waterproof performance, with the material being both breathable and lightweight. You will have no worries about fading or shrinking with this Gemitto protective parasol cover.

TEEHON 420D Cantilever Patio Banana Umbrella Cover

size: 260 cm H x 40 cm W (top) x 70cm W (middle) x 50cm W (bottom)

This TEEHON Parasol Cover with zip and rod is a great choice for those after something very affordable that will hold up well against the elements. This heavy duty cantilever umbrella cover is completely waterproof, with the 420D Oxford fabric keeping the rain at bay with ease.

The inner layer of this parasol cover also boasts a silver coating to maximise waterproofing capabilities, while also helping to keep dust build-up to a minimum.

The superior construction of this parasol will help minimise the chance of cracking and distortion, ensuring it is fit for task for as long as possible.

This cover is very easy to install thanks to the inclusion of a retractable rod, while a side zipper and bottom drawstring ensure it stays firmly in place at all times.

Aimego Garden Parasol | Heady Duty Cantilever Parasol Cover

Size: 265 cm H x 40 cm W (top) / 70 cm W (middle) / 50 cm W (bottom)

This Aimego Parasol Cover is a good bet for those looking for something to accommodate larger umbrella diameters. In fact, this cover should prove large enough for even the largest of cantilever parasols.

This heavy duty parasol cover is incredibly robust, with 420D Oxford fabric that scores highly when it comes to waterproof credentials. The durable fabric also proves resistant to rips and tears, with a layer of UV coating on hand to help stave off fading from the sun.

A secure fit is assured thanks to a secure zipper, with an additional drawstring at the base to ensure a particularly secure fit. This is essential for those living in particularly windy areas.

UKEER Parasol Cantilever Cover Extra Large

Size: 265 cm H x 40 cm W (top) / 70 cm W (middle) / 50 cm W (bottom)

This UKEER Parasol Cover is designed with extra large umbrellas in mind. Equipped with a telescopic pole for easy installation, you will not need a ladder in order to firmly fix this cover to your umbrella. Suitable for most types and sizes of cantilever umbrella, this extra large cantilever parasol cover is an incredibly reliable choice.

The protective cover comes with a zipper to make fitting or removal of the cover as simple as possible, while an adjustable rope fastening at the bottom allows you to firmly fix this cover to the base of your umbrella without the worry of it topping over in the wind.

Robust 210D Oxford material has been used in the construction, ensuring optimal protection against rain, wind and shine.

Loietnt Garden Parasol, XL Waterproof Cantilever Umbrella 

Size: 265 cm H x 40 cm W (top) / 70 cm W (middle) / 50 cm W (bottom)

This Loietnt Garden Parasol Cover is a user-friendly and durable choice. Made from robust 420 Oxford fabric, this cover is waterproofed to withstand the rain and stave off fading from harsh sunlight. It will also keep dust and mold at bay.

This cover also has an inner coating for added protection, while double stitched bound edges will help prevent cracking and distortion. The round drawstring attachment at the base will ensure this cover stays firmly fixed to the umbrella underneath, making it a good choice if you are after something with good wind-resistant credentials.

Easy to install and remove, this cover includes a rustproof side zipper to make life simple when it comes to cleaning and storage.

Choicehot Cantilever Parasol Cover

Size: Height=84.65″. Top width=11.8″. Bottom width=20.9″

This quality cantilever parasol cover offers a brighter alternative to other options on this list, with a subtle stone shade and simple details. Made from premium 600D Oxford material, this cover will not fade in sunlight thanks to its UV-resistant credentials.

The durable material also minimises the effect of shrinkage and warping in colder weather. Suitable for cantilever umbrellas with diameters of up to 11 feet. A higher density of stitching at the edges provides added levels of durability, while the bottom drawstring and side zipper keep things firmly in place, even in the windiest of conditions.

To make installation simple, this cover features a support rod for easy lift.

Dokon Parasol Cover with Contraction Rod

Size: 190 cm H x 30 cm W (top) / 40 cm W (middle) / 50 cm W (bottom)

This Dokon Parasol Cover with rod ticks all the right boxes when it comes to durability and ease of use. This cover is made from 600D Oxford fabric that is fully lined, providing you with something that is waterproof, UV-resistant and strong enough that it will prevent tears and rips.

This cover will also hold up well against sunlight, holding its colour for longer. A layer of PVC lining enhances the protective capabilities of this cover further. A secure fit is guaranteed thanks to a secure zip and adjustable hem cord, making this a good option for those seeking something windproof.

The universal design of this Dokon parasol cover also means it will accommodate cantilever parasols of various shapes and sizes.

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