The 15 Best Vegan Multivitamins in UK for 2020 | Buyer’s Guide & Product Reviews

Best Vegan Multivitamin

Finding the best vegan multivitamin to supplement a healthy lifestyle can be a tricky business. If you are strictly vegan or following a plant based diet, it is often hard to track down a multivitamin that balances measurable health benefits with wholly natural ingredients. To help you make a more informed choice when shopping for supplements, we have put together a go-to guide on what to look out for when picking out the Best Vegan Multivitamin UK market has on offer for you.

Essential Vitamins Explained

To understand what constitutes a quality multivitamin, it makes sense to first get an idea of essential vitamins and the key ingredients your supplement should contain.


If you are looking to ensure your immune system is working effectively, your zinc levels need to be sufficiently high. Zinc can also help the body metabolise carbohydrates, fat and proteins in order to produce energy efficiently.

Older individuals regularly suffer from low zinc levels, so should certainly consider topping up their levels with a supplement.

There are many types of food that offer rich sources of Zinc, including red meat, seafood and offal. However, none of these are suitable for vegans or those seeking a plant based solution.

Vegan-friendly sources of Zinc include brown rice, leafy greens like spinach and seeds. These sources are fairly limited however, so vegans are best advised to enrich their Zinc levels with a supplement.

Another reason why supplements are essential here is that Zinc cannot be stored by the body.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D (sunlight vitamin) is arguably one of the most critical components of any good multivitamin. This incredibly useful vitamin is essential for helping the body to properly absorb calcium and therefore has a significant effect on the health of your bones. Insufficient intake of Vitamin D can lead to bone loss and hair loss, as well as being detrimental to your immune system.

Vitamin D is rarely found in any sufficient quantities in food sources. Those foods that do contain it include eggs and fatty fish, making it a tricky one for vegans to incorporate in their everyday diet.

An easy source of vitamin D is sunlight, although modern lifestyles spent largely indoors makes receiving it from natural sources difficult. It is not hard to see why so many people today suffer from vitamin D deficiencies.


Everyone knows the importance of ensuring enough calcium in their diet, but a significant proportion of the population struggles to consume sufficient amounts on a regular basis. Calcium is particularly good at ensuring healthy teeth and strong bones.

A rich intake of calcium is especially important to stave off bone density loss. Women are more affected by bone density loss, so should consider a combination of calcium-rich foods and consuming calcium supplements. Some types of fish and dairy products are a good natural source of calcium, but are not suitable for vegan diets.

Vegans should instead seek out leafy vegetables such as kale and broccoli, as well as beans, lentils and nuts. Vegan or not, you should have little trouble ensuring adequate calcium intake from your diet, although everyone can certainly benefit from topping up with a supplement. Multivitamins including calcium citrate are worth considering, as this form overcomes common absorption problems.


Another important nutrient you need is magnesium. This essential nutrient is crucial in ensuring good bone health and facilitating efficient energy production. If consumed via diet or supplements for long enough, magnesium may also have further health benefits. Some studies have found that magnesium can help reduce stress levels, as well as encourage better sleeping pattern.

It can also be useful for ensuring balanced blood sugar levels. Many people experience low magnesium levels because they are not consuming the right types of food. Vegans can effectively increase their magnesium levels through their diet, with things like spinach, beans, nuts and tofu all a rich source of the nutrient.

Folic Acid

Folate is an essential nutrient that women in particular should consider supplementing with a multivitamin complex. Pregnant women can particularly benefit from taking folic aid supplements as it can encourage healthier fetal development and minimise the chance of any birth defects. However, others can also reap the benefits of upping their folic acid intake.

Folate can help minimise the effects of inflammatory ailments, for example. Various foods provide a natural source of folate, with citrus fruits, leafy greens and beans all rich in it. One thing to bear in mind about folic acid, however, is that it is more easily absorbed by the body on an empty stomach. Therefore, consuming folic acid in supplement form makes complete sense.


This is another foundation stone of any good multivitamin. Sufficient levels of iron provide you with increased energy levels, while also ensuring production of red blood cells is maintained. Brain function can also benefit from getting enough iron.

As with zinc, there are many natural food sources that are rich in iron, with red meat being a particularly good source. However, this is not vegan-friendly and therefore means many will require a supplement to ensure healthy iron levels. Different people will require different levels of iron, so bear this in mind when selecting a multivitamin.

