10 Best Cross Trainer Bikes UK 2021 | Buying Guide

Cross Trainer Bike

Cross Trainer Buying Guide | What is a Cross Trainer Bike?

Are you looking for the best cross trainer bike that will help keep your fitness and workout routine going? You will agree that a good cross trainer exercise bike can be an excellent motivation for you to get up and work out in the comfort of your home. A cross trainer exercise bike is a machine that helps exercise and keeps your heart healthy through pedalling. Unlike most elliptical bikes, a cross trainer allows you to backpedal, and this what makes all the difference for this unique elliptical machine.

Why should you use a cross trainer bike?

Your heart is the central system of your body’s functioning, and it, therefore, needs great attention. A cross trainer machine exercises your heart so that it remains healthy and not clogged with fat that may cause heart-related complications.

Aside from cardio exercise, the cross trainer exercise bike strengthens your ability to endure physical effort for an extended period. By a great percentage, they aid lower cardiovascular-related conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and stroke.

The best cross trainer bike also keeps your joints healthy by balancing the strength of the muscles surrounding the joints.

If you are hoping to lose some belly fat, consider getting yourself a cross trainer and exercise bike. The exercise bike helps you lose fat; it allows you to work out both your upper body and your lower body at the same time. This way, you burn more fat than you would with most exercises which focus on particular areas.

Types of cross trainer bikes

Cross trainer bikes can be classified according to the level of those who should use it:

a) Entry-level

They are the most straightforward cross trainers and suitable for beginners. The workout program of these cross trainer bikes ranges between 0 to 7 with up to 14 inches stride length.

b) Mid-Range

These cross trainers come with LCD monitors and more work out programs of around 9 to 12. The weight of the flywheel ranges from 6kg to 9kg.

c) Professional level

Trainers on this level have premium and more advanced features. Workout programs range from 12-32, and the flywheel weight is 6kg to 13kg.

Features of a cross trainer bike

A cross trainer exercise bike is a type of elliptical trainer, and it, therefore, possesses its unique features. The features are:

    • Preset work out programs
    • Stride length
    • Flywheel


Reviews Of 10 Best Cross Trainer Bikes / Best 2 in 1 Cross Trainer

Below you will find our pick of some of the Best Cross Trainer UK buyers can currently find on the market

XS Sports Luna Pro 2 in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer Bike 


XS Sports Luna Pro Cross Trainer Bike


XS Sports brings you one of the best cross trainers with premium design. With its 2-in one feature, the XS sports Luna Pro 2 in 1 cross trainer bike will keep you working out and achieving your work out goals.

It boasts a bidirectional quad movement, hamstring training, an advanced cardio distance sensor, and a calorie counter. It comes with an adjustable tension knob for you to adjust the resistance based on your pace and liking. Additionally, it has a reversible movement; that allows both forward and backward pedalling.

Forward pedalling to strengthen your quadriceps muscles and backward for your back thighs. Through this advanced reversible option, your workout is less tiring, and the exercise bike is, therefore, suitable for long and short workout sessions.

Made from heavy-duty materials for durability and capacity of holding up to 110 kgs, it is flexible and assures you of value for your money.

It is made to be safe and secure for both seniors and those with special requirements. Comfort while working out is paramount, and that’s why it comes with the adjustable deep padded seat that provides support.

Extra-wide foot pedals on this elliptical cross trainer bicycle ensures that your feet gets maximum grip and stability.

Special features

1. Designed to hold up to 110kgs
2. Comfortable and adjustable seat and handlebars.
3. Approximate size 122 x 60 x 154 (L x W x H) weighing 28kg.
4. It has built-in pulse sensors.
5. Bidirectional movement for quadriceps and hamstrings
6. High-quality LCD, distance, pulse, calorie guide, and time.


1. It can handle people with heavyweight.
2. It stimulates the natural walking movement.
3. It provides you with real-time work out data for easy monitoring.
4. It allows bidirectional movement.


