The 12 Best Cordless Circular Saw UK for 2021 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best Cordless Circular Saw UK

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The best cordless circular saw will allow you to make quick and accurate cuts through a range of materials. Although corded circular saws can be very efficient, they lack the freedom of movement that cordless models provide. With a cordless saw body, you can cut at considerable speed, without having to contend with a dangling power cable. You also have more reach, meaning you do not have to worry about keeping an extension cable close by.

Our buying guide on the Best Cordless Circular Saw UK explains the key criteria circular saw models should fulfil to ensure it is right for your needs.

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Battery Performance & Runtime

This is a huge factor to focus on when choosing any type of cordless power tool. However, as you want to ensure reliable cutting performance, a high-performance battery is even more important.

Lithium-ion batteries are standard nowadays, but you should always take the time to weigh up the benefits of any individual battery pack. Look for cordless models that include a battery and charger included along with the saw body, as this will save you having to pay for extra accessories.

You should also think about runtime and charging cycle time. If you can afford to purchase a more expensive cordless circular saw, consider models that include multiple batteries. A circular saw that houses two individual battery packs is a great way to boost productivity, with next to no operational downtime.

Cutting Capacity

Any good circular saw should be able to deliver impressive cutting capacity. When choosing a suitable model, determine the maximum cutting depth to see if it will cope with the kind of cutting tasks you have in mind.

However, bear in mind that maximum cutting depths will only illustrate what you can manage when cutting straight lines. If you want to make bevel cuts, you will almost always be limited to a shallower cutting depth.

You should also see the kinds of adjustment a circular saw allows for when making angled cuts.

Saw Blades

Many circular saw models will already come with blades attached, although they may not be the best saw solution for your individual cutting needs. Carbide blades are the universal standard, producing superior cutting results, regardless of what type of material you are handling. They also tend to produce faster cuts than blades made from other alloys.

You should also think about the amount of teeth a blade has. If you want to make quicker cuts, go for a blade with less teeth. If you prefer a neater finish, go for a blade with more teeth. It is always worth stocking up on a range of blades for use with your circular saw.

Cutting Speed

This is another major factor that should help you determine whether or not a particular circular saw model is right for you. Saws with brushless motors tend to produce faster rotational speeds and faster cutting performance.

Basic circular saws should provide speeds of around 3,500 RPM, while more advanced models will deliver speeds in excess of 6,000 RPM.

If you opt for a faster cutting speed, make sure the saw you are buying has overload protection and safety features to accommodate the more significant speeds it will be operating at.

Other Useful Features

A powerful job light will come in handy when cutting materials. Another useful feature worth paying a premium for is a dust blower. Although these do not replace the full functionality of a dust extraction system, they prevent the cutting line from becoming clogged with sawdust.

However, you should consider more comprehensive dust extraction when choosing a circular saw. An adapter for attaching a vacuum hose is therefore a good idea.

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Our Top Choices of the Best Cordless Circular Saw UK

  1. Makita DHS680Z Circular Saw
  2. DEWALT DCS391N-XJ Circular Saw
  3. Makita DSS610Z Circular Saw
  4. Bosch PKS 18 LI Circular Saw
  5. Makita DSS501Z LXT Circular Saw
  6. Bosch Professional GKS 12 V-26 Cordless Circular Saw
  7. Ryobi R18CS-0 ONE+ Circular Saw
  8. Einhell TE-CS 18/190 Li BL- Solo Circular Saw
  9. WORX WX531 Circular Saw
  10. Bosch Professional GKS 18 V-LI Cordless Circular Saw
  11. VonHaus D-Series 20V Max Circular Saw
  12. Bosch GKS 18 V-57 G Circular Saw

Reviews of the 12 Best Cordless Circular Saw UK

Investing in a high-performance cordless circular saw will allow you speed up cutting and trimming jobs. Below are some of the best cordless circular saw products currently available.

Makita DHS680Z Circular Saw | Best Circular Saw

The Makita DHS680Z is arguably one of the finest cordless circular saws you can buy. Affordable, efficient and very easy to work with, the DHS680Z boasts a huge range of features that will tackle your cutting tasks with ease. The automatic speed control feature means you have to worry less about making manual adjustments if you want to work with different material types and thicknesses.

The electric brake also makes this circular saw a safe model. The electronic current limiter is another useful feature, providing your power tool with overload protection. If you plan on using your circular saw for tougher jobs regularly, overload protection is important.

