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Tassimo Coffee Machine

Struggling to select the Best Tassimo Machine from the healthy range of options currently available on the market? Our go-to guide has everything you need to know before you buy one of these incredibly useful coffee machines. Whether you are looking for something compact and convenient for a small kitchen, or seeking something more substantial for premium brewed beverages, read on to get clued-up on everything you need to know to ensure you select the Best Tassimo Coffee Machine for your individual needs.

What Drinks Can You Make with a Tassimo Coffee Machine?

The main functionality of Tassimo coffee machines is to provide you with a wider variety when it comes to preparing hot drinks at home. Buy utilising innovative T-Disc brewing pods, you can whip up things like premium espressos, hot chocolates and speciality teas.

For those looking to bring more variety into their daily routine, this flexibility is a definite draw. You do not need to invest in large volumes of many different types of ingredients, with the only raw ingredients required the T-Disc pods themselves and a freshly refilled water tank.

Nowadays, Tassimo offers dozens of individual T-Disc varieties, with the range continuing to expand. What is particularly appealing about the Tassimo line-up is that it includes familiar brands like Carte Noire, as well as coffee varieties from big names in the business, such as high street staples like Costa.

Depending on what you are looking to make, you may need to use a second T-Disc to complete your chosen drink recipe.

Tassimo machines do not include a milk frothing element in the conventional sense, but rather use milk discs that are passed through the same 3.3-bar pressure as the coffee discs themselves.

How Does a Tassimo Coffee Machine Work?

The patented T-Discs that form the basis of the Tassimo system utilise barcodes in order for your drinks to be delivered to perfection. Each type of T-Disc boasts a unique barcode that, once read by your machine, will determine the correct adjustments are made to the drink recipe and brewing time.

This saves you the hassle of having to make tailored adjustments to settings each time you come to make a drink. However, some Tassimo models do allow you to make more refined setting adjustments.

At the end of every drink preparation cycle, a large shot of steam is passed through the system to clean away any ingredient residue. This means you can enjoy a rich and creamy hot chocolate immediately after a classic espresso, without the worry of flavours becoming muddled.

It is worth pointing out that Tassimo coffee machines utilise a far lower pressure bar than conventional coffee makers. In fact, Tassimo machines use a mere 3.3-bar pressure to produce all of their drinks.

For the coffee connoisseur, this may prove a problem, with the lower overall pressure meaning the finish of the drink will not hold up to exacting standards. However, the machines and T-Discs themselves have been carefully designed to produce consistent and reliable results.

Key Features to Consider When Buying a Tassimo Coffee Machine

You will find a good variety of Tassimo coffee machines available to accommodate all budgets and individual brewing requirements. One key thing to look out for is tank capacity.

The most basic models of Tassimo machine will include a tank capacity totalling 0.7 litres. This is more than enough for one or two tall drinks, but those looking to enjoy coffee and hot drinks throughout the day would be better served by a unit incorporating a larger tank.

However, those with bigger appetites will find themselves served by larger models with tanks totalling in excess of 1.2 litres.

The more advanced Tassimo models available will also allow the user to make personalised adjustments to brew settings. If you are put off at all by the apparent limitations of a Tassimo system, particularly when it comes to the significantly lower bar pressure, opting for a model with more setting adjustments is definitely advised.

Another feature you will only find on more advanced models is the inclusion of a Brita water filter. If compact convenience is a big draw for you, opting for a Tassimo unit with a water filter element incorporated into the overall design is a definite must. This will save you the hassle of having to prepare water for your tank in a filter jug prior to adding it to your machine.

Looking to stock up on plenty of pods? You will definitely want to think about T-Disc storage. While you can buy storage units for your drinks pods separately, many models of Tassimo coffee machine come with additional storage elements as part of the overall package.

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Product Reviews of 5 Best Tassimo Coffee Machine in UK

Interested in enjoying your favourite hot drinks at home with minimal effort? We have put together our pick of the 5 Best Tassimo Coffee Machine that UK customers can currently find on the market.

Tassimo Bosch TASSIMO Vivy 2 TAS1402GB  1300 Watt, 0.7 Litres


Tassimo Bosch Vivy 2

If you are looking for a very affordable choice of Tassimo coffee machine, this Bosch Vivy is definitely worth considering. There are plenty of great features in the Bosch Tassimo, designed to make it a more convenient and user-friendly choice.

For starters, this unit boasts an auto-cleaning and auto-descaling function, which is ideal if you plan to enjoy many cups of freshly made coffee at home. It is also incredibly straightforward when it comes to use, with the one-touch button operation of T-Discs making life simple. If you wish to enjoy various types of drinks, this is also a good bet.