Older children and those going through adolescence might require an iron supplement as it has a huge effect on development and growth. Women are also advised to seek multivitamins with a higher amount of iron as menstruation and pregnancy can significantly diminish normal levels.

Make the Right Choice of Multivitamin for You

When picking a new multivitamin, take some time to consider your individual requirements. Younger individuals will benefit from supplements richer in vitamins and nutrients that promote growth and development. Pregnant women are best served by multivitamins bolstered by high levels of folic acid.

Older individuals of both sexes will probably find a supplement rich in calcium and magnesium a useful addition to their daily intake. If you suffer from pre-existing ailments and deficiencies, you should thoroughly research what any given supplement includes to see if it is suitable for you.

The Importance of a Balanced Diet vs a Multivitamin Supplement

Never look to multivitamin supplements as a replacement for a healthy balanced diet. Whenever possible, you should look to source your essential vitamins and nutrients from food sources and bridge any shortfalls with supplements. Admittedly, those restricted to a vegetarian or vegan diet will struggle to find natural sources of certain things, so a supplement is unavoidable to ensure optimal levels of health.

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Reviews of 15 Best Vegan Multivitamin UK for 2020

Below, you will find our pick of some of the best vegan multivitamin supplements currently available on the market. These multivitamins are suitable across a wide spectrum of individuals; from Toddlers, Children  to Adults. Infact some of our selection of vegan multivitamins caters for both children and adults. Do note these selection of Best Vegan supplements UK is also suitable for those looking for  multivitamin suitable for vegetarian.

Vegan Vitality Multivitamins & Minerals with High Strength Vitamin B12, D3 & K2.

VeganVitality Multivitmain

Vegan Vitality Multivitamins & Minerals is a good way to go if you are following a plant-based diet. These multivitamin supplements are particularly potent and high strength, offering you a rich source of vitamin B12, vitamin D3 and more than 20 other essential vitamins and minerals.

Designed with vegans and vegetarians in mind, these multivitamins are suitable for everyone. With these multivitamins, you do not need to worry about consuming multiple supplements at once to ensure optimal levels of everything that is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

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Nutravita Vegan Multivitamin Tablets for Men and Women 

Nutravita 365 Vegan Tablets

NutraVita Multivitamins & Minerals brings together no less than 26 essential active minerals and vitamins, providing you with an incredibly rich supplement source. These multivitamins are vegan-friendly, making them suitable for everyone. There are no synthetic fillers or binders here, with CHO free ingredients as standard. A 12-month supply ensures this multivitamins are a cost-effective choice, keeping you in good health for longer.

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Chewwies Gummies for Adults and Children 

These Chewwies Multivitamins are perfect if you are struggling to ensure your little ones get everything they need to grow strong. Suitable for children aged three years and older, these multivitamins are vegetarian-friendly and gluten free.

They are also free of gelatine and contain no added sugar, making them a healthy bet all round. These multivitamins also come with a delicious berry flavour, ensuring you will have no complaints from fussy youngsters.

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The Restored – High Strength Vitamin C, D, Zinc, Iron, Ginger and Turmeric. For Men and Women, Vegan – 60 Days

The Restored


These Restored Multivitamin High Strength Tablets are ideal for giving your immune system a significant boost. Suitable for men and women alike, these multivitamins are rich in iron, turmeric and vitamin C, giving your immune systems the help they need to work effectively. These multivitamins also provide you with increased energy levels, thanks to the inclusion of vitamin D, B6 and B12. These are also perfectly suitable for vegans and made from wholly natural ingredients.

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NATURELO One Daily Vegan Multivitamin for Women 60 Vegan Capsules


Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin has been designed with women in mind. These multivitamins are GM0, soy and gluten free. They are also free of gelatin and other animal products, making them vegan-friendly.

The Naturelo Vegan multivitamin include B12, B6, vitamin C, vitamin E and more, giving you everything you need for enhanced immunity, energy production and general well-being. If you are seeking a well-balanced supplement that has been designed around the specific needs of women, these are the way to go.

