8+ Must Have Workout Equipment For Your Home Gym

Must Have Workout Equipment

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If you are keen to shift some excess weight and improve your physical health, investing in a few staple pieces of workout equipment is a great idea. Gym memberships and the cost of personal trainers can quickly stack up, so putting together your own home workout centre is a cost-effective and practical alternative.

You do not even need that much space in your home. Many workout staples are small and easy to store, while even larger fitness trainers will take up minimal space in a spare room. Below we explore some of the best must have workout equipment worth investing in.

Must Have Workout Equipment

If you want to take your home workout to the next level then you certainly want to consider the below equipment.

  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebell
  • Barbell
  • Resistance Bands
  • Balance Ball
  • Medicine Ball
  • Jump Rope
  • Exercise Bench
  • Exercise Bike
  • Cross Trainer

Start with the Basics

Hexagonal Dumbbells


Weights are very affordable pieces of workout equipment, allowing you to undertake a variety of exercises. They can also be used in fairly small spaces, so you will not need to clear out a spare room to use as a home gym. Dumbbells are an absolute must and can be picked up from just about any sporting goods retailer. Budget-friendly dumbbells can also be picked up easily from online retailers.

When choosing a set of dumbbells, opt for hexagonal sets. The edged profile of these weights means they will not roll around on the floor once your workout is complete. A high-quality coating will also make them far more durable.

While adjustable dumbbells are available for those who want to add or remove weights, these are fairly expensive. It will probably be more economical for you to purchase a set of dumbbells so you can work with a variety of different weights as you build muscle strength.



A kettlebell is another essential piece of workout equipment, but is often overlooked in favour of dumbbells. Although a kettlebell can be used to complete some of the same exercises you would use a dumbbell for, the heavier weight will allow you to work squats, jerks and swings into your workout.

Kettlebells come in a variety of different weight options, ranging from a few pounds to upwards of 50 pounds.

Weight Training Equipment

Weight Training - Barbell


If you want to upgrade from basic dumbbells to something more advanced, a barbell is a great idea. Unlike weightlifting machines commonly found in commercial gyms, barbells are incredibly stable and easy to use. A good barbell should be strong enough to cope with a variety of weight plates. The barbell diameter should also be of a suitable size to match your grip.

If you have no experience with lifting weights, avoid purchasing particularly heavy plates to use straight away. Instead, purchase a pair of low-weight plates and a couple of additional sets you can build up to. You can always purchase heavier weight plates at a later point.  According to Akash Vaghela, Founder of RNT Fitness, ” in the first week of your program, it’s critically important you pick the right weight in order to set yourself up for success in the future”

Resistance Aids

Resistance Bands


Resistance gear is a great way to make your home workout more challenging. Resistance gear comes in many forms, with weighted arm bands being one of the most affordable options. These arm bands come in a variety of sizes and weight options, with the additional weight requiring you to put more effort into carrying out your other exercises. They can be used when stretching or using dumbbells, or worn when using stationary bikes and other pieces of exercise equipment.

Resistance bands are another must-have addition to any home gym setup. Ideally, you should be looking to purchase a complete set of resistance bands that can be worn around the knees, ankles and quads. These bands are worn when carrying out basic exercises like squats, putting more resistance on your body so you can build muscle more easily. Beginners can also make use of them by wearing as they walk around their workout space.

For Improving Posture

Balance Ball


If your posture and core muscles need some work, there are a couple of workout must-haves to think about investing in. A balance ball is a particularly practical investment. These balls require minimal space to exercise with and can be used to build your core muscles. They can also be used when stretching before and after more rigorous workouts.

Suspension training systems are also worth looking into. Although quite expensive, suspension systems are very versatile and can be used indoors and outside. In fact, they can be anchored to just about anything that is strong enough to cope with your weight.

When used correctly, suspension trainers can be used to give you a complete body workout. They can also be used to carry out specific exercises that will improve your balance, posture and alignment.

Medicine Balls

Medicine Ball


These are staples of many gyms, but most beginners do not know how to properly use them. However, a high-quality medicine ball can be a great tool for improving your balance and developing your core strength.

Consider using a medicine ball to carry out push-up exercises, as they will help you develop your abdominal and chest muscles. They can also be used for wall slamming exercises, which will help with conditioning and building strength.

Cardio Essentials

Jumping Rope


If you want to tackle cardio health easily, make sure you have invested in a decent jump rope. Jump rope exercises are one of the most effective cardio workouts, allowing you to burn hundreds of calories in just half an hour. Jump ropes can also be used to boost your endurance levels and help you engage a variety of different muscle groups.

They are also easy to store and carry with you, so they can be taken with you to the gym or park to complete your workouts away from the home. When choosing a jump rope, look to spend a little more on an adjustable model. You may also want to consider a weighted jump rope, as this will make your cardio workouts a little more demanding.

Invest in an Exercise Bench

Exercise Bench


If you are looking to transform an unused space into a home workout arena, you should definitely look to invest in an exercise bench. Benches can be used for weightlifting workouts, including both barbell and dumbbell exercises. They can also be used as a stable base for carrying out a host of lower body workouts. When choosing an exercise bench, a simple and sturdy design is all you need.

Exercise Bikes & Cross Trainers

Exercise Bike - Cross Trainer


If you have enough room to install larger pieces of fitness equipment, you should look to purchase an exercise bike. Although exercise bikes can be picked up cheaply, you should ensure any model you buy is comfortable enough to use for long workout sessions. A decent exercise bike should also provide you with a range of resistance levels, as well as accurate reporting of virtual speeds and distance travelled. The best exercise bikes will also be able to monitor your pulse.

If you can afford to upgrade from a basic exercise bike, think about purchasing a cross trainer bike. These machines allow you to undertake full-body training, while also giving you the freedom to switch from cycling mode to walking mode in moments.

Final Thoughts

Even if you are a regular visitor to your local gym, investing in some workout equipment for use at home is a great idea. Putting together a first-rate home gym is also fairly affordable. If you are particularly weary about cost, start small with dumbbells, medicine balls and jump rope.

Later, you can think about investing in more expensive equipment such as barbells and weight plates, suspension trainers and exercise bikes. If you enjoy listening to music whilst working out then perhaps you may want to consider investing in a soundbar for that enhanced sound experience