Other useful features include the blower function, which will keep sawdust and other debris from collecting along your cutting lines. This saves you having to invest in an additional dust collector, while also allowing you to keep your cutting lines precise.

The larger base also makes this circular saw more stable than lightweight models, allowing for more refined control when cutting material.


  • Automatic speed control
  • Reliable electric brake
  • Overload protection
  • Useful blower function to keep cutting lines free of sawdust


  • No batteries included

DEWALT DCS391N-XJ Circular Saw

The DeWalt DCS391N-XJ is a compact, yet highly efficient choice of circular saw. This cordless saw is also a fairly cheap power tool, despite providing you with impressive cutting speeds. The saw blade comes with no less than 24 carbide-tipped teeth, allowing you to cut more smoothly and quickly.

It will also handle more substantial cutting depths than other circular saws, with the DCS391N-XJ able to cut as deep as 55 millimetres. The blade is also enhanced with an ultra-thin kerf, that makes fast-speed cutting even easier.

You can also use this circular saw to make bevel angle cuts, with keyless adjustment allowing you to tackle angled cuts quickly. Adjustment is made even easier with the user-friendly bevel scale. An intelligent trigger design also means you can tailor blade cutting speed easily, making the DCS391N-XJ suitable for a good range of material types and thicknesses.

Safety features are also on offer here, with an electronic motor brake and lock-off switch to help prevent injury when working.


  • Carbide-tipped teeth for more efficient cutting
  • Ultra-thin kerf allows for faster cuts
  • Keyless bevel angle adjustments
  • Intelligent speed trigger mechanism


  • Slower RPM than other models
  • No battery included

Makita DSS610Z Circular Saw

The Makita DSS610Z is a good choice for those looking to replace a corded circular saw with a battery-operated model. This circular saw makes full use of an 18 volt battery, with long battery life performance that ensures much of the same functionality as a corded saw model.

With its heavy gauge base, this circular saw is safe to handle, with ergonomic top handles making it comfortable to use when making straight cuts. This mini circular saw also provides you with the option to make bevel cuts, with the ability to cut at 45 and 50 degrees.

With a maximum rotational speed of 3,700 RPM, you can expect some smooth cutting results with this mini circular saw. The double safety trigger also makes it a good power tool model for those less experienced with circular saws.

The electric brake will prevent the run-on of the blade, while the lock-off lever and safety cover provide additional security. The integrated dust blower also means any sawdust is cleared away from your cutting line, allowing you be as precise as possible when making cut.


  • Good balance of cutting performance and durability
  • Soft grip handle and ergonomic design
  • Allows for bevel angle cuts
  • Integrated dust blower and LED light


  • Slower rotational speed makes it a better choice for DIY users
  • Only includes bare unit, with batteries needing to be purchased separately

Bosch PKS 18 LI Circular Saw | Best Budget Circular Saw

The Bosch PKS 18 LI the a high-quality circular saw that will allow you to make straight cuts with incredible levels of precision. This heavy-duty circular saw has been designed to tackle a range of materials, included standard timber and laminate material like.

It can also be used to make cuts in panel materials, including MDF sheets. The depth of cut is easy to set, with maximum cutting depths of 48 millimetres possible. This circular saw also offers a bevel capacity, with the option to make miter cuts at angles of up to 45 degrees.

If you want to take the effort out of making precise cuts along straight lines, you will be glad to find CutControl functionality as a standard with this saw. A built-in vacuum cleaner adapter is also included, allowing you to keep on top of dust extraction. In addition to the circular saw base unit itself, a circular saw blade and rip fence are included.


  • Low-cost option for those on a tight budget
  • Decent cutting speeds and maximum cutting depth
  • Suitable for range of material types
  • Decent rotational speed


  • Batteries need to be sourced separately
  • Not the most ergonomic of circular saws

Makita DSS501Z LXT Circular Saw

The Makita DSS501Z is suitable for those after something small and ergonomic, with a considerable rotational speed and smooth-cutting performance. This cordless circular saw is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which allows you to achieve cutting speeds of up to 3,600 rotations per minute.

The transverse motor also boasts an electric brake for safety, while the rigid base plate is made from stainless steel for durability. The lock-off lever makes this circular saw very easy to use, while the twin safety trigger means you can always cut precisely, without the worry of sustaining an injury.

