Top Tips To Build The Ultimate Gaming Setup

Ultimate Gaming Setup

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If you are serious about video games, chances are you are looking to upgrade from a standard console to a dedicated gaming PC. In addition to picking out the right gaming computer and hardware, you also need to think about your overall setup to ensure you get the most from your gaming experience.

Whether you are new to the world of PC gaming, or simply want to enhance your existing gear and build a first-rate playing station, our guide has all the guidance you need for building the ultimate gaming setup.

What do you need for the Ultimate Gaming Setup?

  1. Gaming Desk
  2. Gaming Chair
  3. Gaming PC
  4. Gaming Monitors
  5. Projector
  6. Gaming Keyboard
  7. Gaming Mouse
  8. Controllers
  9. Soundbars & Audio Equipment
  10. Lighting
  11. Headsets & Microphones
  12. Webcam

Gaming Desk

Gaming Desk


A good gaming desk is a crucial part of any setup. Many people keen to save money often make compromises when selecting a gaming desk, settling instead for basic surfaces that offer minimal practical features. Avoid doing this when you select a gaming desk.

Instead of a basic desk or table with a single surface, look for desks that include multiple levels so you can station keyboards, monitors and gaming towers strategically. You may also want some additional storage for housing small peripherals when they are not being used for gaming sessions.

A good gaming desk should also include plenty of holes for leads and wiring, ensuring cables are not left causing clutter. A height-adjustable desk is also an option for those who find standard desk heights too limiting.

Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair


Once the desk is sorted, you can focus on selecting a suitable gaming chair. Avoid settling for a second-rate office chair or folding plastic chair. Instead, spend some more money on a dedicated gaming chair.

An ergonomic seat will ensure you remain comfortable during long hours of gaming, without cramping and general discomfort distracting you. A good gaming chair should not only provide you with superior lumbar support, it should also include additional support for the shoulders and neck.

You want a chair you can lean back into as you play, avoiding the urge to lean forward and hunch over your desk as you play. A gaming chair should also be fairly adjustable, allowing you to make changes to the seat height and reclining angle. Most gaming chairs will also feature a swivel base, allowing you to move in closer to you desk when required.

Gaming PC

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If you have made the decision to upgrade from a PlayStation or Xbox console, there is no point limiting yourself with a gaming PC that will offer inferior performance. A dedicated gaming computer is a must-have if you want to get the best out of PC gaming.

One of the most important gaming PC factors to consider is processor capability. A high-performance processor will allow you to run the latest games with ease. A premium graphics card is also essential, especially if you want to achieve high frame rates and minimal lag.

As gaming PCs are put through their paces far more than a conventional computer, it is important any hardware you buy includes a reliable cooling system. A basic cooling fan system may be enough to prevent overheating if playing middle-of-the-road titles, but if you intend to enjoy the latest releases with smoothest graphics and frame rates, you will want to consider liquid cooling systems.

These cooling systems are by far the most effective. Online gaming also requires a high speed internet connection, so you may wish to check the performance of your existing provider to see it will cope with your gaming requirements. If it falls short of what you need, consider changing your internet service provider.

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Gaming Monitors

Gaming Monitors


A standard computer monitor is not really fit for purpose when it comes to PC gaming. If you have spent money on a high-powered gaming PC, you will want a quality monitor to match. Unlike basic computer monitors, gaming monitors offer you much improved response times and faster refresh performance. This results in a far smoother image. They also have far better colour accuracy than standard monitors, which ensures the graphics of your gaming titles can really shine.


Gaming Projector


If a gaming monitor is too small for your liking, you can always utilise a projector instead. When choosing a projector, you need to focus on the lumen count of the hardware. Ideally, you need a projector with a fairly low response time if you plan on using it for PC gaming.

It should also provide you with sufficient image resolution for game graphics. You also need to consider the space in which you will be playing games. If the room is particularly dark with little external light filtering in, you can settle for a relatively low lumen count. However, if the room you are playing in is generally quite bright, you should be looking for a projector with twice the lumen count.

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Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Keyboard


Although wireless keyboards can be picked up relatively affordably, basic models are not really going to provide you with the reliable performance needed for PC gaming. Avoid picking a regular wireless keyboard intended for general use and choose one designed for computer gaming instead.

Wireless keyboards designed for PC gaming will have none of the lag experienced with basic models. They will also offer you substantially more control and input options than a standard keyboard. They will also be far more durable than a normal keyboard, with heavy-duty keys that will cope with a battering when you are caught up in the moment.

