9 Best MCT Oils | UK Buyer’s Guide 2021

Best MCT Oil UK

If you are looking to overhaul your lifestyle or undertake the ketogenic diet, you will need ensure you have the Best MCT Oil to hand. This popular dietary supplement is a great way of giving your endurance levels a boost, while also helping you achieve weight loss goals with minimal hassle. If you are a newcomer to the world of ketogenic diets and the benefits of MCT coconut oil, you may need a little direction to ensure you are making the best possible lifestyle choices. Below, we have put together a go-guide on what to look for when shopping for the Best MCT Oil UK market has to offer.

What is MCT Oil?

MCT oil is an increasingly popular choice of dietary supplement that utilises the medium-chain triglycerides found in varieties of oil, namely coconut oil. MCT oil is often the go-to choice for people looking to lose weight or increase their endurance levels.

There is increasing evidence that MCT oil can also boost cognitive function. Unlike other fatty acids of the long-chain variety, MCTs bypass the usual fat-storing process. Instead of being transferred into stores of fat, MCTs quickly travel to organs like the liver, where they are then used as an efficient energy source or transformed into ketones. The liver will produce ketones when forced to break down significant quantities of fat. Ketones can be effectively used by organs like the brain as a useful source of energy, in lieu of sugar and glucose sources.

Unlike other sources of energy, MCTs metabolise calories immediately, meaning they are unlikely to be transformed into fat stores. This streamlined process provides the foundation for the ketogenic diet, which many consider a reliable weight loss approach.

Health Benefits

There is ongoing scientific study into the benefits of MCT oil on the body. One area where scientists are considering a benefit is in regards to brain and memory function. The argument for this is that ketosis may have a small, but noteworthy effect on cognitive function. With ketosis, the brain utilises ketones in order to fuel energy, rather than rely on glucose reserves.

Endurance and energy levels are another area where MCT oil seems to have a desirable impact. Studies have found that diets rich in MCTs can promote higher levels of endurance in those undertaking intensive activity and exercise. Weight management and weight loss attempts may also be bolstered by the consumption of MCT oil. The theory is that medium-chain fats reduce appetite, leaving an individual feeling more full when compared against diets with high levels of long-chain fats.

Consuming MCT oil may also help reduce cholesterol levels, while also bringing down blood sugar levels overall. This holds huge benefit for those suffering from diabetes and looking to manage their condition effectively.

How to Consume

MCT oil is both flavourless and odourless, with very little discernible colour. Because of this, it can be easily integrated into daily diets without any fuss. Those looking to lose weight or enjoy a more healthy lifestyle will find MCT oil an easy addition to their daily routine.

Small measures can be added to smoothies and shakes for a ketogenic kick, while bulletproof coffee can also be enriched by it. Salad dressings blended with MCT oil are another easy lifestyle change. It is worth noting that because of its low smoke point, MCT oil cannot be heated to high temperatures and used as a cooking oil.

If Organic MCT Oil is of preference, then we highly recommend MCT Oil C8-Ultra and Organic MCT Oil by APE Nutrition

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Reviews of 9 Best MCT Oil

Ready to reap the benefits of and buy MCT oil? Below, we have put together our pick of some of the Best MCT Oil UK market has currently available

Premium Pure C8 MCT Oil |Vegan Safe & Gluten Free | 500ml


Premium Pure C8

Premium Pure C8 MCT Oil offers you an incredibly rich source of C8 MCT. Here, the concentration is an impressive 99.8 percent, providing an effective way to boost blood ketone levels. Compared to many other oils on the market, this quality product from Ketosource promises to provide three times the ketone boost you could normally expect. A big benefit of the higher purity level of this MCT Oil is that it is easier to digest than some other options on the market. The result here is that you can expect less issues like indigestion and stomach upsets.

C8 MCT will also help increase your blood ketones by 0.8 mmol for every tablespoon-sized dose within two hours after consuming it. This is a massive benefit over other MCT oils that contain less C8 per serving, with many offering a diminished boost of only a quarter of the value of C8. If you want a cost-effective way of enjoying the benefits of MCT oil, this C8 solution is well worth a try.

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Qetomax, Zero Palm Oil, 100% Coconut | Ideal for Bulletproof Coffee




If you are tired of subpar MCT oil solutions, this Pure C8 by Qetomax is worth looking into. Unlike other alternatives on the market, you will find no palm oil or hidden ingredients here. Instead, you can look forward to a high level of purity of 99.8 percent C8. Qetomax C8 MCT Oil is made from 100 percent coconut, with no diluting agents added to the final recipe. Each batch of this MCT oil is also laboratory tested to ensure the best in quality and benefit to you, the user.

This Pure C8 MCT oil is an ideal way of supplementing a ketogenic diet. There is no odour, no flavour or colour here, so it can be readily introduced to your shakes, smoothies and salad dressings for a discreet ketogenic enrichment of your daily diet. If you are looking for the Best MCT Oil For Coffee (Bulletproof Coffee) then the Pure C8 is the go to product. This Pure C8 oil comes at a slight premium compared to other options this list, but the quality assurance of this particular product makes it well worth the additional expense.

