10 Best Caravan Wheel Locks | UK Buyer’s Guide & Product Reviews | 2020

A reliable caravan wheel lock is essential for holidaymakers looking for total peace of mind on their travels. Even when you are not travelling with your caravan or camper, a sturdy wheel clamp will ensure your recreational vehicle is kept safe from thieves when it is off the road. Unsure of what to look for when weighing up your caravan security options? Read on for our handy guide on what to look for when shopping for the best caravan wheel locks to safeguard your vehicle.

Caravan Wheel Clamps Explained

You will find a variety of options when it comes to caravan wheel clamps, but all varieties prevent rotational wheel movement to ensure your vehicle remains stationary.


The faceplate section of a wheel clamp restricts access to wheel nuts. This is crucial in safeguarding your vehicle as access to wheel nuts can allow your wheel to removed entirely and replaced with a replacement, allowing a thief to drive off with your vehicle.

The faceplate also protects the locking mechanism of the clamp itself. This makes tampering with the lock incredibly difficult, even if a thief is utilising a drilling tool or cutting tool.

Wheel rotation is prevented by the main arm components of the clamp. This can either be an integrated element that is connected to the central plate, or a wholly separate element.

The clamp arm prevents the wheel from moving backward or forward. It also serves to keep the wheel as enclosed as possible and free from interference. The main arm slots through the locking mechanism of the faceplate, with each component firmly locked together by a secured bolt.

The distinctive Y-shape of most clamps incorporates the distinctive swing arms that prevent wheel rotation. These hook around the tyre, preventing a rotating tyre from rolling forward and the clamped vehicle from driving away.

Caravan Wheel Clamp Insurance Considerations

When it comes to insuring your recreational vehicle or caravan, you may find your policy requires you to use a wheel clamp. Although individual insurance policies and their requirements can vary wildly, the vast majority will usually require that any caravan wheel clamp you intend to use has passed certain testing criteria.

In the United Kingdom, you will find many wheel clamps as advertised as having passed the Sold Secure independent test. When it comes to picking an insurance-friendly wheel clamp, this is the bare minimum you want to be looking for when selecting caravan security products.

Pick a Clamp to Fit

This might seem obvious, but ensure you pick a clamp that will the fit the wheels of your vehicles. Caravans and recreational vehicles usually feature larger wheels than what you would find with everyday cars, so a general clamp might not be sufficient.

Make sure the clamp you pick will accommodate both the wheel diameter of your caravan, as well as the tyre thickness. The best wheel clamps on the market will allow for some degree of adjustment, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to clamps that can be used between vehicles.

Never take chances when it comes to selecting wheel clamp sizes.

Durable Materials

Robust construction is a must when shopping for a wheel lock for your caravan. Not only do you want a clamp that will withstand the elements when sat outside for long stretches, you will want to ensure the clamp will hold up well to potential tampering.

Opt for hardened steel as a standard to withstand drills and cutting tools. Look for clamps with a coated finish, ensuring the steel construction will not rust and lose integrity when exposed to rain and the elements.

Clamps that utilise locking jaws should also include adequate coating to protect your wheels and alloys from damage when it comes to fixing the clamps in place.

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Reviews of 10 Best Caravan Wheel Locks

Looking for reliable caravan security solutions? Read on our pick of some of the best caravan wheel clamps you can currently find available on the UK market.

Stoplock Wheel Clamp Secure Car Caravan Trailer Anti-Theft W/Keys 

Stoplock Caravan Wheel Lock

This Stoplock HG 400-00 Wheel Clamp is perfect for caravan owners looking for a security solution that will bring total peace of mind. This clamp has been designed with larger vehicles and wider wheel diameters in mind, making it ideal for use with most caravan models.

This clamp is incredibly easy to use and attaches to a wheel in seconds, while its compact nature makes it easy to store in car boots when not in use. The vibrant yellow finish makes it incredibly visible and adds an initial layer of deterrence to keep thieves at bay..