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NATURELO Prenatal Whole Food Vegan Multivitamin – with Natural Folate, Iron & DHA 

Naturelo Prenatal


Naturelo Prenatal Multivitamin has been specially formulated for expectant mothers, helping maintain essential nutrients throughout pregnancy. These vegan-friendly supplements are rich in vitamins A, B Complex, C, D3, E and K2.

You will also find high levels of calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. If you are pregnant and looking for a wholly natural and plant-based solution, then the Naturelo Prenatal ticks the box for one of the Best Multivitamin for women.

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NATURELO Chewable Whole Food Vitamin Gummies for Adults

Naturelo Chewable Gummies for Adults


Naturelo Gummies for Adults offer you an easy way to ensure you have all the essential nutrients you need for a healthy lifestyle. There are no less than 29 individual ingredients here, with high levels of natural vitamin C and vitamin D, calcium and more.

You can look forward to a delicious taste thanks to a ripe berry flavour, while the chewable nature of these gummies makes them a good bet for those who have difficulty swallowing.

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Veg1 Blackcurrant Multivitamins and Minerals Tablets – 180 Tablets


These Veg 1 Multivitamin Chewable Tablets provide you with plenty in the way of essential nutrients, with natural ingredients that make this a vegan-friendly option. These tablet provide you with your daily allowance of vitamins B2, B6, B12 and folic acid.

They also provide you with ample vitamin D, selenium and iodine. As these tablets are chewable, they are a good choice for adults who have difficulty swallowing, while the delicious blackcurrant flavour makes them incredibly palatable.

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Pure & Essential Advanced Multivitamin and Minerals with Vit D3 and K2

Pure & Essential Multivitamin


Pure & Essential Multivitamin & Minerals is a superb choice of supplement if you are looking for better levels of absorption. There are no less than 22 essential vitamins and minerals included here, with the chief ingredients coming in bio-available forms that can be more readily absorbed by the body.

This supplement has also been optimised for blood nutrient levels, with the twice-daily dose suggestion allowing for slow-release delivery for long-lasting action and enhanced benefits. These tablets are suitable for both adults and children aged seven and up, making them an ideal choice for ensuring the whole family has everything they need for a healthy lifestyle.

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Solgar Formula VM Vegan Multivitamin


Solgar Formula VM is a vegan-friendly choice of supplement, rich in B vitamins and other essential nutrients. A combination of eight B vitamins has been carefully selected to ensure slow release of energy, while there is also plenty in the way of antioxidants to help protect against the effects of free radicals.

Vitamin C is also accounted for, helping promote a healthier and more effective immune system.

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Deva Vegan Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement, Iron Free

Deva Vegan Multivitamin


Deva Vegan Multivitamin & Mineral is an ideal choice if you are looking for a once-daily supplement solution. This vitamin and mineral formula has been carefully balanced with natural ingredients to support your nutritional needs.

Vegan and vegetarian-friendly, this supplement is also iron free, making it a good option for those who wish to avoid the adverse effects of consuming too much iron, especially if a regular diet provides for this.

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Vegavero® | 120 Capsules | with 17 Important Vitamins, Minerals & Trace Elements: Including B Vitamins, Iron, Iodine, Selenium | 100% Vegan | Without Additives

Vegavero MUltivitamin


Vegavero Multivitamin Plus provides you with a complete vitamin and mineral supplement, with no less than 17 essential vitamins and minerals used in the overall formula.

All the ingredients here are natural and plant-based, with each one specially selected to ensure optimal bio-availability. There are also no unsavoury additives or anything to counter a vegan lifestyle, with no trace of magnesium stearate or gelatin.

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Nature’s Plus Animal Parade Source of Life Gold Children’s Vegan Multivitamin – Orange Flavour – 120 Chewable Animal Shaped Tablets – Whole Foods, Gluten Free, D3, K2  -60 Servings

Nature's Plus Animal Parade Chewable Multivitamin


Nature’s Plus Animal Parade Gold has everything little ones need from a multivitamin supplement. These chewable vegan multivitamin tablets are enriched with vitamin D3, vitamin K2, probiotics and whole food ingredients. These tablets are also free from artificial colours and preservatives, with the only sweetener used being xylitol to help minimise the risk of tooth decay.

Those looking for a vegan and vegetarian-friendly option are catered for here, with no gluten to speak of. These tablets are also hypo-allergenic, providing concerned parents with total peace of mind.

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