6 Best Portable DVD Players | UK Buyer’s Guide 2021

ieGeek Portable DVD Player

If you are looking to keep yourself entertained during long drives or lengthy flights, a portable DVD player is definitely worth investing it. The Best Portable DVD player models on the market provide first-rate features and impressive screen sizes and resolution, providing you with premier playback while you’re on the go. Need some help in deciding on the best DVD player model for you? Our go-to guide on Best Portable DVD Player UK has everything you need to help you pick out a Portable DVD player that ticks all the right boxes.

Key Things to Consider

It should go without saying, but when picking the right portable DVD player, portability should be a chief concern. Any DVD player portable model being promoted should be compact and easy enough to travel around with, but not every player is created equal in this regard. Generally speaking, a good DVD portable player should be small enough that it can be packed away into backpacks or carry cases with ease.

It should also be lightweight enough that it doesn’t account for too great a carrying weight. Some models may even incorporate useful features with portability in mind, such as integrated handles and more robust housing. If you’re someone who is looking for a portable DVD player that will be used regularly, opting for a compact yet durable model is the best way to go.

Screen Size Specs

Another point of paramount importance is screen size. If you’re looking to invest in a portable DVD player, chances are you’re someone who loves film and television.

As such, subpar viewing on smaller screens is probably not something you’re interested in. After all, if you are reading this guide you have already decided against compromised viewing on smartphone screens or smaller tablets.

You will find a huge range of screen sizes available on the market today. The most compact portable DVD players offer screen sizes measuring a mere four inches.

For many, this simply won’t do. Thankfully, the upper range of available screen size dwarfs this paltry measurement. Opt for a large enough model and you can enjoy portable viewing on screens measuring upwards of 16 inches.

Picking a large enough screen isn’t just important for viewing the latest blockbusters more clearly. If you’re looking for a kids DVD player to keep them entertained during long drives or flights, a large screen portable DVD player will prevent no end of arguments.

Viewing Angle

Historically, most portable DVD units looked much the same as a conventional laptop. These types of player are admittedly robust in their design, but they do come with a more limited viewing angle.

Nowadays, most manufacturers offer portable players with viewing screens that can be adjusted conventionally and rotated. This allows for tailored viewing at almost any angle.

Invest a little more in a model with this level of flexibility and you won’t be disappointed. That being said, if you are a more heavy-handed user, make sure you have picked a durable enough model that’s not likely to break as you make clumsy adjustments.

User-Friendly Operation

Intuitive controls and a user-friendly design are essential components of a portable DVD player. You will want quick and easy access to all key functions and controls in order to operate your device on the go. Simple controls will also benefit younger users.

However, intuitive controls and a well designed user interface makes for a better device overall. The best interfaces will allow you to delve straight into viewing without having to spend time familiarising yourself with a user manual beforehand. The user-friendly design would be a good option as a portable DVD player for the elderly.

Multiple Media Formats

In the past, portable DVD players offered little in the way of function beyond being able to play back DVDs and CDs. However, portable DVD devices have come a long way since, with the models now available on the market offering a lot more in the way of media support.

If you want to make the most of a DVD player you can use on the go, look for one that integrates multiple inputs as a standard. As a minimum, you will want to invest in one that offers a USB input so you can quickly access other mobile media files.

If you are travelling with your laptop, you may also wish to invest in a personal DVD player that integrates a VGA input. If you’re on vacation, consider looking for DVD player models with SD card inputs so you can view your captured media.

Compatibility with various disc formats is also something to bear in mind. The portable players you’ll find on the market today should offer such compatibility as a standard and such devices aren’t reserved for the premium end.

Battery Performance

Here’s another crucial area you need to think about to ensure you are making the right investment when shopping for portable DVD devices. As a rule, you want to be looking for devices that offer the longest amount of playback after a single charge. For cheaper models, five or six hours of playback seems to the standard, although more premium options will yield longer battery life.

When it comes to battery time, you need to think about your individual requirement. Are you looking for a portable DVD player so you can view movies during long flights?

You will definitely want to invest in a device with high-capacity battery. Shopping for a DVD player so you can enjoy viewing in hotel rooms when away from home? You can make some compromises in this regard as you’ll have ready access to mains power.

You should also be cautious when weighing up the pros and cons of potential models. Battery life estimations are only a guideline. Your individual playback preferences will have a huge effect on the ultimate battery life of your device.

If you are someone who enjoys viewing at full brightness and louder volumes, you will run out of juice faster than someone happy with dimmer screens and more muted audio.

Keep an eye out for economy playback modes when shopping for portable players to ensure you have got a fallback to stretch limited batteries while you are between power outlets.

How Much to Spend?

Budget will of course play a huge part of your eventual buying decision. As a rule, the bigger the screen size and better the resolution, the more you are likely to pay.

Likewise, the better the battery life, the bigger the price tag of a portable DVD player. That being said, these are the features that will make for a first class viewing experience, so they’re worth the investment.

If you are in two minds about whether or not to part with this extra cash, consider that you can use a portable DVD player in lieu of a conventional one at home when you are not travelling.

If indeed you are limited to a tighter budget and have to go for a more affordable option, you will be limited to available screen sizes and more diminished features.

Key things you don’t have to compromise on with cheaper models is build quality and robustness.

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Reviews of 6 Best Portable DVD Players

Now you know what to look for when searching for the Best Portable DVD player on the market, it’s time to see what’s available.

We have put together a first-rate pick of quality Best Portable DVD Players from some of the best manufacturers around.

APEMAN Portable DVD Player


The APEMAN 9.5 Inch Portable DVD Player prove you don’t need to pay a small fortune to enjoy premium playback. This APEMAN portable DVD player boasts a 9.5 inch LCD swivel screen with 270 degrees of flexibility, providing you with the perfect viewing angle at all times. This player also scores well in terms of media support, with connectivity for SD cards and USB drives.

