9 Best Laptop Stands UK 2021 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Investing in a portable laptop stand is a good idea for anyone who regularly uses a laptop computer or tablet. A decent stand will help ensure better posture as you work, while also keeping your machine within easy reach, wherever you are working. Nowadays, there are countless designs to choose from, with all manner of different features and innovations to consider. To help you make the best decision possible, we have put together a handy buying guide for your reference when shopping for a new portable laptop stand.

Picking a Compatible Stand

Compatibility is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a new laptop stand. Most portable stands will accommodate laptops and netbooks ranging from about 11 inches to 17 inches. However, some stands may only accommodate laptops measuring up to around 15 inches.

These stands will be precisely manufactured to ensure a secure hold over your device, so avoid the temptation to purchase one that does not match up with your device. Many laptop stands can also be used to hold tablets, although you should not confuse laptop dimensions with tablet dimensions.

Device thickness is also important to consider when purchasing a new stand holder. To ensure your device or devices are fully compatible with your desired stand, refer to the manufacturer to see if a list of compatible devices has been published.

Height and Angle Adjustments of a Portable Laptop Stand

This is another key area to bear in mind when selecting a new holder for your laptop. Any decent stand will allow for multiple levels of height adjustment, with most also providing you with additional angle adjustments. Some models may combine the two, with angle adjustments directly influencing the height settings, and vice versa.

Correct positioning of your laptop or tablet device has a direct effect on posture while working and can impact overall comfort, as well as eye and wrist fatigue. You will therefore want to ensure the stand you select promotes proper posture and encourages comfortable, healthier working.

Materials and Construction

Any good laptop hand will require a robust construction and quality materials in order to function properly. The best laptop stands and risers will be made from hard-wearing metals and alloys, with aluminium and stainless steel the most robust choices. Not only will these materials look their best for longer, they will also ensure smoother operation of adjustments. The more hardy the material, the more weight it can generally carry. If you have a larger laptop, this is very important.


If you are sat at your desk for long hours and notice your machine is often warm to the touch, you should definitely be shopping for a laptop stand with a ventilated design. A stand with a mesh design that provides plenty of airflow will help dissipate heat that your machine builds up, reducing the chance of your hardware overheating. This is crucial when it comes to minimising the chance of hardware damage caused by components becoming overworked.

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Reviews of 9 Best Portable Laptop Stand | 2021

Struggling to decide on the right portable laptop stand for you? Below, you will find our pick of some of the Best Laptop Stand UK market has on offer.

1. Klearlook Laptop Stand Holder, Foldable Portable Ventilated Adjustable

Klearlook -1

This Klearlook Laptop Stand Holder is a compact and user-friendly choice that will fit a wide range of laptop sizes. This compact laptop stand will readily fit devices measuring 11 inches to 17.3 inches, making it ideal for use with multiple laptops and netbooks.

This foldable laptop stand for desk is also height adjustable, with the ergonomic design allowing you to easily set your device at the correct angle to meet your line of vision. This allows for a more comfortable posture when sitting at your desk, while also minimising hand and eye fatigue.

You can also simply adjust the angle of your device. Another nifty feature of this folding laptop stand is that it has an adjustable support to accommodate devices of varying thickness. This make sit suitable for laptops, slimline netbooks and tablets alike.

Surprisingly robust and compact, this user-friendly laptop stand will provide a welcome addition to any home study and can be carried to the office with ease.

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2. Klearlook Laptop Stand Holder, Foldable Portable 6-Height Adjustable 


Klearlook -Grey

This laptop stand holder from Klearlook is a versatile choice for those looking for a stand to use with a range of different devices. This stand can be used to hold laptops and netbooks ranging from 11 inches to 17.3 inches, as well as tablets measuring up to 12.9 inches. This particular stand allows for a wide range of height and angle adjustments.

The ergonomic design and robust aluminium frame allows for easy adjustments to meet your line of sight, allowing for better posture and a more comfortable working experience. This laptop holder is incredibly lightweight and low profile, making it easy to transport in your backpack or bag from home to the office.

The sleek design also allows for better heat dissipation, which is a very useful feature for those working for long spells with their machine running at maximum operation. Sturdy skid pads also ensure your laptop stand stays firmly in place, while also protecting delicate surfaces from scratches.

This folding laptop stand is a budget-friendly choice that offers plenty of useful adjustments to best meet your individual requirements. Admittedly, it is not the most attractive of designs, but it more than delivers in terms of practicality.

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3. JUMKEET Laptop Stand,Foldable Portable Ventilated Desktop Laptop 


Jumkeet Laptop Stand


There is plenty to love about this JUMKEET Laptop Stand. The ergonomic design is ideal for ensuring the best sitting postures while working, protecting against neck pain and fatigue. The ergonomic design will also ensure less stress on the eyes.

There are six individual levels of adjustment on offer here, allowing you to pick an ideal height and angle for your individual working requirements. Wide compatibility is also assured here. This foldable laptop stand is suitable for laptops and tablets measuring between 7 inches and 17 inches. It can also bear a maximum load of up to 17 kilograms.

The hollow mesh design of this folding laptop stand also allows for superior heat dissipation, which is ideal for minimising the chance of damage to your expensive hardware. This durable design also features non-slip feet to keep your stand and machine firmly in place as you work.

This stand is very affordable and offers more than enough adjustment for most users. Those with a much larger or significantly smaller machine may need to look elsewhere, however.

