12 Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cams UK | 2021 Buyer’s Guide

Rear View Mirror

A rear view mirror dash cam is a must for every motorist. A dual rear view and dash cam system ensures all your driving events are captured for insurance purposes, while also ensuring that parking and general driving is made as simple as possible.

Unsure of what to look for when shopping for a dash cam mirror? Read on to find out what to bear in mind when browsing the market for a new rear view mirror dash cam, along with our pick of some of the best models currently available.

Rear View Mirror Dash Cams Explained

Dual dash cam and reversing camera systems make driving as straightforward and safe as possible.

The front camera serves the standard function of dash cam, offering constant recording contingency of your driving sessions. The rear camera provides you with the functionality of a reversing camera, kicking in whenever your vehicle is put into reverse.

This allows for straightforward parking, with the associated LCD screen granting you an enhanced view of the immediate vicinity so you can avoid collisions with nearby vehicles and other obstacles.

High-Definition Resolution

Some reversing cameras do offer front-facing camera functionality, however this usually comes with a compromise in terms of resolution and general image quality.

The best dual systems will provide drivers with full 1080p HD streaming and recording at all times.

Night vision functionality should also come as standard. The best camera systems will incorporate infrared LEDs that are automatically activated whenever your vehicle finds itself in low-light conditions.

Reliable night vision technology ensures a reliable image is captured and recorded whenever you require it, utilising infrared light frequencies and compensating for the shortfalls of human vision.

Touchscreen Displays

Always opt for a user-friendly TFT screen when investing in rear view mirror dash cam systems. Drivers in the United Kingdom will want to look for screens that have been designed for right-hand operation.

This allow the driver to make quick selections and adjustments while on the move, without impeding their driving safety. All key features and functions should be selectable via a single swipe.

Also, ensure the touchscreen is sufficiently large enough to provide you with adequate visibility. Superior backlighting will also provide you with better visibility when it comes to viewing captured images in low light or at night.

Parking Monitors & G-Sensor Technology

If you find parking a struggle, a mirror dash cam will make life easier.

The rear-facing camera will provide you with a flipped image of the space behind you, allowing you to easily judge left and right and any surrounding obstacles. Parking guidelines will also be placed over the video image itself, giving you a better sense of spatial awareness.

Once you have parked your vehicle, G-Sensor technology can be activated. Should your vehicle be struck by another driver or suffer any other type of impact when it is left unattended, the G-Sensor will be alerted. Once the sensor is activated, the rear camera will then capture an emergency recording that can be consulted later.

Automatic activation is useful in a more general sense. If you have invested in a wireless cam setup, you will want to ensure that your battery life is maintained for as long as possible.

By selecting automatic activation, your battery reserves are only called on when absolutely necessary.

Waterproof Housing

While the dash cam element of your system will sit safely within your vehicle, the rear view camera may be required to be mounted on the exterior of your vehicle.

To ensure reliable image capture, transmission and performance, ensure the reversing camera is adequately waterproofed. You should look for cameras with IP68 housing as a baseline requirement.

This will ensure sensitive components are protected against rain and snow, while also staving off dust and general debris.

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Reviews of 12 Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

Below you will find our pick of some of the best mirror dash cam UK buyers can currently find on the market.

1. CHORTAU Mirror Dash Cam 4.8″ Touch Screen Full HD 1080P


Chortau 4.8 Inch Mirror Dash Cam


This CHORTAU mirror dash cam is a very affordable option with plenty of premium features.

You can look forward to full HD 1080p images and wide angles, with an advanced chipset and full HD rear cameras providing you with superb image quality at all times of day.

This reverse monitor system is particularly reliable, activating whenever the reverse gear of your vehicle is engaged.

A parking guide line is also activated, making safe and secure parking easier than ever. The 4.8-inch touchscreen is very user-friendly, boasting touchscreen functionality and offering all key features at a glance.

The dual functionality of this camera, combining both dash cam and rear view mirror capabilities, makes this a must-have for motorists.

It is also a durable choice, with waterproofing housing to withstand the elements, not to mention anti-glare glass to ensure clear and unrestricted views at all times.

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2. CHORTAU Mirror Dash Cam 7″ Touch Screen Full HD 1080P


Chortau 7 Inch Mirror Dash Cam


This CHORTAU mirror dash cam has a huge range of top-tier features that will make driving and parking as easy possible. You can look forward to full HD 1080p viewing, with wide angle capabilities.

The camera includes no less than four LED lights to provide you with optimal high-quality images, even at night. The 7-inch touchscreen is particularly generous in size and user-friendly.