When it comes to keeping your device powered on the go for longer playback, you can make use of three individual power supplies. There’s an integrated 2500mAh battery to deliver more than five hours of playback, while an AC power adapter and car charger are on hand to recharge when you need to. If you are after a long battery life portable DVD player than this player ticks the box.

Other nifty features include external audio support and a Last Memory function. This memory function is particularly handy if you need to power down halfway through a movie and want to reconvene viewing at a later point.

If you want to use this portable device as a regular DVD player and connect to your television, you are also in luck. There is an AV input and output included so you can readily connect with your TV to enjoy viewing on a larger screen.

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ieGeek 11.5″  Long Battery Life Portable DVD Player

ieGeek DVD Player

This ieGeek Portable DVD Player is another very affordable option for those who want to enjoy quality viewing on the go. This compact portable DVD player boasts a 9.5 inch eye protection screen with swivel adjustment so you can view from a great range of angles, while the robust housing keeps your device protected during travel.

This lightweight portable DVD player is also designed with road trips in mind, allowing for easy attachment to car headrests. This device boasts an impressive 2500mAh battery, delivering around five hours of playback after a single charge.

Should you run out of juice during your travels, you can make use of the included car charger. A conventional AC power adapter is of course included as standard.

Two high-power speakers are integrated into the build of this player, ensuring quality audio that’s crisp and clear. A 3.5mm earphone jack is also worked into the housing of this player for those who prefer to keep their viewing private.

This particular Travel DVD Player supports playback of all DVD regions, as well as compatibility with multimedia files via the USB and SD inputs.

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WONNIE Portable Long Battery Life Portable DVD Player


Wonnie Portable DVD Player

If you are after a slightly larger screen, this WONNIE Portable DVD Player is well worth considering. Offering a 10.5 inch screen with resolutions of 1024*600, this personal portable player will give you a quality viewing experience on the go, every time.

In addition to DVD playback, this model comes with USB and SD inputs so you can access multimedia files, with multi-format compatibility for a wide range of file types.

Battery life is also good, with around four hours of playback expected from a single charge. This should be more than enough for the longest movies and several episodes of your favourite television shows.

An AC power adapter is included as standard, while a car charger is also thrown in for good measure should you run out of juice on the move.

You can also look forward to superb viewing angles with this WONNIE portable player. This model features a screen with 270 degrees of rotation, with a conventional 180-degree flip. The vibrant display is further enhanced by clear stereo audio.

Should you wish to use this portable model as a conventional DVD player at home, you can make use of the AV inputs and remote control to enjoy home viewing on a larger screen.

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COOAU Long Battery Life Portable DVD Player



There is some first-rate features on offer with the COOAU CU-101. This quality portable DVD player boasts a 10.5 inch screen that offers HD viewing and with vibrant brightness levels. The screen is also easily adjusted, with a 270-degree rotation and 180-degree flip.

As such, you can always count on a great viewing angle. Battery life is also of a good standard. The integrated 2500mAh battery will provide five hours of playback after a full charge, with an AC power adapter included as standard. Should you run out of juice on the go, you can make use of the included car charger.

This Travel DVD player also provides support for most media formats. You can utilise the USB input and SD card slot to enjoy viewing of your multimedia files, while the player can also be synced to your television for when you are looking to enjoy your viewing on a larger screen.

If you are regularly travelling and need to halt viewing in the middle of a movie, there is disc read technology on hand to ensure you can pick things up right where you left off at a later time. An affordable option with plenty of great features.

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PUMPKIN Large Screen Portable DVD Player



This Pumpkin Portable DVD Player has plenty going for it. This 1080p player comes with an integrated HDMI input and supports multiple high-definition formats when playing back media via USB or an inserted SD card. If you’re after superior viewing, this large screen portable dvd player is also a worthwhile choice thank to its 16 inch screen.

The screen itself can be adjusted thanks to a 180-degree slip and 270-degree rotation, providing you with plenty of options when it comes to viewing angles. Another area where this large portable DVD player excels is that it provides a long battery life. An integrated 5000mAh capacity battery allows for up to six hours of playback, with a car charger included for recharging on the go. A conventional AC power adapter is also included.

Built with travel in mind, this portable player utilises enhanced anti-vibration and anti-shock technology as standard, ensuring your viewing pleasure is never compromised.

There are multiple inbuilt interfaces, with a USB/TF card slot as standard. You can also connect this player to a television thanks to the AV input and output. Ideal when you want to watch on a bigger screen.

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DBPOWER 12.5″ Long Battery Life Portable DVD Player



This DBPOWER Portable DVD Player offers plenty of neat features at a very reasonable price. This small DVD player offers a 10.5 inch screen, with swivel adjustments as standard. You can rotate at up to 270 degrees, while the 180-degree flip allows for optimal viewing angles at all times.

You can also easily attach this player to the back of a car headrest, making it an ideal choice for keeping kids entertained during long road trips. An integrated 2500mAh battery provides you with very respectable runtime. After a full charge, this kids portable DVD player will grant you around five hours of playback.

An AC power adapter is included so you can recharge when you’re within reach of mains power, while a car charger is also included so you can keep your device powered while you are on the move.

You can enjoy ready access to multiple media formats thanks to the USB and SD card inputs, while AV out/in allows you to hook this up to a television so you can enjoy viewing on a much larger screen. This device supports a vast array of multimedia playback and region free, meaning you will never have to worry about not being able to view your favourite discs. If you are looking for Best Compact DVD Player UK market has on offer than this DVD player ticks the box.

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