17 Best Electric Radiators | UK Buyer’s Guide 2021

Electric Radiator

The best electric radiators can help heat your home at optimal temperatures and slash the cost of your energy bills. However, it is is not just as simple as picking a radiator with high heat output. Nowadays, there is a huge range of heater options available on the UK market, from smart electric radiators with advanced control features to vertical electric radiators for heating the more contemporary home. Need some help deciding on the best electric heaters for your interiors? Read on our go-to guide on what to bear in mind when taking your pick from the best electric radiators currently available on the UK market.

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Common Electric Radiator Varieties

One of the most common varieties of electric radiators is the convector heater. This straightforward models directly heat the air in a room by utilising an electric element. The convection process is the key to these types of radiators, with heated air rising and dispersing through a room.

Although these models are simple in design and relatively affordable, they do have some drawback. For one, convector heaters can deliver heat unevenly, which is not ideal for larger spaces. Convection heaters also have a tendency to dry the air in a room. To combat this, you should use a humidifier alongside a convector heater.

Some of the best electric heaters you will find on the market include panel heaters. These systems heat up a room via a combination of radiation and convection. These heaters produce infrared waves that directly heat up anything around them.

The direct transfer of heat ensures minimal thermal loss, making them very efficient and cost-effective. The warming sensation delivered by electric panel heaters can feel more pleasant than other varieties of heater.

The downside of these types of electric radiator is that they can be used in a smaller variety of environments. They are not suitable for use in conservatories for example.

Another variety to consider is the thermal inertia radiator. Although these models have a slower heat-up time, they do deliver a much more even distribution of heat.

These reliable radiators also continue to deliver noticeable heat output when turned off. If you are looking to overhaul existing heating systems and old fashioned radiators, thermal inertia radiators are often the way to go.

Deciding on the Right Electric Radiator for Room Types

Different types of room and indoor spaces may require different types of radiator. Thermal inertia radiators are the best bet for heating your main living spaces.

Living rooms and bedrooms need to be consistently heated at comfortable levels, so the reliable heat output generated by thermal inertia radiators will be welcome.

The electric radiators in these spaces will be used regularly, so it is also worth investing in radiator models designed with economy features to ensure you are saving as much as possible on your energy bills.

Vertical Electric Radiators

When it comes to heating bathrooms, you should cast the net a little wider when deciding on radiator models. Vertical electric radiators are a good choice for use in bathrooms as they are efficient and take up less space thanks to their low profile design. To save even more space in a smaller bathroom, consider investing in a heated towel rail radiator.

You may also wish to invest in radiator solutions for lesser used spaces in your home. These spaces can include hallways and spare bedrooms. Radiant heaters are a good option for such spaces. As you will not be running these radiators constantly, you will need a system that delivers fast heat-up times.

Thermostat Functions and Controls in Electric Radiators

The best electric heaters on the marker will include a thermostat control as standard. This allows your radiator to remain at a desired temperature automatically, with no need to worry about constantly amending settings.

The best radiators on the marker will also include more extensive programming functionality, such as 24/7 programming. If you are looking to keep things as simple as possible, cheap electric radiators should offer more than enough functionality.

Budget models will allow you to make quick adjustments to temperature levels with minimal fuss.

Smart Control Convenience in Electric Radiators

This is definitely something to bear in mind if you are looking for advanced control of your heating. Smart control functionality allows you to take charge of your radiators and the advanced features they might offer.

These features can include sensors to detect motion and open windows so you can minimise heat loss and stamp out wasted energy. Smart control features will also let you access detailed energy consumption readings so you can make informed adjustments to the way you heat your home.

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Product Reviews on Best Electric Radiators

Read on our handpicked selection of some of the best radiators you can currently find on the UK market. Our first-rate pick has everything from cheap radiators of all varieties to smart electric radiators for modern living.

5 Best Wall Mounted Electric Radiators

Wärme Electric Wall Heater Low Energy Panel Heater Electric Radiator


Warme Ultra Slim 2KW

This low energy electric heater is an incredibly efficient choice. With an impressive output of 2KW, this heater can effectively warm areas of up to 22 metres with ease.

A digital thermostat also comes as standard, providing you with reliable and accurate readings. The thermostat also allows you to alternate between modes. You can opt for simplicity with the instant heat mode or choose from pre-programmed settings for more personalised heating output.

This radiator is a very versatile choice thanks to its low profile design, while integrated sensors prevent overheating. A durable waterproof casing also makes this heater an ideal choice for areas with high levels of moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

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Wärme WiFi Electric Wall Heater Panel Electric Radiator | Ultra Slim


Warme Ultra Slim WiFi


Here is another premium wall mounted electric radiator from Wärme. This is an incredibly efficient choice of heating solution, operating at an impressive 2KW output.

You can expect to heat an area of 22 square metres with this radiator, with the high levels of efficiency ensuring low running costs. As with the previous radiator model on this list, you can choose between instant heating mode and personalised settings thanks to the programmable thermostat.