The hard-wearing design is also incredibly robust and designed to withstand various hand tools and power tools. An incredibly user-friendly and secure wheel clamp solution at a great price.

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PRETEX Universal Steering Wheel Lock | locking bar, anti theft 


Pretex Steering Wheel Lock

If you are looking a simpler caravan security solution, this PRETEX Universal Steering Wheel Lock is well worth investing in.

This is a universal design, with the step-less adjustment ensuring it can be used to fit most vehicles with steering wheel diameters measuring up to 81.5 centimetres.

This hardy steering wheel lock is also incredibly user-friendly, with the lock able to be mounted in as little as a few seconds.

Two security keys are included with the lock itself, while the hardened steel construction ensures you have a long-lasting and incredibly robust choice of lock for optimal caravan security.

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Heavy Duty Anti-theft Car Wheel Clamp with Keys


Hyfive Caravan Wheel Lock

This heavy-duty wheel clamp is relatively affordable, but its durable design and superior security mechanism makes it an ideal choice for keeping your caravan protected.

This wheel clamp will comfortably fit wheels ranging from 7 to 11 inches wide, making it suitable for smaller caravan models. It may struggle to fit much larger caravan and campers, however.

Once applied, this clamp ensures that the wheel of your vehicle remains fixed firmly in place. Soft close jaws also come as standard, ensuring your wheels are not damaged when you place and attach clamps to your vehicle.

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Car Van Wheel Clamp Safety Lock Caravans Security Safe


Bargains Galore Caravan Wheel Lock

Keep things simple with this robust wheel clamp. Ideal for use with cars, trailers and caravans alike, this is an ideal choice for keeping your camper safe and secure at all times.

This clamp can be adjusted to accommodate wheel sizes ranging from 13 inches to 15 inches in diameter, making it a good choice for those looking for a clamp that can be used for various vehicle types.

The solid steel construction also makes this a worthwhile option for those looking for long-lasting use. Highly visible security markings in vibrant yellow add a further level of deterrence.

A compact and user-friendly option that will not cost a small fortune.

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Keraiz® Heavy Duty Wheel Security Clamp


Keraiz Car Wheel Security Clamp


This heavy-duty wheel clamp from Keraiz® brings you plenty in the way of premium security for total peace of mind.

This robust clamp is suitable for almost every type of vehicle, including caravans, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a wheel clamp that can be used for various cars, bikes and more.

The Keraiz clamp can be readily adjusted to fit all wheel sizes, while the soft coated jaws prevents scratching and damage to your alloy wheels. Finished in vibrant red and yellow to deter thieves, this clamp is built to last.

It is constructed from hardened steel that will resist the elements, while also staving off tampering, drilling and cutting tools.

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Auto Companion Heavy Duty Full Face Car Wheel Lock Ideal For Cars, Caravans and Trailers

Caravan Wheel Lock


The Auto Companion is a great choice of wheel lock for those worried about the security of their caravans and trailers. This versatile lock has been designed for use with all manner of vehicles, including everyday cars, caravans and even boats, making it a very cost-effective choice for those looking to reuse a lock between vehicles.

Finished in vibrant orange, this is a highly visual deterrent that will stave off thieves at the first instance. It is also incredibly easy to fix to the wheel of your chosen vehicle, with clamping taking only a few seconds.

The super secure lock provides total peace of mind, with the sturdy construction holding firm, even when tampering is attempted with drills or cutting tools.

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Maypole Universal Wheel Clamp 13-17″

Caravan Wheel Lock


Maypole Universal Wheel Clamp

This universal wheel clamp from Maypole is the ideal choice of wheel lock for those worried about caravan and camper van security. This quality clamp will fit wheels measuring 13-17 inches and accommodates widths ranging from 175-215 millimetres.

This robust clamp has been designed with ease-of-use in mind, with adjustments to individual wheel sizes incredibly simple. The robust design will withstand the elements, while also staving off damage from drills or cutting tools.

The vibrant yellow finish also makes adds an extra layer of visual deterrence. A good quality clamp at a very reasonable price.