Many gaming keyboards also allow for some personalisation, with integrated LED arrays allowing you to fine-tune the colour and appearance of your keyboard panel.

Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is another worthwhile investment. While most PC games will require minimal input from a mouse, it is still worth choosing a peripheral that will provide you with greater reliability. Unlike a standard mouse, gaming mouse will usually provide you with superior optical sensors.

They are also designed to be far more sensitive than conventional peripherals, while also coping with higher speed requirements. Gaming mice also tend to include additional features, such as scroll buttons. As with keyboards, gaming mice will also allow you to customise them somewhat.


Gaming Controller


If you have recently switched from console gaming to PC gaming, you will probably find it easier to use a controller. Many gaming controllers used by consoles can in fact be used with a gaming PC, with all the same functionality provided.

However, if you do not own a compatible Xbox controller or similar, you can pick up a PC gaming controller relatively affordably. You have a full range of wireless and wired controller options to choose from, with prices varying wildly.

Soundbars & Audio Equipment


Many PC gamers tend to use their headset in lieu of speakers. However, using a soundbar / surround sound speakers  will generally provide you with a much richer gaming experience. When choosing a soundbar to add to your gaming setup, look for audio hardware that includes an integrated subwoofer. These will provide you with a much richer bass and allow lower tones to really shine.

You also need to think about speaker connectivity when choosing one to use with your gaming setup. If you want to keep your desk free of cables, the ability to connect your soundbar to your computer via Bluetooth is useful. However, conventional connection via USB is always there as a backup.

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Lighting is often forgotten about when it comes to putting together a winning gaming setup. Smart lighting solutions are a great addition to gaming setups and can really enhance the experience. In fact, many manufactures offer a range of smart lighting bulbs and other products that will adjust their output based on what is happening on the screen. More basic lighting considerations should also be taken into account.

You want to create an immersive atmosphere when playing PC games, so avoid bright ceiling lights and opt for dimmable secondary lighting instead. If you are using a webcam and plan on putting out a live stream, you will also need to ensure your gaming room is sufficiently lit.

Finally, if you plan on using a gaming projector, you will need to ensure the lighting in your gaming room is not going to be too bright for the lumen count of your projector hardware.

Headsets & Microphones

Gaming Headset

Gaming headsets are synonymous with PC gaming and there is an amazing amount of choice nowadays. Many people use a gaming headset to enjoy the full audio experience of their games without disturbing others. The best gaming headsets will provide you with similar sound performance as a high-level pair of headphones. As a minimum, you should be looking for headsets that include 45mm drivers.

An integrated microphone is also essential when choosing a headset. Pretty much every gaming headphone will include a microphone, but if you want to enjoy clear communications with fellow players, you should focus on the quality of the mic. A microphone should be adjustable, while additional features like noise-cancelling properties will prevent external sound from clouding your line of communication.

For prolonged gaming sessions, a comfortable headset is a must. The majority of available gaming headsets will include padded earpieces, which takes the strain off closed headset designs. The external material of your headset will also improve wearing comfort.

Certain materials, like polyurethane and genuine leather, may accumulate heat over time, making the headset uncomfortable to wear. More breathable materials or an open headset design can therefore provide you with a more comfortable alternative.

You should also think about connectivity. Wireless headsets tend to be the preferred choice, although you will need to think about recharging time and the potential for signal loss. To avoid these issues so you can focus on playing with no interruption, it may be worth purchasing a wired headset instead.

Wired headsets also tend to be far cheaper than wireless ones.




Not every gamer needs a webcam. However, there are a times when a webcam will come in handy. You may wish to convene with fellow players in between gaming sessions or broadcast a live stream, for example. As they are not particularly pricey pieces of hardware, a webcam makes a good addition to your gaming gear.

When choosing a gaming webcam, look for a model that provides you with a high display and recording resolution. A wide field of view and face tracking performance will also prevent you having to move the camera position around to ensure you are in shot.

Finally, if your gaming room is particularly dim, look for a webcam that performs well in low-light conditions. Many webcams will also feature additional lighting to improve display and recording resolution, with integrated ring lights improving the clarity of your images.

In Summary

Building the ultimate gaming setup is no easy task, but it can be done. Avoid settling for second-rate hardware and accessories whenever possible and do not be afraid to spend a little extra on the basics. And remember, you can always adjust your setup in the future. As new and improved gaming gear hits the market, you can swap out individual items for upgraded versions.