This radiator is also WiFi enabled, making it an ideal addition to any smart home. The slimline design makes it a discreet addition to any room, while the waterproof housing makes it suitable for any room of the home, including kitchens and bathrooms.

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Devola Eco 2400W Electric Panel Heater


Devola Eco 2.4Kw Electric Radiator


If you are looking to slash your energy bills, the Devola Eco is worth considering. A precision thermostat ensures temperature accuracy to half a degree, while an automatic on/off switch is on hand to ensure your set temperatures are maintained.

This heater is a great choice if you are looking to replace old fashioned electric radiators in your home. The 24/7 programmable timer allows you to fine-tune a heating schedule to suit you and your lifestyle.

This radiator is also intuitive in design, detecting significant drops in room temperature and shutting off to save on energy waste. Thanks to its discreet design, this radiator can be mounted in just about any room.

It is also completely suitable for use in bathrooms and wet rooms thanks to its IP20 rating.

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FUTURA Electric Wall Panel Heater Space Electric Radiator


Futura Electric Wall Panel Heater


If you are seeking simplicity in design, this FUTURA electric wall panel electric radiator is worth looking into. This wall mountable radiator boasts three distinct heating modes to accommodate individual preference.

Choose from economy mode if you are looking to slash your energy bills, comfort mode for ensuring optimal temperatures and frost-free mode to eliminate significantly low temperatures.

You also have a 24/7 digital timer on offer here, which offers full flexibility to tailor your heat settings to an expansive schedule. Easily to operate and install, this radiator can be used in any room of the home.

Looking for a radiator to heat a bathroom? Thanks to its IP24 rating, this FUTURA is an ideal choice.

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FUTURA 1000W Electric Panel Electric Heater


Futura 1000W


Here is another great electric radiator option from FUTURA. This 1000W Eco heater is a particularly good option for those looking to minimise their energy consumption and cut costs.

A precision thermostat is on hand to keep temperature accuracy to within a tight range, with margins of error standing at just half a degree. Automatic switch off also comes as a standard feature here, ensuring you are never running your radiator unnecessarily.

This powerful electric radiator can heat areas of up to 14 metres squared, making it ideal for most rooms around the home. An IP24 rating also brings all the splash proof peace of mind you need if you are looking to heat a bathroom.

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5 Best Free Standing Electric Radiators

VonHaus Oil Filled Electric Radiator


VonHaus 2.5Kw Portable Electric Heater

This great value free standing radiator from VonHaus provides you with plenty of flexibility for heating your home. This 2500W radiator utilises oil-filled fins to heat your interiors. It should adequately heat medium to large sized rooms with ease.

You have three distinct power settings to choose from here, along with an adjustable thermostat so you can enjoy heating at optimal temperatures. An automatic switch on/off function also comes as standard.

Thermal cut off and safety switch functionality is also present, bringing you overheat protection for peace of mind. Unlike wall mounted options, there are some limitations to this free standing model.

The 1.5 metre power cable limits your placement options somewhat. This radiator is also only suitable for spaces that are well insulated. It is not ideal for second-rate conservatories or garden rooms, for example.

Because of the need for mains power, it is also not suitable for use in bathrooms.

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DONYER POWER Convector Radiator with Adjustable Thermostat


Donyer Power Convector Radiator 2Kw

This DONYER POWER convector radiator is a very affordable option for heating your home. You have three different power outputs to choose from here, ranging from 750W to 2000W, providing you with plenty of scope when it comes to temperature levels.

Temperature adjustments are easily made thanks to the user-friendly switches found at the side of the radiator itself. This radiator is designed with portability and flexibility in mind. Two insulated handles at either side make lifting and moving this heater from A to B a breeze.

You will also find holes at the rear of the unit should you wish to mount the heater to a wall. The adjustable thermostat also provides you with plenty in the way of overheat protection, with three different levels of protection to choose from.

This compact heater is a good choice for heating bedrooms, studies and smaller living rooms. However, it is not ideal for large spaces with poor insulation.

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Dimplex CDE3ECC 3KW Oil Free Electric Radiator


Dimplex 3Kw Oil Free Radiator

The Dimplex CDE3ECC is a premium choice of free standing radiator. Offering plenty in the way of portability and versatility when it comes to heating your home, the CDE3ECC ticks all the right boxes.

You can look forward to an impressive 3KW of heat output, giving you optimal temperatures at high levels. Despite its compact size, this radiator is also suitable for heating larger rooms around the home, although it is not suitable for bathrooms due to a lack of waterproof housing.

Electronic climate control functionality comes as standard, as does a super fast warm-up time to ensure large spaces are quickly heated. A remote control is also included to save you the hassle of having to adjust settings manually.

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Pro Breeze® 2500W Oil Filled Radiator


Pro Breeze 2.5Kw Electric Heater

The Pro Breeze® proves that free standing radiators can be as powerful as wall mounted alternatives. This oil-filled radiator has 11 individual heating fins and an impressive 2500W output.

You can choose from three different output settings, ranging from 1000W to 2500W, providing you with optimal temperature levels at all times. This is a good choice if you are looking to heat large spaces, with an adjustable thermostat and quick warm-up time both standard features.