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TierXXL Streetwize universal wheel claw, tyre, parking claw, with safety lock and 3 keys


Streetwize Universal Wheel Claw


This TierXXL Streetwize Universal Wheel Claw is a great alternative to bulkier wheel clamps. Suitable for most vehicle types, including trailers and caravans, this claw clamp can be assembled and attached to your vehicle of choice in seconds.

You can count on a quality construction here. Weather-resistant steel is the name of the game here, ensuring your clamp holds up well against the elements and keeps thieves at bay.

A premium coated finish also ensures the clamp mechanism will not damage your wheel alloys and rims. This claw clamp is particularly compact and easy to store.

When not in use, you can quickly disassemble it and put it in the boot of your vehicle before parking up and reaching for it again.

There are no less than nine locking points on offer here, providing you with optimal performance when it comes to security.

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Milenco Wraith Wheel Clamp


Milenco Wraith Wheel Clamp


This Milenco Wraith Wheel lock is definitely worth considering if you want a more discreet choice of security. Designed to fit both steel and alloy wheels, this innovative clamp attaches simply to most wheels with minimal fuss.

Despite its compact design and discreet features, this clamp does not skimp on security credentials. Constructed high-grade steel for general robustness and integrity, you can count on the fact your caravan is locked firmly in place.

The pared-back design of this clamp also makes it much more difficult to tamper with, providing you with all the peace of mind you need.

It might be more expensive than other options on this list, but if you intend to use your caravan enough, a wheel clamp like this is more than worth the outlying investment.

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Bulldog Auto Clamp Large

Bulldog Auto Clamp Large


This Bulldog Auto Clamp ticks all the right boxes when it comes to vehicle security. This clamp is surprisingly lightweight, making it incredibly easy to handle and fit to your vehicle of choice.

The lightweight nature of this clamp does not mean it offers subpar security, however. The top arms of this clamp re hardened to ensure a more secure locking mechanism, while the lock itself has been designed to withstand tampering and drilling interference.

This highly visible clamp also boasts rubber backing to protect wheel nuts from damage.

The larger dimensions of this clamp make it an ideal choice for those looking to protect bigger caravans.

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10 Best Wire Free CCTV Systems | UK Buyer’s Guide | 2020

Looking for the Best Wire Free CCTV system to safeguard your home or business? There is plenty to consider when shopping for home security cameras and wireless surveillance systems. Below, you will find everything you need to know when searching for a reliable wireless CCTV system that will bring you all the peace of mind you will ever need. Read on to find out more about key selling features of camera models, along with a pick of some of the Best Wire Free CCTV systems currently available on the market.

HD Recording

There is no point investing in a wifi security camera if it does not deliver clear recordings. Nowadays, most wireless CCTV cameras will allow for live streaming and recording in full 1080p HD, but it is always worth doing your research to make sure you are not buying a subpar system.

Night Vision Capabilities of Wire Free CCTV

Night vision should also be considered a standard feature, particularly if you intend to use your camera for 24/7 recording. When weighing up your options, look for cameras with night vision capabilities that support high-definition recording. Most of the time, this will mean purchasing a surveillance system that incorporates an array of LEDs to ensure the field of view is illuminated.

Another thing to bear in mind when assessing night vision credentials is the range such systems offer. As a minimum, you want to be looking for systems with a night vision range of around 10 metres.

Recording Storage

This is very important should you ever need to use your surveillance recordings in the event of a robbery or break in. Some systems will allow for onboard storage, while most will include a micro SD slot for memory cards to be inserted.

A key thing to bear in mind here is that there may be a cap on the max capacity of compatible micro SD cards. Unless you are prepared to regularly replace memory cards, opt for a camera that supports 64GB cards as a standard.

For total peace of mind, it is best to invest in a wireless security camera that has some cloud storage functionality. Most cloud-based systems will not upload all recorded footage, but they will upload specific segments to the cloud in certain situations. For example, if you have motion detection enabled, cloud-based systems will usually record and upload video clips at the time of motion detection events for your reference.