The bright LED job light also means your blade edge and materials are fully illuminated, allowing you to achieve maximum precision as you work your way along the cutting line. You also have bevel cutting capacity here, while the dust blower feature means cutting lines are consistently kept clean.

Even though the Makita DSS501Z is quite affordable, it comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Good cutting speeds and precise cutting performance
  • Safety trigger and comfortable grips
  • Bright LED job light
  • Integrated dust blower


  • Other compact circular saws achieve faster rotational speeds
  • Only includes saw body, with blades and batteries needing to be bought separately

Bosch Professional GKS 12 V-26 Cordless Circular Saw | Best Value Circular Saw

The Bosch Professional GKS 12 V-26 is a great value option for those seeking superb cutting performance and full functionality. This compact circular saw is designed with easy handling in mind, while also being powerful enough that it can be put to the test with a wide range of woodworking applications.

The lightweight body makes it effortless to operate, while the small grip means you can maintain a firm hold on your tool as you trace along cutting lines. The aluminium base plate also adds some additional stability to this saw, making precise cuts achievable, every time.

This saw also features a highly visible battery indicator, meaning you will not be surprised by flat battery levels in the middle of a cutting job. A battery and charger are included along with the saw body, saving you having to shell out for additional accessories.

A heavy-duty saw carry case is also included, making this a good choice for professionals who need to travel with their power tools.


  • Impressive battery runtime and cutting speeds
  • Includes battery, charger and carry case
  • Lightweight base unit with small grip circumference for better handling
  • Aluminium base plate allows for more precise cutting


  • Not as heavy-duty as some other models of circular saw

Ryobi R18CS-0 ONE+ Circular Saw

The Ryobi R18CS-0 ONE+ is a versatile circular saw that makes an inexpensive addition power tool sets. This circular saw is designed with long, straight cuts in mind. It can be used with a range of materials, including timber and more brittle plastic sheets.

The Ryobi circular saw is particularly effective when it comes to trimming materials, such as sheeted timber, doors and thicker moulding pieces. It also delivers as far as cutting capacity is concerned, with the freedom to cut at angles, as well along straight lines.

Depth and bevel adjustments can be made without the need for tools, while the dust port will allow you to keep cutting lines free of sawdust. This not only makes for a safer working environment, but also allows you to focus on achieving a precise cutting result.

The thin kerf carbide-tipped teeth of the blade will also help you achieve superior cut quality. This circular saw is part of the larger Ryobi ONE+ series, so you will need to have a ONE+ battery in order to operate it. If you do not own any compatible devices, this will mean sourcing a battery separately.


  • Good cut capacity
  • Depth and bevel adjustments can be carried out without tools
  • Dust port keeps cutting lines clear
  • Premium blade with carbide-tipped teeth for precision


  • Those looking for a brushless motor should think about upgrading to the R18CS7-0
  • Need to purchase a ONE+ battery and charger separately

Einhell TE-CS 18/190 Li BL- Solo Circular Saw

The Einhell TE-CS 18/190 Li BL-Solo is a powerful circular saw that will cope with the more demanding needs of professionals and heavy-duty DIY jobs. Part of the Power X-Change series of tools from Einhell, this circular saw is ideal for anyone looking to make clean cuts quickly.

The brushless motor means you can achieve more powerful levels of output at all times, with a fairly impressive runtime when compared to standard motors that use carbon brushes. The base plate is made from high-grade aluminium, which allows you to glide across materials smoothly, while also improving the overall precision of your cuts.

This is also a straightforward and easy to use circular saw model. The tilt angle and maximum cutting depth can be adjusted without the need for tools, while the superior spindle lock system makes it simple to change blades. You also have a parallel stop here, which makes achieving exact cutting results effortless.

The larger handle also means you can maintain a very firm grip when working. Other useful features include the dust extraction adapter, which will help you keep your environments clean of dust and sawing debris. The LED job light also ensures optimal illumination of your cutting areas.

You can also combine this tool with compatible guide rails from Einhell for added precision and guidance as you cut.


  • Very efficient brushless circular saw motor
  • Superior handling for precise and accurate cuts
  • Tool-less adjustment of cutting depth and tilt angle
  • Simple spindle locking system
  • Parallel stop allows you to cut precisely


  • Compatible batteries need to be purchased separately

WORX WX531 Circular Saw


If you want a brushless circular saw that performs well, the WORX WX531 is ideal. This versatile circular saw makes it easy to ensure smooth cuts and clean edges. It can be used with a huge range of material types, including wood, thin sheets of metal, plastic, ceramic and more.