Integrated safety features are also included, such as overheat protection and a tip-over switch.

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NETTA 2500W Oil Filled Electric Heater Radiator


Netta 2.5Kw

This NETTA oil-filled radiator is a good choice of free standing heater for those seeking user-friendly controls and impressive heating output. This radiator includes an adjustable thermostat and 24-hour timer to provide you with complete control of your desired heat settings, with an impressive 2500W output to ensure even larger spaces are adequately heated.

Overheat protection also comes as standard, providing you with peace of mind. Smooth-running castor wheels and an integrated carry handle make this a portable option, while a built in cable organiser keeps clutter to a minimum.

There is not waterproof housing here, so it is not suitable for bathrooms, but it will make a welcome addition to any other space.

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7 Best Wall Mounted Vertical Electric Radiators

ELEGANT Radiators Vertical Anthracite Tall Single Bathroom Kitchen Designer Radiator Flat Panel 1800 x 300


Elegant Anthracite Vertical Radiator


This ELEGANT Tall Anthracite vertical radiator is a good choice for contemporary spaces. Made from low carbon steel with a high-quality powder coat finish, this radiator has been built to last.

The durable design of this vertical electric panel heater makes it ideal for use in any room of the home, including kitchens and bathrooms. This single panel radiator boasts plenty of impressive quality and safety credentials, conforms to BS EN442 standards and is suitable for all UK central heating systems.

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WarmeHaus Vertical Designer Radiator Flat Panel Modern Heating Double Grey 1600x458mm


WarmeHaus Vertical Designer Radiator


If you are looking for a low profile choice of vertical radiator, this stylish option from WarmeHaus is worth a second look. This flat panel electric radiator is made from durable steel with high-quality coated finish, making it suitable for use in every room of the home, including bathrooms.

Suitable for use with all UK central heating systems, this robust vertical electric radiator has been manufactured to a high standard and conforms to BS EN442 standards for peace of mind. Definitely worth considering if you are looking to heat a contemporary interior and want to keep things minimal.

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NRG Vertical Designer White Double Panel Oval Column Radiator 1800x472mm


NRG Vertical Double Panel Radiator

This NRG vertical radiator combines contemporary design with first-rate functionality. Made from mild steel for durability, this column radiator has been tested under high hydraulic pressures to ensure optimal performance and impermeability.

This vertical electric radiator also comes with a guarantee of 15 years, making it an easy choice if you are looking for good value and long-lasting use. The sleek design of this radiator will make a fine complement to modern interiors, while the discreet design makes it a minimalist addition to any room of the home, including kitchens and bathrooms.

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iBathUK | 1800 x 480 mm Vertical Column Radiator Anthracite Oval Single Panel

iBathUK Vertical Electric Radiators

This stylish vertical electric radiator from iBathUK is worth considering if you are looking to heat a contemporary home.

A low carbon steel construction means you have a radiator that will hold up well for a long time, while the triple-layered finish ensures impermeability and makes it a suitable option for kitchens and bathrooms.

Compatible with all UK heating systems, including tank fed and combi boiler systems, this vertical radiator offers pared-back design and premium heating performance in one neat package.

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ELEGANT 1800 x 500 mm Vertical Mirror Electric Radiator


Elegant Vertical Mirror Electric Radiators

This ELEGANT Vertical Mirror Electric Radiator is arguably one of the best models on this list. Firstly, you have all the perks of a premium vertical radiator to enjoy.

A low carbon steel construction ensures durability and makes it a suitable choice for any room of the home, particularly kitchens and bathrooms, while the triple-layered powder coat finish ensures optimal longevity.

The anthracite finish is particularly attractive, making it welcome complement to more contemporary interiors. Superior levels of manufacturing also ensures optimal and consistent heat output. In addition to all of this, there is the addition of a central mirror panel. This makes it even more suitable for use in bathrooms and bedrooms.

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ELEGANT Chrome Heated Towel Rail Straight Designer Bathroom Radiator (1600x400mm)


Elegant Chrome Heated Towel Rail Electric Radiators

This stylish towel rail electric radiator from ELEGANT is the perfect way to heat bathrooms. Made from durable low carbon steel with a premium chrome finish, this radiator has been manufactured to withstand the effects of moisture and maintain its attractive finish for a long time.

The generous dimensions of this vertical radiator and powerful output also ensures optimal heat levels at all times. The towel rail design of this radiator makes it ideal for use in bathrooms, providing you with handy linen storage and a quick and easy way to dry towels after a bath or shower.

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ELEGANT 1800 x 480mm Vertical Column Radiator


Elegant Vertical Column Double Panel Electric Radiators

If you are looking to invest in a premium choice of electric radiator that will last for a long time, this vertical model from ELEGANT should tick all the right boxes. You can look forward to a high heat output as standard here, with a low carbon steel construction and superior powder coat finish ensuring your radiator remains in premium condition for years to come.

This powerful radiator can be used throughout the home, with the waterproof housing making it suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. The streamlined aesthetics also make this a good choice for those looking to heat a modern home with a more contemporary interior.

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