Alerts & Notifications

Unless you intend to constantly view your camera view remotely, you will want to ensure you have a system that delivers reliable alerts and push notifications to your preferred device. Almost every system will have this functionality. The most common form of alert will be in the event of a motion detection event, but you can fine-tune settings to receive more regular alerts.

Motion Detection

This is another pivotal factor to bear in mind when investing in a new surveillance system for the home or your business premises. Quality cameras will incorporate reliable motion detection features that can effectively discern between ambient motion and more suspicious behaviour.

The best wire-free CCTV cameras will allow you to make tailored adjustments to your motion detection features. You can adjust the sensitivity of motion detection surveillance, as well as schedule motion detection, so it is only enabled at certain times of the day.

Battery Life

A good CCTV system can bring peace of mind to those worried about security, but many quickly forget about obvious concerns like battery status. This is something you should seriously bear in mind when purchasing a new security camera, especially a wireless one. Home security cameras that will be used indoors can be more readily recharged, but those intended for use outside will need a more long-lasting battery.

A rechargeable battery with a capacity in the region of 6000mAh is probably the best way to go. This kind of capacity should be able to operate effectively for a minimum of two months. Always ensure you have battery indicator alerts enabled on your device so you know you should be thinking about recharging your device or battery pack.

Durability and Waterproof Ratings of Wire Free Security Camera

Another key thing to consider when buying a security camera is its suitability for outdoor use. Pick a robust design that will withstand the elements. Aluminium casings are often the best option in this regard, offering ample protection against all weathers. You should also pay special attention to the waterproof rating of any camera system you are considering buying. A waterproof rating of IP65 should be more than sufficient.

Audio Capabilities

Two-way audio is something any good wire-free CCTV system should provide. Not only will audio capabilities enhance your recorded videos, they also allow your camera to be used for video intercom purposes. For best results, look for systems with two-way audio that also incorporates noise cancellation technology. This will eliminate distracting ambient noise like traffic and wind.

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Reviews of 10 Best Wire Free CCTV in UK for 2020

Read on to see our pick of the Best Wire Free CCTV systems currently available on the market, with options to suit every budget.

All-new HD Ring Stick Up Cam Wire Free CCTV | Works with Alexa

Ring Stick Up Cam | Wire Free CCTV

The Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is an impressive wire-free CCTV system that will provide you with complete peace of mind. Easy to install and ready to go within a few minutes, this reliable home security solution offers a 130-degree diagonal field of view, with clear 1080p HD video feeds and night vision capabilities.

With the option to record and view video via live feed, you never need to worry about the security of your premises again. Advanced motion detection comes as standard here, with adjustable motion zones for enhanced levels of security. Two-way talk functionality is also present here, with noise cancellation to ensure clearer audio.

You can count on long-lasting operation with this choice of wifi security camera, with a quick-release battery pack included to ensure fast recharging. Reliable wireless connectivity is assured at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, while a robust design ensures this outdoor camera will withstand the elements. Not only is this camera weather resistant, it will hold up well against extreme temperatures, handling lows of minus 20 degrees Celsius and highs of up to 50 degrees Celsius.

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Reolink Outdoor Solar Security Wire Free CCTV


Reolink Outdoor CCTV IP Camera | Wire Free CCTV


If you are after reliable performance, this Reolink Outdoor Solar Security Camera is the way to go. This set includes an Argus 2 camera, along with a solar panel to keep your battery charged at all times. With non-stop power guaranteed, you never need worry about gaps in your security recordings. This wireless camera system utilises micro SD card recording and allows for remote playback.

The IP camera can store recorded files locally with the use of a micro SD card, handling storage capacities of up to 64GB. Recording in full 1080p HD is provided for, with night vision capabilities also on offer, with maximum ranges of 33 feet. Motion detection and smart alarm functionality is also provided, with an integrated PIR sensor delivering four alerts to let you know motion has been detected.

In addition to siren alerts and email notifications, recording will also be triggered and stored on the micro SD card inserted. To provide you with total peace of mind, you can make adjustments to motion sensitivity settings, as well as set a specific schedule for enhanced motion detection.