The brushless saw motor means you can enjoy longer battery runtime than other saw models, with the motor also benefiting from a longer lifespan. The cordless design also makes it a practical saw option for people who need more flexibility when carrying out trimming and cutting work.

The slimline profile is also very ergonomic, while the compact body makes this saw quite a lightweight choice. This cordless circular saw also benefits from some of the highest rotational speeds available for a product in this power tool class, with speeds of up to 6,900 RPM possible.

There is also no loading speed to hold you back. This saw is designed to accept blade sizes of 120 millimetres, while the bevel capacity of 45 degrees gives you the freedom to carry out angled cuts if you wish. Although this saw provides rotational speeds far superior to many other models in this category, you are somewhat limited when it comes to cutting depth.

With a cutting depth capacity of 41 millimetres, it is fairly standard when compared to other saw models in our shortlist.


  • Slimline profile for comfortable handling
  • Decent cutting capacity
  • LED job light for optimal illumination of work areas and materials
  • Long-lasting brushless motor
  • Very high rotational speeds


  • Cutting depth is no greater than more basic circular saw models

Bosch Professional GKS 18 V-LI Cordless Circular Saw | Best Circular Saw for Professionals

The Bosch Professional GKS will strike a chord with those looking for heavy-duty cutting capabilities. This powerful circular saw is designed to accommodate heavy-duty cutting applications, with a full battery charge allowing you to slice through up to 50 pieces of chipboard material.

The electronic motor protection functionality also means you will not have to worry about things like thermal overload. The superior motor design also means you have a circular saw body that will perform well for a considerable amount of time before you need to think about replacing it with a brand new tool.

Although powerful, the Bosch Professional GKS is fairly mobile. The compact housing gives you some flexibility when it comes to moving around workshops, while the lightweight build ensures no handling fatigue. This circular saw can also cope with thicker material depths, with max cutting depths of 51 millimetres possible.

This circular saw is powered by CoolPack batteries, which boast superior heat dissipation than other battery packs on the market. This not only helps prevent overheating, it also means your batteries are likely to last for a much longer period than basic lithium-ion batteries.

Electronic cell protection also means that your batteries are fully protected against overload and overheating, as well as discharging issues.


  • Good for professional users
  • Superior battery technology for extended operational lifespan
  • Will cope with thicker materials
  • Full battery will allow you to cut through a huge stack of material pieces


  • Includes batteries with base model, but overall package price is expensive

VonHaus D-Series 20V Max Circular Saw

This VonHaus D-Series circular saw will more than satisfy the needs of users seeking powerful cutting capacity. You can achieve maximum cutting speeds of up to 3,800 RPM here, with no loading times to deal with. You can also easily adjust the cutting depth to work with different material types, while bevel angle cuts and joint cuts are also made possible.

The cordless design of this circular saw means you are free to work without restrictive cables, with the battery providing you with around 30 minutes of runtime. This might be a bit limited for professionals, but everyday DIY users should find this more than enough.

You can undertake straight cuts and bevel cuts alike with this circular saw. The TCT blade that comes with the saw model will provide you with smooth edges and superior cutting finishes every time. You can also cut at impressive depths here, with 54-millimetre cutting depths achievable when cutting at 90-degree angles. The ergonomic profile of this circular saw also makes for comfortable operation.


  • Decent rotational speeds and no loading times
  • Allows you to make straight and bevel cuts easily
  • Includes high-grade TCT blade
  • Ergonomic profile for comfortable operation


  • Battery runtime is a bit limited

Bosch GKS 18 V-57 G Circular Saw

The Bosch GKS 18 V-57 G makes it simple to produce smooth cuts with next to no effort. The high levels of cutting precision is in part thanks to the FSN guide rail system, while the aluminium base plate also makes it easier to achieve better cutting accuracy.

You can also work with thicker materials with this circular saw, with maximum cutting depths of 57 millimetres possible. The intelligent brake system is another user-friendly addition, protecting you against injury if the blade binds in material or you suffer from an unexpected power failure situation.

You also have the freedom to put this saw to work with different cutting applications. You can bevel cuts at angles up to 90 degrees, with easy adjustments allowing you to set your preferred angle. This robust circular saw is also a good match for the job site, with a lightweight profile and soft grip handle.

It is also fairly quiet compared to other circular saws, with maximum sound pressure levels of 80 decibels.