1. It produces some noise.
2. You cannot download its user guide. Only the paper guide exists, which is included in the delivery.
3. It does not come assembled. You have to assemble it yourself.

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XS Sports Pro 2 in 1 Cross Trainer Bike

XS Sports Pro 2in1 Cross Trainer Bike

XS Sports bring you yet another exemplary and best cross trainer bike for enjoyable workouts sessions.

This is an elliptical cross trainer with pulse heart rate sensors and is suitable for people who want to lose weight.

Having both the bike and cardio exercise machine, this 2 in 1 exercise bike ensures maximum work out for desirable outcomes.

They come with extra-wide footplates and adjustable handles. The seat is also adjustable to provide comfort during a workout session.

Special features

1. Bidirectional movement for hamstrings and quads.
2. Adjustable resistance and chain-driven way flywheel.
3. LCD showing distance, speed, calorie guide, time, and pulse.
4. User weight 110kg


1. Sturdy, it can accommodate a 110kg user.
2. It comes with a 12-month warranty.


It is time-consuming for a user to assemble the tools.

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GX50 Reebok Cross Trainer

Reebok Cross Trainer Bike


GX50 Reebok is one of the best home cross trainer bike you can bring to your home gym and enjoy work out sessions like never before. This Reebok Cross Trainer allows you to do progressive workouts.

It has a flywheel of approximately 9kg that lets you push it with minimal effort for fluid motion.

With functionally integrated sensors for hand pulses, this cross trainer exercise bike displays a live heart rate information. Thus ensuring you monitor your workouts and that your sessions are as productive as you want them to be.

Another incredible aspect of the GX50 is that you can charge mobile devices while working out, from its USB port.

It has 32 levels of electronic resistance and 20 fitness programs built into the console for you to select and challenge yourself to do more every day. All these programs have been designed by top master trainers with experience in the fitness world.

It comes with two-year parts and labour warranty. You can move it around your house since it is very light.

Special features

1. It has a bottle holder where you can keep your water as you work out.
2. Measurement of 145 x 59 x 171, makes it compact and highly effective
3. Well, built-in transport wheels for more effortless movement and storage after the workout.
4. It has one series console, 32 electronic resistance levels, 12 workout ramps, and 20 Preset fitness programs.


1. It has preset workout programs designed by master trainers to get you started.
2. It is easy to assemble it.
3 It can take up to a maximum of 120 kg.
4. It supports multiple user profiles.


. It produces some clunky noise when turned on.

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JLL CT300 Elliptical Cross Trainer

JLL CT300 X Trainer Bike


Powerfully equipped with up to 8 levels of magnetic resistance, the JLL CT300 Elliptical Cross Trainer is also one of the best cross trainer bikes for you.

These levels of magnetic resistance ensure fast and smooth performance as you work out. A resistance dial is strategically placed so that you can comfortably change the intensity of your workout.

The dial helps control a large magnet positioned next to the flywheel where you put your feet as you work out.

The dual-action handlebars ensure that you work your muscles. Alternatively, you can use the stationary handrails with an inbuilt heart rate sensor connected to the monitor that displays information of your workout.

The JLL cross trainer bike is belt-driven, which ensures a quiet work out session for you. It also has fantastic transport wheels to help you move it effortlessly around your house.

Special features

1. It has a display monitor with eight functions: display speed, distance, time, temperature, heart rate, calories, body fat, and pulse recovery.
2. Belt-driven technology with 8 levels of magnetic resistance
3. The monitor can also act as a tablet holder.
4. A 5.5 kg flywheel that operates in two way so that you can pedal forward and backward.


1. Non-slip footplates protect you while exercising.
2. It is not noisy: quiet operation.
3. The belt is made of long-lasting rubber that ensures the machine will not wear and tear quickly.
4. It can hold up to 100 kg.
5. It comes with a 12-month warranty.


1. It takes a lot of time to assemble the tools.
2. It does not have preset wok out programs; however, you can increase and decrease the tensions through the eight magnetic levels.