This outdoor security cameras has been designed to withstand the elements. The camera itself, while reliable outdoor connection is assured. This wireless CCTV camera will work with a 2.4 GHz wireless router, with no need for additional equipment to maintain sufficient connectivity.

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ieGeek Bullet IP Camera | 1080P


ieGeek 25m Bullet IP Camera

This ieGeek camera is a budget-friendly choice of wire-free CCTV system, with plenty of first-rate features on offer. Installation is quick and easy, with the camera ready to go in as little as two minutes. AP hotspot connection allows for hassle-free reconnection should your signal fail, ensuring consistent surveillance for peace of mind.

This camera also uses a Hsilicon chip for more stable and clearer images while a 2 megapixel HD lens provides incredible clarity at a distance of 20 metres, no matter external light conditions. This camera will also withstand the elements, with enhanced IP66 external housing and an aluminium case ensuring the equipment is completely waterproof and dustproof. In fact, due to the robust housing, this camera will survive being submerged in shallow water.

The motion detection capabilities of this camera are particularly impressive. You can choose to set and/or block specific motion detection zooms to avoid the instance of false alarms. Real-time motion alerts can also be sent to your smartphone, with snapshots sent directly to your email. It is easy to manually schedule motion detection, as well timers for recording.

Incredibly versatile, this wireless CCTV system provides you with multiple ways to view your recordings and streaming video. You can view from our PC via web browser, as well as via your smartphone.

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ieGeek Wireless Security Camera | 1080P 2.4G Wi-Fi 

ieGeek Wireless 2.4G | Wire Free CCTV

Keep your home or office under constant surveillance with this ieGeek wire-free CCTV system. This camera can be mounted onto a wall with minimal fuss, with a completely wire-free design ensuring no obstacles to bespoke installation. This system also boasts an impressive 6700mAh rechargeable battery to ensure constant surveillance.

After a full charge, this wireless CCTV camera will operate efficiently for between 2 and 6 months before requiring a further charge. When the battery runs to lows of 20 percent of capacity, you will receive a helpful reminder to let you know it is time to think about recharging.

Motion detection functionality is supported here. The option of PIR detection means a lower chance of false alerts caused by weather, insects and other minor distractions. High-definition imagery is guaranteed thanks to premium internal chips and components, with real-time resolutions of 1080p. Night vision is also more than sufficient, with maximum viewing distances of up to 25 metres possible.

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YESKAMO Wireless CCTV Camera System 1080P 

Yeskamo WIFI IP Camera | Wire Free CCTV

This YESKAMO wireless security camera means you can keep your premises under constant surveillance with minimal effort. This budget-friendly wireless camera offers live viewing and recording in full 1080p HD, while also boasting the benefit of full colour night vision.

PIR and motion detection capabilities also come as standard here, with a range of settings available so you can make bespoke adjustments to your security system. Two-way audio is also provided here, making this a good choice for simple intercom applications. An integrated floodlight also serves this potential use well.

A siren alarm will alert you to any suspicious activity, while email alerts can deliver you updates in real-time to ensure you are constantly kept in the loop. Easy remote viewing is also available at any time. This wireless CCTV camera is surprisingly robust, with IP66 waterproof housing as standard to ensure it holds up well against the elements.

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HeimVision Wire Free & Solar Powered CCTV | 1080P CCTV

HeimVision Wifi CCTV | Wire Free CCTV

This HeimVision wireless security camera is a good choice for those seeking an effective cloud-based solution. This camera ticks all the right boxes when it comes to functionality, offering 1080p HD resolution and impressive night vision performance that automatically activates when external light conditions darken.

You can also look forward to a good surveillance range, with a wide 130-degree angle providing adequate cover across a large field of view. An integrated PIR sensor is on hand to alert you of any movement, with alerts delivered to your smartphone via push notifications on your phone.

A two-way audio feature also comes as standard, making this an ideal choice for use as an intercom system or internal camera solution. This camera is incredibly robust and durable, with IP65 weatherproof housing ensuring the internal components are protected against rain, wind and snow.

