12 Best Steam Generator Irons UK | 2021 Buyers Guide

Best Steam Generator Iron UK

Few people enjoy tackling a large pile of ironing, but the best steam generator iron can make quick work of this unappealing chore. Almost every pressure steam iron on the market will outdo a conventional iron.

A steam iron generator offers the best crease removal performance, more precise temperature controls and considerably larger water tanks. If you struggle to eliminate creases from your favourite garments or are regularly having to contend with large piles of laundry, a steam generator iron is a must.

Need some help finding the right model for you? Read our Best Steam Generator Irons UK buying guide on what to look out for when browsing for the best steam irons in the market.

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Steam Generator Irons | Materials

When it comes to selecting a pressure steam iron, you should consider the types of material you are regularly ironing.. The vast majority of garments in your wardrobe will probably be made from cotton or cotton-rich materials. However, you will also likely have a variety of items made from nylon, silk, wool and all manner of other fabrics.

You should ensure that any steam iron you buy can handle a diverse selection of fabric types. The more advanced options on the market will include sensor technology that will determine the materials your soleplate is making contact with, adjusting steam and heat output accordingly. Even the best value steam generator iron models will allow you to make tailored adjustments manually.

Steam Generator Irons | Tank Capacity

By design, steam generator irons consume a considerable amount of water. This is the reason why every steam pressure iron includes a large water tank base. Generally speaking, the cheaper the steam iron, the smaller the water tank. However, even the smallest tanks will usually house enough water to allow you to iron continuously for an hour or two.

If you regularly need to iron a large amount of clothing, you will be better served by an iron with a larger water tank. You should also consider the types of materials and garments you will be ironing. If deep-set creases are a common issue for you, a generous tank housing larger quantities of water will definitely make your life easier.

Steam Generator Irons | Pressure Credentials

A steam generator iron utilises an integrated boiler in order to generate steam. The boiler forces steam through the soleplate of the iron into the fabric of your garments. However, to ensure you are getting the best ironing performance possible, sufficiently high pressure is essential.

As a rule, a steam iron should boast a minimum of 6 bars of pressure. Steam output is another thing you need to bear in mind to ensure the best ironing results.

An iron with a steam output of 130 grams per minute should be the absolute minimum. If you find yourself regularly contending with deep-set creases and need to iron thicker materials, opt for an iron with higher steam output.

Steam Generator Irons | Premium Soleplate Design

A quality soleplate is a must for any iron, be it a conventional model or a steam generator unit. The soleplate of your steam iron should be slimline and easy to move across all fabric types. It should also be designed with a shape that allows for easy manoeuvring into tight and awkward spaces.

If you regularly iron tailored garments with many buttons, collars and cuffs, never overlook the importance of soleplate shape. Ceramic soleplates are particularly effective at gliding smoothly over al types of fabric, preventing material from wrinkling as you go.

A good soleplate should also have steam holes that disperses evenly to ensure a better delivery of steam.

Steam Generator Irons | Comfort & Convenience

As steam generator irons are designed with long ironing sessions in mind, you should make sure the model you pick can be comfortably handled for upwards of an hour or two. Go for irons with ergonomic handles to prevent hand cramps and fatigue.

A lightweight iron will also make things more comfortable during long ironing sessions. Handle inserts can also make things more comfortable. Breathable materials like cork are particularly effective in this regard.

A lightweight build will also make your life easier when it comes to carrying your steam iron from the ironing board to wherever you intend to store it. You should also make sure your pressure iron contains a safety lock as a standard feature, keeping the iron itself firmly attached to the water tank base.

Cord management is also something to consider. Look to see if cords can be tucked away neatly within the base of your iron, allowing it to be tucked away discreetly in even the tiniest of cupboards.

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Reviews of 12 Best Steam Generator Irons 2021

Looking to make quick work of the ironing? Read our pick of some of the very best steam generator irons currently available on the UK market. You will find a first class line-up with quality models from some of the most reliable brands around.

1. Tefal GV9071 Pro Express Care High Pressure Steam Generator, 2400 W, Black/Blue


Tefal GV9071 Pro Express Steam Generator Iron


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The Tefal GV9071 is a user-friendly and reliable choice of steam generator iron. One of the most innovative features of this Tefal iron is its spiral protect and removable scale collector.

This nifty addition prevents limescale from building up, eliminating the chance of unwanted stains. This scale collector is very effective compared to other iron models on the market, ensuring you achieve long-lasting steam performance.