Anti-glare blue glass has been used in the construction of this mirror, giving you unrestricted viewing in all light conditions. This screen also boasts a handy parking system feature that provides you with reliable rear camera views with additional parking guide lines.

A 24-hour parking monitor also comes as standard, with an integrated G-Sensor and parking monitor function triggering video recordings in the event of your vehicle suffering a collision when in a parked state. This gives you total peace of mind when it comes to insurance.

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3. TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam 170°Wide Angle with G-sensor Parking 


Toguard 7 Inch Mirror Dash Cam


This TOGUARD dash cam makes an ideal addition to any vehicle. A 7-inch touchscreen makes this a particularly user-friendly choice, while easy installation means you are good to go in no time at all.

This cam offers 1080p full HD recording via your front-facing camera, along with 480p recording via the rear cam. This provides you with total assurance you are getting reliable images and recordings at any time of the day or night.

Once properly connected, this dash cam system also makes parking easier than ever before. When your vehicle is put into reverse, the rear cam will be activated, with four integrated LED lights kicking in to deliver you superior viewing of the space behind you.

Parking guidelines will also be activated to ensure you park safely. A parking monitor feature and G-Sensor are also included as standard, automatically activating to capture a recording should your vehicle suffer a collision when parked.

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4. DuDuBell Mirror Dash Cam, 4.3″ Touch Screen with 1080P Front cam


DuDuBell 4.3 inch Mirror Dash Cam

If you are looking for an affordable choice of rear view mirror dash cam with plenty of first-rate features, this DuDuBell mirror dash cam model might be worth a second look.

Designed with UK drivers in mind, this cam boasts a right-side touchscreen that is incredibly user-friendly and easy to operate while you are driving.

In addition to a quality dash cam you have the benefit of a robust rear view camera that provides you with reverse images whenever your reversing gear is engaged.

This rear camera boasts IP68 waterproof housing to ensure it holds up well in all weathers. Parking guidelines also come as a standard feature to help you avoid collisions.

This dash cam is the way to go if you are looking for high resolution images and recordings, with HDR ensuring you capture plenty of fine detail.

The lens design incorporates six layers of glass to avoid issues like overexposure, while also enhancing night vision capabilities.

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5. 7″ IPS Touch Screen 1080P Rotating Front & Rear View Camera 



KAMEP Mirror Dash Cam 7 Inch


This quality front and rear dash cam will not disappoint when it comes to user-friendly design and premium features.

The 7-inch IPS touchscreen allows for easy operation and quick access to all key features. The generous dimensions also ensure you will have a wide angle of viewing, ensuring no blind spots.

Front and rear HD dual recording comes as standard here. The front camera offers recording in full 1080p HD, while the backup camera supports recording in 480p.

The rear camera is also housed in durable waterproof casing, ensuring it holds up well in all weathers. This mirror dash cam front and rear also offers peace of mind thanks to a parking monitor and motion detection capabilities.

Should the G-Sensor detect any collisions, the dash cam will automatically turn on and capture video recordings. Loop recording is also supported here, with increments of 1, 2, 3 and 5 minutes offered.

Your oldest recordings are automatically overwritten to save you the hassle of having to delete your archive manually.

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6. DuDuBell Mirror Dash Cam, Dual 1080P with Starlight Night Vision 


DuDuBell IPS Touch Screen

This DuDuBell mirror dash cam stand out with its enhanced resolutions and superb features.

Advanced AHD technology is on hand to bring you crystal-clear imaging of the road ahead and behind you at all times.

The touchscreen is very easy to operate and allows you to make quick adjustments to scope of viewing in a single swipe.

This dual dash cam system also boasts Starlight night vision capabilities, providing you with superior visibility in even the darkest of environments.

You can enjoy a richer dynamic range, better depth of field and faster exposure time compared to other dash cam models here, ensuring you are always receiving the best images and recordings possible.

External GPS and reverse assistance also comes as standard. GPS is always on hand to record accurate speeds and location data of your vehicle.

G-Sensor technology, parking monitor assistance and loop recording capabilities are also offered with this great value dash cam.

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7. DMYCO Car Mirror Dash Cam 10″ 2.5K Car Camera Front and Rear 


DYMCO 10 Inch

You can look forward to superior imaging and recording with the DMYCO HD 2.5K GPS Dual Dash Cam.

This enhanced Dash Cam utilises a 2.5K Sony lens for improved video quality, while a higher signal GPS module is on hand to ensure more accurate and reliable GPS positioning, driving speed and mileage.

One can also expect top-quality video with plenty of definition at night thanks to the inclusion of a Sony Starvis sensor.