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Sportplus Fan Bike

SportPlus Fan Bike


The Sportplus Fan Bike comes with two synchronised handles that control the movement of the pedal. The Fan Bike enables you to train your upper part of the body and increase your endurance.

It also comes with a display monitor and a training computer where you can follow up on your progress. What you get to see on your computer is your training times, distance travelled, total burnt calories, and evaluation of your training.

Smooth running wheels allow you to move the Fan Bike around with ease.

Special features

1. The saddle is adjustable from 70cm to 80 cm.
2. It has a training computer to monitor and evaluate your progress.
3. Measurement dimensions 115 x 70 x 122.
4. The belt brake system generates resistance.


1. The massive wind wheel brings additional drag, thus increasing the training effect.
2. The fan bike ensures an effective whole body workout since the pedals connect to the handles.
3. The fan wheel produces some breeze while in usage, and this refreshes you as you work out and enjoy the breeze.
4. It does not produce noise


It is quite challenging to assemble the tools.

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XS Sports CT700 Magnetic Deluxe Elliptical Cross Trainer

XS Sports CT700

This cross trainer also stands out as one of the best value cross trainer bikes in the market. With a 5.5kg two way flywheel, you can be sure of versatility and value for your money.

It is easy to move it from one location to another because of the built-in wheel to the front bar. With advancements in technology, this cross trainer bike has an impressive tablet holder to ensure you are in control as you work out.

It is suitable for all levels of training.

Special features

1. 8 level adjustable 5.5kg magnetic flywheel.
2. Advanced LCD for monitoring speed, time, and calorie guide.
3. Fixed centre handle post with pulse sensors
4. Bidirectional for hamstrings and quads.


1. Suitable for all levels of training
2. Safe work out machine that has passed standards


It comes in two boxes and, therefore, not easy to assemble.

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BH fitness Quick G233N

BH Fitness Cross Trainer Bike


If you are a beginner in working out and training sessions, this cross trainer bike suitable for you.

With its excellent magnetic brake system, you do not have to worry about its maintenance. You can pedal quietly and smoothly through an extensive range of tensions. It enables you to train both your upper and lower body part.

This cross trainer exercise bike is well equipped with a tension knob to control eight workload points as you work out. It also does not require an electrical connection for it to work.

When you have a more extended training session, you can have your bottle of water in the bottle holder fitted into this exercise trainer.

Special features

1. It has a monitor LCD that shows the time, pulse, speed, distance, and calories.
2. It has a recovery test, body fat test, and contact pulse measurement system to help control the fitness condition.
3. Its dimensions are 111cm x 61cm x 144cm, a 18 cm distance between pedals, 36 cm stride and 36kg.


1. The contact pulse measurement system allows you to have targets for advanced training.
2. Its magnetic brake system does not produce noise during pedaling.
3. It is a maintenance-free cross exercise trainer bike.
4. You do not have to plug it into the electrical grid


It does not come assembled.

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Branx Fitness Magnetic ‘X-fit’ cross trainer bike

Branx Fitness

For an efficient and effective low impact workout, Branx Fitness Magnetic ‘X-fit’ is an ideal cross trainer bike.

Talk of quality, functionality, and even style, this cross trainer bike stands out. It has wheels for easy transport and adjustable floor pads.

Its superb magnetic resistance has up to 16 levels, making sure that you reach your full potential.

It also has a water bottle holder fitted onto it, a USB charging station, and an impressive stride length of 19.5 inches with non slip-adjustable pedals.

Special features

1. A console unit with Bluetooth.
2. Heart rate control that comes with chest straps.
3.14.5kg flywheel.
4. A body fat readout feature.
5. It has a capacity to hold up to 135kg


1. Two-year warranty on parts and labour plus a five-year warranty on frame.
2. It comes with a Bluetooth in the console unit; this gives a user more control of the speed and intensity.
3. Unlike most cross trainers that have the heart rate control only, this cross trainer comes with chest straps.