This quality steam generator iron also features smart technology that will ensure you achieve an ideal balance of heat and steam for any type of fabric you re working with. This Tefal steam generator iron also delivers when it comes to steam output, with a maximum of 7.5 bars of pressure. A powerful steam boost of 500g per minute can also be activated for more persistent creases.

The Tefal GV9071 will also impress with its superior soleplate. This Tefal steam generator iron glides more smoothly over a wide array of fabrics, helping you get through piles of ironing more quickly.

You will also find a 1.6-litre water tank that can be readily refilled, while the safety lock provides you with peace of mind. The easy cord design also keeps things tidy.


  • Superior scale collector
  • Easy glide ironing
  • Stylish finish


  • Not the cheapest option
  • Limited tank capacity compared to other models

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2. Tefal GV7466 Express Anti-Scale High Pressure Steam Generator, 2200 W, 6.5 Bar, Blue/White


Tefal GV7466 Express Steam Generator Iron


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If you are looking for a more affordable choice of steam iron, the Tefal GV7466 is definitely worth considering as a cheap steam generator iron from our top picks. This powerful steam iron offers 6.5 bars of high-pressure steam, letting you make quick work of stubborn creases.

This premium iron also boasts some pretty impressive spec that sets it apart from some other models on this list, including its anti-calcium collector. The calcium collector allows you to remove calcium deposits from the iron boiler with ease.

All you need to do is remove the collector, rinse it under the tap and return it to the appliance. At 1.7 litres, water tank capacity is also sufficient to cut through large piles of laundry.

This steam generator iron offers a steam output of 120g per minute, which should prove more than adequate for everyday ironing needs. You also have a steam boost function of 350g per minute for those more difficult creases.

Heat up time is also impressive, with the boiler requiring just two minutes to warm up. This steam iron also scores well when it comes to glide ability.


  • Very affordable choice
  • Quick heat up times
  • Good steam output and steam boost


  • Fairly limited tank capacity
  • Less bar pressure than other models

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3. Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence Steam Generator Iron with OptimalTemp No Fabric Burns Technology, 7.5 Bar, 500 g Steam Boost and 1.8 Litre Detachable Water Tank – GC9650/80


Philips Perfect Care Elite Steam Generator Iron


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If you have a little more money to play with this Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence steam iron generator is definitely worth considering. This pressure steam iron is the way to go if you are looking for fast ironing results, with the powerful steam output handling multiple layers and thick fabrics with ease.

This is also a very user-friendly deign, with just one temperature setting for all materials and fabric types. No matter whether you are ironing delicate silks or rugged denim, you can iron without the worry of burning your garments. This steam iron offers a generous water tank capacity of 1.8 litres, which can be readily removed and refilled.

This Philips steam generator iron also heats up incredibly quickly in just two minutes. The quality soleplate is designed for smooth gliding, with a scratch-resistant finish to ensure it maintains its effectiveness for as long as possible. The lightweight build of this Philips GC9650/80 steam generator iron also makes it incredibly easy to handle and carry.


  • Impressive tank capacity
  • Easy to handle and carry
  • Consistent steam output and effective steam boost


  • Expensive compared to other models

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4. Tefal GV8932 Pro Express Plus Anti Scale High Pressure Steam Generator, 2400 Watt, White/Blue


Tefal GV8932 Pro Express Steam Generator Iron


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The Tefal GV8932 is another good option for those looking for a more affordable model. Despite its relatively low price tag, this steam iron delivers some impressive spec that ensures it is fit for task.

This Tefal steam generator iron boasts 6.5 bars of pressure, along with a 400g steam shot to handle tough creases. Smart technology is also on hand to ensure you enjoy the ideal combination of steam and heat for the best ironing results possible.

You have a choice of three pre-sets here, including normal, delicate and jeans settings. This provides you with all the functionality you need to iron all material types and garments. The quality soleplate will also make ironing easier than if you were using a conventional iron, with good performance when it comes to gliding across materials.

The Tefal GV8932 includes a removable water tank with a decent enough 1.6-litre capacity. This should provide sufficient for even big piles of ironing, without you having to constantly refill the tank. This model also includes a patented scale collector that will ensure optimal performance and eliminate the likelihood of unwanted stains.


  • Very affordable option
  • Reliable crease removal
  • Easy gliding across range of fabrics


  • Limited tank capacity
  • Unattractive design

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5. Morphy Richards Steam Generator iron Power Steam Elite with Auto Clean and Safety Lock 332012 Purple/Black Steam Generator Iron [Energy Class A]


Morphy Richards 332012 Steam Generator Iron


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The Morphy Richards 332012 might be one of the more affordable options on this list, but it scores top marks all round. This steam iron makes an instant impression with its sleek finish and contemporary design, with a choice of eye-catching colourways available.