This camera is completely wireless in its design, with magnetic attachment for easy installation. Battery and solar-powered operation also means you can look forward to constant surveillance with no interruptions.

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Moobox ProXT Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System | HD video

Moobox Wireless Security Camera

The Moobox ProXT is a robust and reliable choice of outdoor wireless security camera. Offering impressive video resolutions of 1080p HD, as well as infrared night vision with visibility of up to 16 feet in total darkness, you can expect clear and unbridled surveillance in all conditions.

No less than 16GB of integrated DVR recording storage is on hand to keep your stored video for as long as you need. You can also enjoy two-way audio as standard here, while a customisable PIR sensor with a reliable range of eight metres will alert you to any suspicious activity.

This camera has been designed for use outdoors. A 120-degree angle of view keeps wide areas effectively under watch, while the weatherproof housing has a rating of IP65 to withstand the elements. Long-lasting operation is also assured thanks to a 3200mAh rechargeable battery. A low battery indicator is also on hand to let you know when the camera might be running low and in need of recharging, ensuring no time.

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Lemnoi Rechargeable Battery Camera Wifi | Wireless IP Camera 


This Lemnoi Full HD Wifi Security Camera ticks all the right boxes. This camera is an obvious choice for those looking for a user-friendly and reliable choice of wireless CCTV system, with easy installation for indoor and outdoor use alike.

An impressive battery capacity of up to 6000mAh means you will not have to worry about constantly replenishing spent batteries, while robust IP65 waterproof housing ensures it will hold up well against the elements.

Full high-definition recording can be expected here, with 30 frames per second ensuring you capture every last detail. Night vision is also standard here, with a range of up to 32 feet. Two-way audio is also possible in real-time thanks to an integrated microphone and speaker.

Motion detection capabilities are also on offer, with an integrated PIR sensor to keep track of any suspicious activity. Unfortunately, this system does not allow for 24/7 recording, which may make it unsuitable for surveillance of business premises.

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Mibao Bullet IP Camera | 1080P Weatherproof WiFi CCTV Camera



This Mibao security camera is a very affordable choice of wire-free CCTV system. The construction of this camera is top-tier, with robust metal housing and an IP66 waterproof rating ensuring it will hold up well against rain.

The durable aluminium used in its construction also means this camera will withstand extreme changes in temperature, easily handling lows of minus 10 degrees Celsius and highs of up to 50 degrees Celsius. Installation is also incredibly simple, while full HD recording and long-range (65 feet) night vision recording can also be expected.

Other neat features include an enhanced 5Dbi antenna, providing you with an incredibly stable connection. Video encryption is also bolstered by a special algorithm, keeping your recordings protected, even if the inserted memory card is stolen.

Two-way audio is also a standard feature here, with the integrated microphone and speaker enhancing your video recordings. You also have motion detection capabilities here, with motion notifications sent to your phone to alert you of any activity.

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Ctronics Outdoor Wireless WiFi Camera  | IP 65 


Ctronics WiFi Camera

This Ctronics outdoor security camera is a good option for those seeking a wireless CCTV system that is both user-friendly and reliable. A combined 6000mAh battery ensures long-lasting operation, with reminders on hand to let you know when your system needs recharging.

Easy to install and get going, this outdoor security offers plenty of premium features. Enhanced night vision comes as standard, with an IR LED array providing an illuminated viewing range of up to 10 metres.

Night vision is automatically triggered in low light to ensure you always enjoy high-definition images at all times. Two-way audio is also possible here, with an integrated microphone and speaker providing you with handy intercom applications.

A PIR motion sensor is on hand to detect any suspicious activity within range, with push alerts sent directly to your smartphone to alert you of any such events. Provided your camera has an SD card inserted, motion videos will also be recorded in the case of motion events.

Designed with indoor and outdoor use in mind, this security camera boasts a waterproof rating of IP65. Reliable connectivity can also be expected over a 2.4G WLAN connection.


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