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Carino MCT-Oil – 100% Coconut-Oil flavorless & odorless


Carino MCT


This Carino Oil is an ideal way of enriching your daily diet with a ketogenic boost. Made from pure coconut, this supplement provides you with an easy way of enhancing your shakes, smoothies and salads with minimal fuss. This particular supplement combines 70 percent caprylics with 30 percent capric acids.

This ratio has been carefully selected to provide you with a strong and steady release of ketogenic production. The C-10 will provide your body with a long-lasting source of ketone throughout the day, allowing you to maintain ketosis for longer periods. The C-8 on the other hand can be absorbed more quickly, delivering an instant kick to promote essential ketone production.

This particular MCT oil is a good bet for the newcomer. Not only is it relatively inexpensive, it is a good choice for those looking to start small and then increase their intake of C-8 and C-10. However, if you are more familiar with the benefits of MCT oil, you may find yourself wanting to try a purer source of C8 instead.

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Nutravita, Vegan Friendly MCT Oil – Ideal for Paleo, Keto and Low Carb Diets



This Nutravita Pure C8 is a great choice for those looking to enjoy the benefits of the healthy natural fats found in coconut. Easily digested and quickly absorbed, this C8 MCT oil provides you with a ketogenic boost that bypasses the fat storing process associated with other supplements. Made from 100 percent coconut oil, this Pure C8 includes no added sugar, sweeteners or other additives. It is also free of gluten, soya and lactose, making it an easy choice for those looking for a C8 supplement that will not interfere with exacting dietary requirements.

A great thing about this oil is its purity, with nothing but C8 on hand. Because of its purity, this oil is easier to digest and results in less ailments like indigestion. The pure recipe comes at a slight premium, however.

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Wellgard Zero Palm Oil, Keto, Paleo & Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free




This Wellgard MCT Oil is a great way of experimenting with the advantageous effects of a ketogenic lifestyle. Made from nothing but coconut oil, this quality MCT oil can be used as a staple of all manner of diets, particularly keto diets. This Gold Standard Extra Pure MCT Oil is built around caprylic acid (C8) which has been proven to increase cognitive function, while also increasing the overall efficiency of ketone production.

This brand will command a slight premium compared to other options on this list, but the levels of purity and impressive manufacturing credentials more than make up for this. You may however wish to experiment with other options that utilise more than C8 in the overall ratio.

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MeaVita, Coconut Based MCT Oil, 500 ml


Meavita MCT Oil

This MeaVita C8 Oil is an affordable option for those looking to promote more efficient ketone production. This is a purer choice of MCT oil, consisting of nothing else but desirable C8 fatty acids. C8 is a particularly appealing ingredient because it is easier to digest than other alternatives, while also resulting in less side effects and ailments. As with any MCT oil, those who yet to introduce them to their daily routine are advised to start small and then steadily increase intake.

Tasteless and odourless, it can be used to enrich all manner of shakes, smoothies and other recipes. It can also be used in lieu of conventional oil in cooking, although you should not use it at too high a temperature as it has a very low smoke point.

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LLS Primal Energy MCT Oil | 1000ml Bottle


Primal Energy

LLS Primal Energy brand is a premium choice of coconut oil that brings together C8 and C10 for a fast and efficient way to boost ketone production. Produced in the UK with no palm oil, this blended MCT uses only the best ingredients and ditches lower quality additions like C12 oils. Used correctly, this oil can help improve weight management, while also boosting your endurance levels for the more active user. C8 oil has also been shown to increase cognitive function, while also helping reduce excess appetite.

Because it has no flavour or odour, as well as next to no colour, this MCT oil for keto is particularly handy for enriching your drinks and meals with a keto kick. It is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Although this is an effective way to boost ketogenic production, LLS Primal Energy MCT Oil is one of the more expensive products on this list.

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detoxfy MCT Oil, Premium Quality, 1 Pack (1x 1000ml)



This detoxfy brand offers a combination of C8 and C10 for a premium product to commence healthy ketogenic production. Made from pure coconut oil, this first-rate oil provides you with a convenience source of essential fatty acids that can be readily introduced into your daily diet. Because this oil is both tasteless and odourless, it is easily added to your favourite beverages, while it can also be used to dress salads and other light dishes.

This particular offering is a great value choice when compared to other options on this list. For about the same price of a 500ml bottle from other suppliers, this detoxfy gives you a generous litre to put to good use. Those worried about potential side effects and absorption efficiency may be put off by the blend of C8 and C10. If this is the case, you may be best served by a pure C8 version instead.

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Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder, Vegan, French Vanilla Flavour 


Dr Colberts MCT Oil Powder

If you are looking for an alternative to conventional MCT oil for keto, Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Powder is definitely worth looking into. This powder combines C8 and C10 at a ratio of 4:1, with both providing effective benefits to ketogenic production. C8 grants you a long-lasting source of C8 that your body can utilise throughout the day, while C10 delivers an effective kick to ketogenic production. Free of sugar, sweeteners and lactose, this MCT oil powder will satisfy all types of lifestyles.

The powder form of this product makes it a particularly useful choice for those looking to enrich shakes and smoothies, although it might prove limiting to those familiar with the conventional form. The vanilla flavouring of this powder will definitely enrich drinks, but again, it may prove limiting to those who prefer to enjoy MCT in a wider context.

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