15 Best Personal DAB Radios | UK Buyer’s Guide 2021

Personal DAB Radio

A Personal DAB radio is a must for anyone looking to enjoy superior listening on the go. Nowadays, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to selecting a quality DAB radio. You will find pocket-sized options for listening via headphones on the go, along with bulkier models that can be utilised in the home and on the move.

Below, you will find our go-to guide on what to consider when shopping for a new Personal DAB radio, along with our pick of some of the best options currently available on the market.

Future Ready Radio

There is nothing worse than investing in electronics, only to find them rendered redundant in a few years. This is particularly true of radios. When shopping for a DAB radio, look for models advertised as ‘Future Ready’. These systems are designed for use beyond the full digital switchover, ensuring the radio you invest in is fit for purpose for years to come.

DAB/DAB+ Explained

Digital radios are designed to receive more reliable signals, granting you a much better listening experience. Digital radio signals are not hampered by noise and interference, giving you cleaner, crisper playback at all times. Any radio you invest in should support DAB/DAB+ playback as a standard. Most models will also receive FM signals, meaning there is no restriction on what you can listen to.

User-Friendly Features

To make life as easy as possible, you should look for DAB radios designed with user-friendliness in mind. No matter whether you are buying a pocket-sized model or something more substantial, a quality display screen is a must.

A backlit screen will provide you with a handy overview of stations and playlists, along with things like volume control and signal strength. Look for screens with an adequate scroll display to provide you with as much oversight as possible.

Presets are also a must if you are looking for time-saving convenience. Presets will allow you to store your favourite stations, allowing you to skip automatically between your preferred ones at the touch of a button. Most radios will provide you with a minimum of five presets for each waveband, although most radios will provide you with more.

Lockable buttons also make life easier when it comes to listening on the go. If you are buying a pocket DAB radio, the ability to lock your screen and settings will eliminate the chance of your stations skipping or volume adjusting as your radio moves around in a pocket or pouch.

Battery Performance

This is a key thing to consider when buying a radio that will be used outdoors. The best DAB radios will offer dual functionality, giving you the option of mains power and battery operation.

Look for models with rechargeable batteries, rather than ones that require you to replace perishable ones. Even the most modest of pocket DAB radios should provide you with around six hours of playback after a short charge via USB.

Remember that listening via headphones will drain less power than if you are listening via speakers. If you intend to listen via speaker, look for radios with a more substantial battery that can deliver longer continuous playback after a single charge.


If you intend to take your personal digital radio outside for alfresco audio enjoyment, pay special attention to the build quality. Look for radios with waterproof housing that will withstand rain and splashes.

It is also worth looking at radio models with shock-resistant casing to protect crucial components should you accidentally drop your radio on the move.

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Reviews of 15 Best Personal DAB Radios

Looking to invest in a Pocket DAB Radio / Personal DAB Radio / Personal Digital Radio? Read our pick of some of the best personal radio models you can currently find on the UK market.

Majority Little Shelford Portable DAB/DAB+ Digital & FM Radio

Majority Shelford DAB Radio

The Majority Little Shelford is one of the most popular choices of DAB radio you will currently find on the market. It is easy to see why the Majority Shelford Personal DAB Radio is so beloved by consumers.

You can listen to DAB/DAB+ and FM radio signals at high quality, while the ‘Future Ready’ green tick means you can continue to enjoy your DAB radio for years to come.

This radio also provides you with a flexible choice. You can choose mains powered operation when listening the home or take it with you when you wish to listen on the go.

Portable listening is supported here, with battery operation allowable. Bluetooth connectivity also comes as standard here, with two-step pairing on hand to make life easy.

You can also enjoy dual digital alarm clock functionality with the Little Shelford Majority Pocket DAB Radio. The vintage aesthetics of this eye-catching DAB radio will also appeal.

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Majority Petersfield DAB/DAB+ Digital FM Portable Pocket Radio

Majority Petersfield DAB Radio

If you are looking for a portable choice of DAB radio, the Majority Petersfield is worth a second look. This ‘Future Ready’ Personal DAB Radio provides you with easy listening of DAB/DAB+ and FM signals, meaning there is no restriction on what you can listen to.

Easy set-up and auto-scanning comes as standard, meaning you can start listening to your favourite broadcasts in no time at all. Unlike other portable options on the market, the Petersfield offers impressive playback time after a single charge.

Once fully charged, this portable DAB personal radio provides you with up to 12 hours of continuous playback. Perfect for all-day enjoyment. Charging via USB is supported here, meaning you can charge just about anywhere.

This Majority Pocket DAB radio also comes with earphones with internal aerials, giving you the best possible signal quality when receiving digital and FM signals.