When it comes to ironing performance, the 332012 will also impress. This is the way to go if you are after powerful steam generation to cut through tough creases in no time at all. This steam generator iron also has an innovative auto-clean function, allowing you to keep on top of limescale with minimal effort.

Variable steam settings allow you to tailor your steam iron to tackle a range of fabric types, with 190g team output serving as the baseline. Should you decide you need more steam output, you will be glad to know this iron boasts a 2.2-litre tank. This is very generous when compared to other models on the market.

A secure lock is also included as standard, allowing you to firmly attach the iron to the base itself should you wish to carry this from the ironing board to a cupboard for discreet storage.


  • Very generous tank capacity
  • Variable steam settings
  • Stylish option


  • Bar pressure is lower than some models
  • Constant steam output is limited compared to other irons

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6. Morphy Richards 332100 Steam Generator Iron Easy Clean, De-Scale, Ceramic Soleplate, Lilac


Morphy Richards 332100


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The 332100 is another stylish and functional choice of steam iron from Morphy Richards. This quality steam generator iron combines variable steam output settings so you can tailor your iron to handle a wide range of materials and garment types.

There is also a generous 2-litre water tank, allowing you to make quick work of large piles of ironing without having to constantly refill. A ceramic soleplate also comes as standard here, making this a good option for those seeking smooth gliding over stubborn creases.

Unique automatic cleaning functionality can also be found here. With the Morphy Richards 332100, there is no need to worry about limescale building up. This ensures your steam iron lasts as long as possible, while also making unwanted staining a thing of the past. Easy on the eye and simple to use, the 332100 is definitely worth considering.


  • Ceramic soleplate for smooth glide ironing
  • User-friendly and lightweight design
  • Generous tank capacity


  • Not the cheapest option on the market

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7. Philips GC7833/80 PerfectCare Compact Steam Generator Iron with 350 g Steam Boost [Energy Class A]


Philips GC7833


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The Philips GC7833/80 PerfectCare is a good option for those looking for a budget-friendly steam iron.. Despite a lower price tag, this Philips steam generator iron delivers across the board when it comes to functionality and user-friendly features.

Ultra-fast ironing is all but assured thanks to 120g of continuous steam output, with this iron being able to handle all kinds of fabrics and even the toughest of creases. OptimalTEMP technology also keeps things simple, allowing you to go from ironing rugged denim to delicate silks without worrying about burns.

This steam iron also offers a 1.5-litre tank capacity that should provide you with more than enough water to get through a sizeable pile of ironing. The compact design of this steam generator iron also makes it one of the most lightweight options in this list. Integrated descaling technology and a built-in cleaning system also makes this a very convenient choice.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Integrated cleaning and descaling technology
  • OptimalTEMP technology


  • Limited tank capacity
  • Relatively low steam output

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8. Tefal GV9580 Pro Express Ultimate High Pressure Steam Generator Iron, 2600 W, Blue


Tefal GV9580 Pro Express


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The Tefal GV9580 Pro Express might be one of the more expensive models in this list, but it more than delivers in terms of user-friendly features and functionality.

With 8 bars of pressure and 180g per minute of continuous steam, this steam iron offers some of the best crease removal capabilities of any iron in our line-up. For those particularly stubborn creases, a very effective steam boost of 600g per minute is also on offer.

A Protect System also comes as standard here, helping you protect your laundry from staining. The integrated scale collector will also ensure your steam output is maintained at a high level, while also ensuring you get long-lasting use from this steam generator iron.

The Tefal GV9580 Pro Express is also incredibly lightweight and easy to handle. The Airglide soleplate will travel over all kinds of fabric with ease, with auto-clean functionality ensuring it remains in premium condition at all times. The 1.7-metre power cord also gives you plenty of flexibility.


  • 1.9-litre water tank
  • Good bar pressure
  • Impressive steam output and steam boost


  • Relatively expensive

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9. Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron Power Steam Elite With Auto Clean And Safety Lock 332013 Steam Generator Red Black


Morphy Richards 332013


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The Morphy Richards 332013 Power Steam Elite will definitely appeal those looking for first-rate functionality at a price that will not break the bank.

This efficient steam iron operates at a consistent pressure of 6.5 bars, with reliable steam output of 200g per minute. You also have the option of a 310g steam boost feature to tackle more persistent creases.

A Ceramaslide soleplate also comes as standard here, eliminating the chance of snagging on all types of fabric. This steam generator iron also offers the best tank capacity of almost any other model in this list. The tank can carry a maximum of 2.2 litres of water, which is more than enough to handle even the biggest pile of ironing.