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4. Nulaxy Laptop Stand UK


Nulaxy Laptop Stand

The Nulaxy C4 is well worth considering if you are looking to invest a little more in a laptop stand. This robust aluminium stand is designed for all laptop models measuring between 10 and 15.6 inches. You have a range of height adjustments to choose from, although height is also adjusted when you make change to angle.

This design is also surprisingly lightweight, weighing in at just 0.36 kilograms. This makes it ideal for those looking for a stand they can travel with. A selection of non-slip silicone pads are also included as part of the overall design, keeping your stand stable and eliminating the chance of damage to your surfaces.

There are some downsides to this particular model. Considering the price, it would have been nice to have had a bit more range when it comes to compatibility. Those looking for a stand for a larger model of laptop will have to look elsewhere.

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5. NEXSTAND K2 Laptop Stand 

Nexstand Laptop Stand


The NEXSTAND K2 is a go-to choice for those looking for something lightweight, compact and portable. Weighing in at just 234 grams, this stand is easy to fold away and carry in a backpack during the morning commute, allowing you to use it at home and at the office. Easy to set up and fold away, convenience is assured with this laptop stand.

An ergonomic design provides you with eight different adjustments, giving you a range of adjustment from 15 centimetres to 30 centimetres. This stand is particularly robust, handling max loads of 9 kilograms. This should provide more than sufficient for even the heaviest of laptop models.

Sturdy rubber feet and grips also ensure your stand stays firm on whatever surface you are working at, while also minimising vibration. You can also use this stand with a wide variety of laptop models, with universal compatibility allowing support for laptop models measuring 10 inches and above.

If you are after a laptop stand that will provide peace of mind and plenty of stability, this is the way to go. However, you will have to pay a small premium for the privilege.

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6. Lidasen Laptop Stand 

Lisaden Laptop Stand

This Lidasen Laptop Stand offers plenty in the way of adjustments and provides you with wide compatibility with device sizes. This stand is suitable for laptops ranging from 10 inches to 15.6 inches and can also be used to securely hold your favourite tablets.

There are six different levels of height adjustments and two different installation methods, providing you with the ideal height and best angles for your individual working requirements. This stand has a ventilated design, with the forward-tilt angle ensuring your machine stays cooler, preventing it from overheating during longer working sessions.

The robust metal construction and triangular structure supports heavier loads, with this stand designed to support devices weighing up to 12 kilograms. Non-skid pads are also present, keeping things firmly in place and preventing your surfaces from suffering damage.

This laptop stand is surprisingly affordable considering how hard-wearing it is, while there is plenty of adjustment to make use of. However, if you have a much larger laptop, you may best looking for a different model.

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7. G-Color Laptop Stand

G-Color Laptop Stand

The G-Color Laptop Stand is a perfect option for those looking for something that will accommodate a wide variety of devices. Designed for laptops and tablets ranging in size from between 11 inches and 17.3 inches, this is perfect if you have multiple devices you regularly use.

You have a range of height adjustments to choose from here, with the ergonomic design helping ensure better posture. User-friendly and easy to use, this foldaway design can be stored away when not in use and expanded to the desired angle when required.

This stand is very robust and durable, with a hardy aluminium alloy and stainless steel construction. There are also four non-skid pads that ensure the stand stays firm as you work, while also protecting your surfaces.

This sturdy stand is more affordable than a lot of the other options on this list, while also providing you with plenty in the way of compatibility. It will also serve you well if you are looking for something compact and portable. However, it is not the most attractive design and might not be ideal for slimline stands.

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8. Kensington Easy Riser Portable Ergonomic Laptop Cooling Stand 


Kensington Easy Riser Portable Laptop Stand

The Kensington Easy Riser is a premium choice of laptop stand for those looking for ergonomic design and user-friendly convenience. The SmartFit ergonomic design allows you to select the ideal height and angle adjustments to best suit your working requirements.

The 50-degree tilt angle is particularly impressive when compared to other models. Padded inserts are also included to ensure a stable and stable fit for your individual devices, providing you with peace of mind. This stand is also a good bet for those looking to work for many hours at a time.

Increased air circulation is assured, keeping your machine cool and preventing the chance of overheating. The black finish and sleek design of this laptop stand is also more eye-catching than other models on this list.

Incredibly affordable and boasting a wide range of adjustments, this laptop stand is a perfect choice for those after a quality riser. However, this stand might not offer the same levels of support and load-bearing capacity of other models made from more robust materials.

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9. BoYata Laptop Stand, Multi-Angle Laptop Riser with Heat-Vent

BoYata Portable Laptop Stand


The BoYata Laptop Stand is a more premium choice of riser. A sturdy aluminium construction provides you with an incredibly stable base for your machines, while the ergonomic design allows for quick and easy adjustments to ensure proper posture as you work.

You can adjust the angle up to a maximum of 90 degrees, while the stand also allows you to elevate your tablet or laptop to free up busy work surfaces. The Z-type design of this laptop stand makes adjustments incredibly easy, allowing you to select a position that promotes better levels of productivity and ensure long-term comfort.

This stand is made from aluminium for durability, with the material also allowing for good levels of heat dissipation. This will prevent your machine from overheating and suffering hardware damage.

This stand definitely ticks plenty of boxes when it comes to ergonomics, while the riser functionality of it is ideal for those needing to free up more space at their workstations. However, all of the neat benefits on offer here do command a premium when compared to cheaper alternatives.

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