It is quite challenging to assemble it.

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Sportstech CX2 cross trainer


SportsTech CX2 Cross Trainer


Innovation is at its best with this splendid cross trainer that turns out to be top among cross trainer bikes.

It prides itself on a unique design and a lot of reliable features. This cross trainer offers you a variety of training options that you incorporate into your daily training sessions.

As one of the best cross trainers brings together the benefits of jogging and climbing stairs without the impact forces. Ultimately, it makes it easy to train your joints.

With a high-quality console that is compatible with your tablet or smartphone, you install a training app, Kinomap. Kinomap allows you to follow up on your fitness history, experience real distances in video mode, take part in real-time events, or participate in multiplayer competitions with others.

The CX cross trainer bike is wireless with a self-generator system, and with its great cardio workout, you get to train all your primary muscles.

Special features

1. Self-generator System.
2. Training in the momentum of 27kg .
3. Has a Kinomap app for virtual exercises and Bluetooth Console.


1. Allows virtual exercising which makes working out fun and quite motivating.
2. It does not have to be positioned near a socket because of the self-generating system, thus saving electricity.
3. It has a quiet groove belt drive and does not produce noise.
4. Its mobility aids in movement.


It does not have a treadmill and an adjustable incline.

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Gneric Limepeaks LMP-1001

Gneric Limepeaks

Gneric Lime peaks LMP 1001 is by far an excellent cross trainer bike.

An advanced 2 in 1 cross trainer with up to 8 resistance levels. With a compacted design and great finish.

This cross trainer ensures smooth pedaling and active resistance. Made from the highest steel grade, the Gneric Limepeaks LMP 1001 is durable and robust.

It is highly recommended for those who want to lose and those with other intentions for working out.

Special features

1. Customized comfortable seat that moves back and forth.
2. Shock absorption technology that helps reduce the impact on your joints.
3. LCD monitors and pulse sensors.


1. It is rolled and stored easily.
2. It saves up space at your gym, home, or office.
3. Shock absorber technology that reduces impacts on joints.
4. Its drive system helps to regulate speed during high-intensity workouts


It is quite costly due to the high technology involved in making its outstanding features.

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Choosing the Best Cross Trainer

As cross trainers continue to flood the market due to a rise in demand, you must select the best cross trainer bike depending on your level and what results in you want to work out. Check on the following as you look for a suitable cross trainer:

a) Stride

The length of the pace is paramount when choosing the best cross-trainer biker that is suitable. Cross trainers with wide-length strides offer smooth pedalling and more resistance, while short strides makes work out less efficient due to an imbalance caused by quick movements. Some cross trainers come with adjustable stride lengths so that every user can customise it to what suits them.

b) Programmes

There are intense programmes installed for professional cross-trainers, while the less intense for beginners. An advisable level of working out a plan is between 8 and 11. However, purchase cross trainer in accordance to your training abilities. It is also important to note that the number of programmes one decides to embark on goes in line with what results you want, for example, burning belling fat and toning your muscles will each require a different number of programme.

c) Technology (LCD or LED)

Your work out session must consist of innovation to motivate you and even make your fitness sessions fun. Cross Trainer Bikes have an LCD monitor and touch display that lets you have information on how your work out is going on. Some have practical exercises that involve watching TV, running a pre-recorded track, competing with others virtually, and regulating music as you work out. LED displays use the dot matrix to show speed, resistance, and time. Depending on your preference and economy, go for the best cross trainer that works for you.


Investing in a healthy lifestyle is one of the wise life decisions anyone can make. It takes a great deal to be mindful of your health and fitness to make the move of finding a suitable cross trainer. The above cross trainer buying guide and cross trainer reviews should assist you in making this vital decision.

Depending on what you like, and your reasons for working out, selecting the best cross trainer that works for you is crucial. Have the best budget cross trainer bike and one that won’t stress you with high maintenance costs.

Put into consideration the space and purpose of the cross trainer exercise bike you want so that you get to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and productive work out sessions.