  • Decent rotational speeds with minimal load time
  • Compatible with guide rail systems for enhanced accuracy
  • Very impressive cutting depth capacity when working with wood
  • Fairly quiet circular saw model


  • The GKS 18 V-Li is a better option for those after faster speeds
  • Battery not included

What is the Best Cordless Circular Saw UK?

All of the cordless circular saws we have reviewed are definitely something to consider if you are looking to upgrade your power tools. However, some are better for certain applications.

The best overall circular saw in this list has to be the Makita DHS680Z. Affordable, effective and easy to use, the Makita DHS680Z is a great pick. With automatic speed control, you can effortlessly adjust to different material types.

The electric brake and overload protection also make this a superior option for those who value safety. The large base will also make it simple to keep the tool stable when cutting, while also benefiting the precision of your cuts.

Short on cash? The Bosch PKS 18 LI is our budget-friendly pick. This cordless circular saw might be affordable, but you will have no trouble achieving precise cuts every time you use it. It can be used with a range of materials, with adjustable cutting depths so you can work with a range of timber and laminates. The CutControl function also makes it easy to guide your saw precisely along planned cut lines.

The Bosch Professional GKS 12 V-26 is probably the best value cordless circular saw out there. The main saw body itself is well suited to heavy-duty cutting applications, with reliable cutting speeds and adjustable cutting capacity settings. You also get first-rate safety design features, as well as the additional perk of a battery, charger and carry case. If you want to save money on sourcing circular saw extras, this is a must.

Need a circular saw for professional jobs? The Bosch Professional GKS 18 V-LI is the ideal choice. With this circular saw, you can cut through thick materials at pace. The electronic motor protection also means overload is not something you have to concern yourself with, while electronic cell protection prevents overheating issues and deep discharge situations. For professionals who need to maintain high levels of productivity, such features are crucial.

Cordless Circular Saw FAQs

How do I choose a cordless circular saw?

When choosing a cordless circular saw, you should first focus on cutting capacity. This will give you a clear guide on the kind of material types and thicknesses you can work with. You should also think about the maximum cutting depth your saw will allow. If you need to be able to cut at considerable depth, a basic circular saw model may not be fit for purpose.

Should I buy a jigsaw or circular saw?

If you only need to make long and straight cuts, a circular saw is a better choice of power tool. However, if you want to produce more curved cuts and intricate cut-out shapes with sheet materials, a jig saw is a better investment.

What should I look for when buying a circular saw?

In addition to cutting depth and capacity, you should think about battery performance when selecting a cordless circular saw. Cordless circular saws have the same drawbacks as other battery-operated tools, but some are better performers than others. Look for lithium-ion batteries that will give you a longer runtime after charging. Advanced battery technology will also give you better protection against overload and discharge issues.

What are the different types of circular saw blades?

There are 3 different types of circular saw blades

  • Carbide Blades
  • Tungsten carbide-tipped (TCT) blades
  • High Carbon Steel (HCS) blades

Carbide Blades

Carbide blades will provide you with smoother, more precise cuts. If you plan on cutting through hardwood, softwood and chipboard materials, carbide blades are a good choice. You will also find different degrees of hardness when choosing between carbide blades. The higher the number attached to a carbide blade, the more effective it will be at cutting through materials with a higher amount of resistance.

Tungsten carbide-tipped (TCT) blades

Tungsten carbide-tipped (TCT) blades are also something to consider. These are ideal for all types of material and are generally hard-wearing, making them ideal for permanent attachment to your circular saw.

If you need to cut through things like MDF or melamine, think about investing in chrome-plated blades. As with TCT blades, chrome-plated blades can be used on a regular basis.

High Carbon Steel (HCS) blades

Finally, there are high carbon steel (HCS) blades. These blades are a good choose for cutting through wood, with the softer finish of the blade resulting in less damage to your materials.

Which saw blade makes the smoothest cut?

A carbide blade will usually produce the smoothest possible cut, regardless of what material type you are looking to cut through.

Why does my circular saw burn wood when cutting?

If you are noticing that wood material is burning as you cut it with a circular saw, you are probably moving the blade too slowly through the material. You may also need to replace your blade with a sharper one. A duller blade will result in more friction, which will increase the chance of scorching wood as you cut through.

Is it better to have a saw blade with more teeth?

If you want a smoother finish, blades with a higher number of teeth are preferred. However, blades with less teeth will usually allow you to cut through material more quickly.