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Majority Eddington Rechargeable Portable DAB+ and FM Radio 

Majority Eddington Portable DAB Radio

Here is another great choice of rechargeable pocket DAB radio form Majority. The Majority Eddington is a lightweight and eye-catching choice.

Like most systems from Majority, the Eddington is ‘Future Ready’, ensuring you will be able to continue to enjoy listening via this radio for years to come. Easy set-up and auto-scanning comes as standard, meaning you are good to go, straight out of the box.

Wide connectivity is also supported here. You can pair devices via Bluetooth with ease, which is particularly useful if you would rather listen via a separate speaker rather than the integrated speaker drivers.

The Eddington is a particularly good option for those looking for portability. The lightweight design and pocket-sized dimensions mean you can take it anywhere. You can also recharge via USB, ensuring you are never without playback.

This Majority Pocket DAB radio also boasts a colour display screen, allowing for easier selection of your favourite stations.

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Goodmans GDPRDAB Pocket DAB Radio

Goodmans Pocket DAB Radio

This Goodmans GDPRDAB is a great value choice of Pocket DAB radio for those looking to keep things simple. The ultra-slim design and discreet dimensions mean this radio scores top marks when it comes to portability.

An integrated rechargeable Li-ion battery also means you can enjoy continuous playback when you are on the go. After a full charge, this Goodmans DAB Pocket Radio should provide you with around 13 hours of playback if you are using headphones.

If you are using speakers, you can expect around 6 hours of playback per full charge on this Personal DAB Radio. A radio signal strength indicator is on hand to provide you with a clear overview of DAB and FM signals, while the multi-language menu makes this a user-friendly choice.

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Pure Elan BT3 Portable DAB/DAB+/FM Digital Radio

Pure ELAN DAB Radio

The Pure Elan BT3 is a brilliant choice of portable DAB radio.

Offering superb playback of DAB/DAB+ and FM radio signals, the Pure personal DAB radio is also Bluetooth compatible, letting you stream your favourite sounds from your smartphone or tablet.

If you are looking for a portable radio that also boasts wireless speaker functionality, this will definitely impress. The Elan BT3 also boasts a 2.8-inch colour screen, providing you with handy oversights of track or station information, album artwork and other useful information.

You have the option of mains power or battery operation here, making the BT3 a particularly portable choice.

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Majority Eversden DAB/DAB+ Digital & FM Mains

Majority Eversden DAB Radio

The Majority Eversden is the way to go if you are looking for a portable choice of Personal DAB radio that will hold up well against the elements.

Like other options from the Majority range, the Eversden is ‘Future Ready’ and ensures you will be able to listen to your favourite DAB/DAB+ and FM broadcasts for years to come.

Easy set-up and auto-scanning comes as standard, while no less than 20 preset slots allow you to make instant customisations based on the stations you like listening to the most.

The build of the Eversden is particularly impressive. The IPX5 waterproof housing will protect against the rain and splashes when you are listening on the go, while shockproof outer casing material keeps the internal components protected against impacts.

Although this Pocket DAB radio can be operated via mains power, battery operation makes it very suitable for listening on the go.

The rubber carry handle includes an integrated antenna for signal boosting on the move, while a max playback time of up to 15 hours ensures no interruptions to your listening enjoyment.

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Sony XDRS60 DAB/DAB+/FM Compact Retro Style Digital Radio – Red

Sony Compact Retro Style Digital Radio

The Sony XDRS60 Personal DAB Radio will definitely appeal to those who value superior sound specs and eye-catching aesthetics.

This retro-inspired radio supports playback of DAB/DAB+ and FM signals, with ten presets available so you can store your favourite stations for easier listening.

A user-friendly LCD display is on hand to make operation easy with a 4-line scroll providing you with oversight of channels as you go. This Sony Personal DAB Radio can be operated via mains power for listening in the home or office, although battery operation is also possible.

A headphone jack is also included as standard for when you want to listen to your favourite sounds without bothering those around you.

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Roberts Radio Sports DAB5 DAB/DAB+/FM Personal Digital Radio


Roberts DAB5 Radio

This Roberts Sports Personal DAB Radio is a good option for those looking for an affordable pocket-sized option.

This portable radio player receives signals from across the DAB/DAB+ and FM wavebands, with ten direct access presets on hand so you can skip straight to your favourite stations.

A large backlight LCD display makes scrolling through stations incredibly simple, while a key lock feature also comes as standard so there is no worry of changing station accidentally.

This personal DAB radio requires a pair of AA batteries in order to operate, with no recharge capabilities present. Although AA batteries are relatively inexpensive, not being able to recharge an integrated battery might put some consumers off investing in this particular model from Roberts.

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Sony XDR-S41D Portable DAB/DAB+ Wireless Radio with LCD Display


Sony XDR Portable DAB RadioThe Sony XDR-S410 Personal DAB Radio is a sleek choice of wireless radio. Direct presets are available so you can quickly switch between your favourite stations.