The machine is height adjustable, allowing you to insert cups of different sizes atop the drip tray. The INTELLIBREW technology included here will allow you to more than 40 different drinks, provided you have the T-Discs to hand.

Of course, this machine will not impress everyone. Like many Tassimo machines, the water tank included is on the small size. Here, the tank has a relatively limited capacity of 0.7 litres.

If you intend to enjoy tall drinks or prepare larger rounds of beverages at once, this might prove a problem. Also, while the machine is relatively robust, there are some finishes you might find lacking. For example, the drip tray is made from plastic, rather than stainless steel.

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Tassimo Bosch Happy TAS1002GB, 1300 Watt, 0.7 Litres | Black


Tassimo Bosch Happy

The Tassimo Happy coffee machine offers relatively similar functionality to the Vivy 2. This unit boasts the same capacity water tank, incorporates identical INTELLIBREW barcode scanner technology and allows you to make the same great range of delicious coffee drinks.

However, the design has been tweaked slightly to provide you with a slightly more stylish choice of appliance. Available in a wider range of colour variants than the Vivy 2, the Tassimo Happy is an eye-catching choice.

It is designed to provide you with a space-saving alternative to other coffee makers from the range, which makes it an ideal choice for smaller kitchens, studies or other spaces where you require a daily caffeine kick. One-touch operation is also assured thanks to user-friendly controls, while a height-adjustable cup stand is also provided.

Like the Tassimo Vivy 2, the Happy is limited somewhat by a relatively small 0.7 litre tank capacity, requiring regular refilling if you prefer your drinks tall.

Furthermore, you will not find any personalisation settings on offer with the Tassimo Happy. Additionally, unlike more advanced models from the manufacturer, a Brita water filter is not included as part of the overall design.

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Bosch TAS6502GB My Way TASSIMO Coffee Machine


Tassimo Bosch My Way

The Tassimo My Way coffee maker is definitely one of the best you can buy from this tried and trusted manufacturer. First impressions are very good, with the more robust design and larger overall size of the model resembling a more conventional coffee maker.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of this particular model is a far larger tank capacity than other models. With the My Way, you can enjoy a tank capacity of 1.3 litres.

This provides you with far more flexibility for when it comes to whipping up taller drinks, while also saving you the hassle of having to regularly refill it in between beverages.

One-touch operation is also standard here, meaning you only need to insert your chosen T-Disc to get started. The cup stand can also be adjusted readily to accommodate different sizes and styles of drinks.

Personalisation settings are also included as standard here, while a Brita water filter is also incorporated into the overall design. This is good news for anyone who enjoys a purer tasting drink, as well as those who like to make subtle tweaks to their beverage preparations with minimal effort.

More time is saved thanks to the automatic cleaning operation and descaling programmes offered by this unit, while removable parts are also dishwasher safe.

However, it would be nice to see the inclusion of more robust individual parts with a more premium model, such as a stainless steel drip tray in place of a plastic one. Additionally, this unit lacks a Smart Start feature, which is a standard of cheaper Tassimo models.

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Tassimo Bosch Suny 1300 Watt, 0.8 Litres | White


Bosch Suny

The Tassimo Suny coffee machine is definitely one of the most appealing models from the popular line. You have all the great functionality of a standard Tassimo coffee maker here, with the added benefit of a far sleeker design that does not compromise on user-friendliness and functionality.

A big advantage of the Suny over more affordable options like the Happy and Vivy 2 is a slightly larger water tank. With the Suny, you can enjoy the benefits of an 8.0 litre tank. This will allow you to prepare taller drinks with less time spent refilling.

The basic standards of INTELLIBREW barcode technology and one-touch operation are all present and accounted for while, with the Suny also boasting Smart Start technology.

You can also make use of automatic cleaning and descaling programmes, while adjustable cup stand height allows you to prepare a wider variety of drinks, including tall beverages.

As with other more affordable Tassimo models, there are some drawbacks with the Suny. You will not find anything in the way of personalisation settings, meaning you are limited to the functionality that kicks in upon reading of a barcode from your T-Discs of choice.

Furthermore, this unit does not include any extras like an integrated Brita filter or T-Disc storage.

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Tassimo TAS7002GB Bosch Caddy Multi-Beverage Machine


Bosch Caddy

This Tassimo Caddy coffee maker is perhaps one of the best you will find from the popular manufacturer. One of the biggest draws of this bosch coffee machine is a very impressive water tank capacity. In total, you have 1.2 litres to work with, providing you with plenty for whipping up tall drinks and requiring far less refilling over the course of any given day.

User-friendless and one-touch operation are also assured thanks to the innovative barcode reader technology, with virtually no pre-heat times to worry about delaying the preparation of your favourite drink.