This dual dash cam also includes a reversing aid system as standard, with guidelines helping to ensure you avoid accidental collisions.

A parking monitor is also included, ensuring your cam system captures essential recordings should your vehicle suffer an impact when parked.

An adjustable view angle also ensures you can enjoy unrestricted views of your surrounding environment.

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8. Jansite 10″ Mirror Dash Cam Full Touch Screen with Loop Recording


Jansite 10 Inch


This Jansite mirror dash cam certainly impresses with a slate of superb features.

The 10-inch touchscreen provides you with a user-friendly interface for accessing all key features, while also ensuring maximum visibility of your surroundings.

Unlike other options on this list, both the front and rear cameras support 1080p HD viewing and recording. Superior night vision capabilities are also a standard feature here, ensuring optimal viewing in all conditions.

Actual dual recording is possible with this mirror dash cam system. You can add a 128G SD memory card to store extended loop recording media.

A flexible front camera lens also allows for personalised positioning to ensure you have preferred lines of sight.

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9. AUTO-VOX V5 1080P Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear with Night Vision


AUTO-VOX V5 9.35 Inch

The AUTO-VOX V5 is the way to go if you are looking to eliminate glare and enjoy a more user-friendly choice of rearview mirror dash cam.

The V5 boasts full lamination, as well as an incredibly bright touchscreen to stave off glare, even in the harshest sunlight. Adjustments to brightness can be easily via a simple slide of the screen.

The integrated Sony sensor and blue glass used in the lens construction also eliminates the issue of overexposure. This is particularly handy for when it comes to parking, especially when there are approaching vehicles with their lights at full brightness.

Dual 1080p HD Super Vision comes as standard here, with both front and rear cameras equipped with the Sony IMX307. This is ensures crisp and clear images at all times of day.

A parking mode activates automatic recording whenever your front or rear camera detects a collision, capturing a 30-second clip for you to use for insurance purposes.

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10. DuDuBell 10″ Mirror Dash Cam, SONY IMX323 (1080P + 1080P) 


DuDuBell 10 inch


This DuDuBell mirror dash cam system offers superb features to enhance your driving at a very reasonable price.

The 10-inch touchscreen is large enough to provide you with clear overviews of streamed video, while also being incredibly user-friendly. This Sony IMX323 Dual Starlight dash cam setup offers complete high-definition viewing, with full 1080p HD provided by both the front and rear-facing cameras.

You can also expect superior night vision performance here thanks to larger apertures and HDR technology that covers a wider dynamic range. External GPS and reverse assistance also comes as standard.

You can enjoy more accurate speed and location data thanks to the reliable GPS support. The dash cam is automatically activated whenever your vehicle is put into reverse, with clear guidelines also provided to make parking as easy as possible.

A G-Sensor and 24-hour parking monitor feature is also provided, which will trigger automatic recording should your vehicle suffer an impact when left parked and unattended.

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11. WOLFBOX Mirror Dash Cam |12″ IPS Full Touch Screen,1296P HD




This WOLFBOX mirror dash cam is an ideal choice for those looking for a wider field of view and a smaller blind spot for safer driving and reversing.

This rear view mirror system also makes the most of its dual functionality. The touchscreen display offers a split screen feature, allowing you to view both front and rear-facing cameras simultaneously for total oversight.

This mirror dash cam also boasts a curved design that is geared toward comfortable viewing for longer spells behind the wheel.

The external housing of the display has been designed to perfectly integrate with our existing mirror, making it a discreet addition to any vehicle interior.

High-resolution viewing is standard here, with the front camera boasting a resolution of 1296p and the rear camera offering resolutions of 1080p HD.

Night vision performance is also top-tier, with a 6-layered lens design ensuring optimal visibility in even the darkest of conditions.

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12. TOGUARD 12″ 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam GPS Voice Control 



This TOGUARD mirror dash cam should satisfy drivers with more demanding requirements. You can look forward to incredibly high-resolution images here, with the front camera providing 2.5K viewing and the rear camera supporting full 1080p HD.

The high-resolution touchscreen displays constant live streaming from the rear camera, giving you a wide-angle view of the space behind you, with no blind spots to impede safe driving. This mirror dash cam is a very user-friendly choice, with smart voice control functionality offered as standard.

This eliminates the need for complex wiring and installation, allowing you to activate your backup camera via spoken command. Voice commands can be used for all manner of system operations, allowing you to constantly keep your hands on the wheel.

Other key selling features of this TOGUARD mirror dash cam include a GPS tracker, safe parking assistant technology, as well as an integrated G-Sensor for automatic recording should your vehicle suffer an impact when you are elsewhere.

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