How Much Ground Coffee Per Cup? The Golden Ratio !

How Much Ground Coffee Per Cup

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How Much Ground Coffee Per Cup ? Perfecting the perfect cup of coffee takes practice. If you are using coffee grounds, producing a delicious brew is made difficult by a host of different factors. For one, coffee grounds come in numerous varieties. Different grind levels may require that more grounds are added to ensure optimum flavour and rich aromas.

Brewing time is also important to consider when making coffee from grounds. Our brief guide includes all the key details to focus on when working out the ideal coffee grounds to water ratio.

Basic Things to Consider

Before we delve into too much detail, there are a few basic points to consider when deciding how much coffee grounds to use per cup. Firstly, you should think about the size of the cups or mugs you use when drinking coffee. Using your coffee maker or French press as guidance is not always recommended, as most coffee making appliances tend to consider 150ml of liquid as a standard serving.

Likewise, most coffee making equipment tends to come with a spoon for scooping grounds into the interior. These spoons are fairly small and tend to equate to a standard tablespoon in terms of quantity. If you prefer your coffee on the strong side, you may want to up the amount of scoops you are adding to water.

How Much Ground Coffee Per Cup ? What the Experts Say

Ground Coffee Spoon Size

If you want to get technical when it comes to brewing the perfect cup of coffee, you may want to adopt something called the Golden Ratio. This coffee preparation formula was designed by the Speciality Coffee Association of America.

According to the experts, you should be using around 8.3 grams of coffee grounds for every 150ml of water. You should definitely aim to try the Golden Ratio at least once. Even if you find the results too weak or far too strong for your tastes, it serves as a good benchmark you can play around with later.

Making Grounds from Beans

If you want to use the best coffee grounds to prepare your favourite beverage, you may want to produce your own coffee grounds at home. Producing grounds from beans is relatively straightforward, although you will need to consider quantities when it comes to grinding beans.

Generally speaking, you need to use around 70 individual beans to produce enough coffee grounds for a single 150ml cup. Depending on the quality of the original beans, you may need to up this amount before grinding to ensure a fuller flavour and aroma profile.

The Best Equipment for Brewing Coffee from Grounds


If you want to save money and minimise the amount of effort involved in brewing coffee from grounds, you need to think about the kind of equipment you are using. An inexpensive percolator is arguably one of the best pieces of coffee-making equipment out there.

Even the most basic of percolators is more efficient than other types of appliance, allowing you to produce upwards of a hundred individual cups from around 450 grams of coffee grounds.

As a percolator recirculates coffee once it is brewed, the final results are fairly strong. If you prefer your coffee that is stronger in flavour and intensity, a percolator is a good investment and will not require you to use excessive amounts of grounds.

Final Thoughts

Coffee Grinder

If you are preparing your own coffee grounds from beans, you should make sure you are using a suitable grinder. Avoid using a blade grinder as these devices generate high levels of heat and friction, which can damage the overall flavour of your coffee.

If you prefer your coffee with undertones of chocolate, a blade grinder is definitely something to avoid. A mill grinder or burr grinder is the best option if you want to produce grounds with an even texture. This even consistency also makes it far easier to measure out your coffee grounds accurately.

Coffee Brewing Ratios Explained