A safety lock comes as standard, keeping your iron firmly attached to the tank base. This steam iron will also shutdown automatically, providing you with total peace of mind. Auto cleaning functionality can also be found here, providing you with an iron that will hold up well for years to come.


  • Very affordable option
  • Generous tank capacity
  • Integrated cleaning technology


  • Rather bulky and difficult to handle

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10. Polti Vaporella Next VN18.10 steam Generator Iron with Boiler, 5,5 bar, Unlimited Autonomy, Turbo Function, Rapid Heating time 2 Minutes, White/Grey/Black


Polti Valporella


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The Polti Vaporella Next VN18.10 offers powerful ironing performance, helping you make quick work of daunting piles of laundry. This Polti steam iron utilises a powerful boiler with 5.5 bars of pressure, along with a max pump pressure of 15 bars.

The 1.3-litre tank capacity provides you with more than enough water for most ironing loads, while a turbo function can also be activated to help you eradicate the most stubborn of creases. Rapid heat-up is also a standard feature here, with the iron good to go in as little as two minutes.

This steam generator iron is incredibly easy to handle. The iron lock ensures the iron can be firmly attached to the boiler base, allowing for easy transport from ironing board to storage cupboard. A breathable cork insert at the handle also makes this very comfortable to use during long ironing sessions. Calc boiler cleaning technology is also on offer here, ensuring your iron remains in tiptop condition for longer.


  • Very user-friendly design
  • Impressive pressure and steam output
  • Turbo function for tough creases


  • Relatively expensive
  • Limited tank capacity

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11. Polti La Vaporella XT100C, Steam generator iron with boiler, 7.5 bar, no maintenance, 10 year warranty on the boiler against limescale attacks*, unlimited autonomy, steam pulse 500g [Energy Class A]


Polti Vaporella XT100C


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If you are a fan of Italian design, the Polti La Vaporella XT100C steam iron is something you might want to consider. This quality iron boasts 360-degree Fluid Curve soleplate technology as standard, making ironing incredibly easy. This flexible also allows for unlimited autonomy.

This Polti steam iron is a good option for those who struggle with stubborn creases, with maximum boiler pressure of 15 bars. You can also look forward to reliable steam output of 500g per minute. A Turbo Function is also on hand here, allowing you to tackle the most severe of creases with ease. Rapid 2-minute heat-up and auto shut-off can also be found here.

You have six preset programmes to choose from here, including a universal setting. This allows you to iron all material types with ease. Pressure control can also be adjusted with six preset programmes.

This steam generator iron is also incredibly resilient and is built to last, with a no calc and maintenance-free boiler to ensure it performs well for as long as possible. A 1.5-litre water tank also mean you will not have to constantly worry about refilling the boiler.


  • Impressive pressure and steam output
  • Wide range of preset programmes
  • Maintenance-free design


  • Expensive option
  • Limited tank capacity

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12. Polti La Vaporella XM80C, Steam generator iron with boiler, 10 year warranty, steam pulse 450g, Red


Polti Vaporella XM80C


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The Polti La Vaporella XM80C offers many of the same premium features as the previous model in this list, but comes with a lower price tag. As with the XTC100C, the Polti La Vaporella XM80C boasts superior 360-degree Fluid Curve technology, with the quality soleplate gliding smoothly across all types of fabric.

This first-rate Polti steam generator iron also scores top marks when it comes to pressure credentials, while 450g of steam output ensures consistently smooth ironing results. A Turbo Function also comes as standard here, letting you tackle the most persistent of creases with minimal effort.

You have four present programmes to choose from here, including a universal setting. This will allow you to easily choose the right settings to accommodate all materials and garment types. You also have four preset programmes for pressure control.

This Polti steam iron is a good option for those looking for long-term value, with a no calc and maintenance-free boiler. A 1.5-litre water tank also ensures you can iron for long periods of time without having to worry about refilling.


  • Superior soleplate technology
  • Good selection of preset programmes
  • Durable design


  • Relatively expensive
  • Not the most generous tank capacity

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There is nothing worse than struggling through an endless pile of freshly laundered clothes with a subpar iron. Rather spend hours slaving away with an unreliable iron, forking out for a quality steam iron will prove a worthwhile long-term investment that you will never regret. Provided you have the budget to spend, look for steam irons with good levels of boiler pressure and consistent steam output.

A ceramic soleplate will also ensure the smoothest ironing results with all materials and garment types. Lightweight design and ergonomic handles also make ironing tasks a breeze. If you have a sizeable amount of ironing to get through, a large water tank is absolutely essential.