You will find five presets for DAB stations and five presets for FM stations, which should provide more than enough range for most listeners. An integrated LCD display is also on hand to allow for easy operation.

The 5-line display lets you scroll through station lists with ease, with additional programme information also provided. You have the option of mains or battery operation here.

An AC adaptor is included for mains operation, while battery operation will require four AA batteries. A headphone jack is also integrated into the design to allow you to listen to your favourite broadcasts privately.

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Roberts Revival Personal DAB Radio with Bluetooth FM/DAB/DAB+


Roberts Revival Digital Radio

The Roberts Revival RD70 might look like a vintage option, but it boasts some very cutting-edge features.

This Roberts Personal DAB radio supports Bluetooth streaming, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a radio that can double up as a wireless speaker. You can receive DAB/DAB+ and FM signals via this radio, with presets allowable so you can skip between your favourite stations with ease.

The user-friendly display provides you with essential station and programme information, with no less than six display themes selectable. You also have a dual alarm function here.

You can wake up to a buzzer, DAB or FM radio broadcasts with the RD70. A sleep timer also comes as standard.

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Pure UK Move T4 Pocket Rechargeable FM/DAB+/DAB Digital Radio


Pure UK T4 DAB Radio


This Move T4 Personal DAB radio lets you listen to your favourite broadcasts on the go. This pocket-sized radio supports playback of FM and DAB/DAB+ radio, with integrated Bluetooth support also allowing for wireless speaker functionality.

Designed with outdoor use in mind, this radio is built from impact-resistant material and tempered glass. The compact design also ensures it will fit snugly into your pocket while you listen to your favourite stations on the go.

Once fully charged, this Pure DAB personal radio will provide around 22 hours of playback when listening via headphones. Should you wish to listen via the 4W speakers, you can expect around 15 hours of continuous playback after a full charge.

The 2-inch TFT screen on this Pure digital radio allows for easy navigation, with 20 station presets available so you can skip straight to your favourites.

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Tin-Nik DAB-398S Personal Portable DAB+/DAB/FM Radio


Tin-Nik DAB Radio


The Tin-Nik DAB-398S Personal DAB Radio is an affordable choice for those looking for pocket-sized convenience. Weighing only 27 grams, this radio is a very lightweight and portable option.

The clip-on pocket clasp makes listening on the go even easier. High-quality audio playback is assured thanks to DAB/DAB+ compatibility. A rechargeable battery also comes as standard.

All you need to do is charge via USB for around two hours to enjoy around seven hours of playback. Lockable buttons make this radio even more user-friendly, preventing your chosen stations or volume settings from adjusting accidentally as you listen on the go.

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Roberts Personal DAB Radio M3 DAB/DAB+/FM Radio – White


Roberts M3 DAB Radio


The Play M3 from Roberts is an easy choice for those looking for simplicity in design and reliable audio playback.

The Roberts M3 Personal DAB Radio will receive both FM and DAB/DAB+ signals, with six radio station presets allowable so you can skip between your favourites at the touch of a button.

The Play M3 is also a good option for those looking for a portable option. You can power this radio via mains power with the included AC adaptor, or alternatively opt for battery-powered playback.

However, the Play M3 does not include an integrated rechargeable battery, instead utilising disposable ones. If you intend to use a radio when out and about on a regular basis, you might be better served by another model.

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Groov-e Paris Portable DAB/FB Digital Radio with 20 Preset Stations


Groov-e Paris


The Groove-e Paris is a stylish choice of portable DAB radio, with plenty of first-rate features for easy listening enthusiasts.

Both DAB and FM listening is supported, with no less than 20 station presets on hand so you can skip between your favourites. Auto-scanning is also on hand to allow for efficient tuning.

A useful LCD display with blue backlight provides all the essential information you need, while user-friendly buttons can be found at the front of the radio for simple tuning selections and straightforward navigation.

A telescopic antenna comes as standard so you can achieve a perfect signal every time, while a 3.5mm jack allows you to connect your headphones for private listening.

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Roberts Rambler BT Retro/Digital Portable Bluetooth Radio with DAB/DAB+/FM 


Roberts Rambler


The Roberts Rambler BT Retro Personal DAB Radio will make a welcome addition to any home. Enjoy fuss-free Bluetooth streaming with this stylish radio, with straightforward pairing making this an ideal choice of wireless speaker.

You can also look forward to clear DAB/DAB+ and FM radio, with handy station presets on hand so you can quickly skip between your favourites at the touch of a button.

An alarm function is also provided here, while auxiliary inputs sockets for iPod/MP3 devices and headphones make this a very versatile piece of audio equipment.

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