A stylish choice that will look right at home in any contemporary kitchen, the Tassimo Caddy also brings convenient storage into the mix. This coffee maker incorporates a handy capsule holder as part of its overall design, with space to store up to 32 individual T-Discs.

This is particularly handy if you want ready access to your favourite coffee blends and saves even more space in kitchens with limited workspace. The capsules slide simply onto the main unit itself and can be removed entirely for when it comes to refilling with pods. Also included into the main design of this coffee maker is Brita filter water technology, a must for coffee purists.

You will have to make a few compromises to enjoy the premium features offered by this coffee maker, however. For a start, it commands a slight premium when it comes to price.

Although this is more than justified thanks to the larger capacity and integrated storage, you will need to weigh up your budget carefully to justify the cost. Furthermore, unlike more basic models from the line, you will not find personalisation settings allowed for with the Tassimo Caddy.

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Below you fill find answers to FAQ’s most searched by consumers around the Tassimo brand

      • What Tassimo flavours are there?
      • When to clean a Tassimo machine
      • When to use Tassimo creamer
      • When do Tassimo pods/discs expire?
      • Which Tassimo pods are vegan?
      • Which Tassimo pods need milk?
      • Can Tassimo pods be used in Nespresso machines?
      • Can Tassimo pods be used in Dolce Gusto machines?
      • Can Tassimo pods be recycled?


What Tassimo flavours are there?

The Tassimo Hot Beverage System offers a massive range of Tassimo pods (or T-Discs).

In addition to a variety of beverage types, you will find drinks offered from a wide line-up of popular brands, including Costa, Cadbury, Gevalia, Jacobs, Kenco, L’OR and Twinings.

Popular black coffee pods include Costa Americano, Kenco Pure Columbian, L’OR XL Classique and Kenco American Grande. Cappuccino options include Costa Cappuccino, Kenco Cappuccino, Kenco Flat White and L’OR Cappuccino.

You will also find a wide variety of espresso, latte, Americano and flat white pods to enjoy. Those looking for something a little different will find plenty of hot chocolate, tea and decaf coffee pods to choose from.

When to clean a Tassimo machine

From time to time, you will need to clean your Tassimo machine to ensure it operates effectively and produces the best tasting beverages possible. To commence cleaning, you will first need to locate your Tassimo cleaning disc.

This is an orange plastic disc that looks very similar to a conventional Tassimo pod. Depending on the exact model of your machine, the location of this cleaning disc can vary, so it is best to consult the instruction manual that your machine came with.

The cleaning disc must be inserted in the same place you insert coffee and drinks pods. The cleaning disc includes a barcode that will let your machine know you are looking to clean it, rather than prepare beverages.

You will need to ensure your machine is filled with enough water in order for it to be cleaned properly, so make sure your water tank is at least half full. Next, place a container on the machine drip tray in order to collect discharged water.

Any receptacle should have a minimum capacity of 270ml. Next, press the start button on the front of your Tassimo machine to commence cleaning. Once cleaning is finished, return your cleaning disc to its storage slot.

When to use Tassimo creamer

Tassimo creamer can used to prepare any drink that would normally use a milk pod. The creamer provides a richer, silkier flavour than everyday milk, so it is ideal if you are looking to enjoy a premium beverage.

Tassimo creamer will also produce a more generous serving than a beverage prepared with milk, as the creamer does not dissolve and blend with the rest of the liquid in your drink, leaving a frothy head instead.

When do Tassimo pods/discs expire?

Tassimo advises that all T-Discs are used within six weeks of opening to ensure optimal flavour and enjoyment. However, it is advised that you always refer to the external packaging of your discs for an accurate best before date.

Which Tassimo pods are vegan?

Most Tassimo pods are vegan-friendly, with the vast majority of the range including no dairy ingredients whatsoever. However, the milk and creamer pods you add later are not suitable for vegan diets.

Instead of milk and creamer pods, you may wish to add soy milk and other dairy-free alternatives to your beverage separately.

Which Tassimo pods need milk?

You can technically enjoy any Tassimo beverage without using a milk pod. However, for best results, you will want to ensure you have added milk to popular Tassimo drinks including lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolates.

Frothed milk prepared separately can sometimes be used, but may not produce premium results.

Can Tassimo pods be used in Nespresso and Dolce Gusto machines?

T-Discs are designed to be used exclusively with Tassimo machines and therefore cannot be used in Nespresso and Dolce Gusto machines.

Can Tassimo pods be recycled?

Tassimo discs have been designed to adhere to strict EU Packaging Waste Directive requirements. Aluminium, polyethylene and polyester make up the outer bag that the pods themselves come in.

These bags can recycled along with general plastic waste for convenience. The dispenser carton itself is made from paperboard and is also easily recycled.

How to Clean / Descale a Tassimo Coffee Maker