3+ Reasons On Why To Use A Dash Cam

Why Use A Dash Cam

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Every driver should consider investing in a dash cam. These compact camera devices can be easily mounted on the dashboard of your vehicle interior, providing you with high-quality video and sound recording of your road journeys. Now you may question on why use a dash cam.

Why Use A Dash Cam?

Dash cams serve multiple uses and boast plenty of benefits. Keen motorists can use them to record their journeys when travelling through particularly scenic parts of the world, while others can use the recording footage as a learning aid or reference material to improve their driving.

They are also incredibly valuable when it comes to filing insurance claims in the event of an accident. In addition to offering video and sound recording capabilities, dash cams can also monitor your speed and location. Below, we explore some of the main reasons why you need to start thinking about investing in a dash cam.

What Are The Advantages of a Mirror Dash Cam ?

  • Accident Recording
  • Improve Driving
  • Monitoring Device
  • Parking Aid
  • Car Theft Deterrent

We explore each of these below.

Accident Recording

Dash Cam - Accident Recording

One of the main reasons to invest in a dash cam is that it can be used to make your life easier should you experience a road traffic accident. If your vehicle collides with another, or you yourself are struck by another driver, the recordings provided by your dash cam can serve as irrefutable proof of what actually happened.

Even the most helpful of insurance providers will require claimants to provide excessive amounts of information to support their claim. If an accident occurred through no fault of your own, a clear dash cam recording can quickly resolve any issues and have your claim released to you. If your accident involved another driver and there is any discrepancy about what actually happened, a dash cam video can be used to bolster your defence.

With insurance fraud on the rise, dash cams are an essential purchase for any motorist. The incidence of fraudsters intentionally causing an accident to dupe unsuspecting drivers is on the rise. These scams often involve other drivers engineering an accident with their own vehicle to make another driver seem at fault, but can also involve a pedestrian intentionally throwing themselves in the path of an oncoming vehicle.

It is not uncommon for motorists to claim injury compensation after such an event, with whiplash symptoms being one of the most common complaints claimed by fraudsters. In the event such cases to go court, victims of fraud run the risk of being duped out of thousands.

Installing a camera on your dashboard provides you with a good amount of peace of mind. Most of the time, a strategically mounted dash cam will be able to record erroneous fraud attempts, quickly establishing that a driver has been the target of an insurance scammer looking for unwarranted compensation.

Improve Your Driving

Dash Cam - Improve Driving

Passing a driving test and laying claim to a license is not necessarily an indicator of a good driver. If your driving skills require some work, or you find yourself regularly falling foul of local driving laws, you should think about using a dash cam as a learning aid.

In the event you experience a disagreement on the road or encounter a near miss collision, you can start using your dash cam recordings to review your driving sessions and see where you can make improvements. You do not necessarily need to have the dash cam recording your entire journeys, either.

If there is a certain stretch of your regular commute that brings out the worst in you, have your dash cam record these segments of your journey for later review. You will easily be able to identify any areas where you are at fault, making minor improvements to your driving behaviour where necessary.

As a Monitoring Tool

Dash Cam - Monitoring Device

Many car owners have additional drivers insured on their vehicle. These additional drivers are usually a spouse or family member, with young adults who have recently passed their driving test often added onto the insurance policies of their parents.

If you are a parent of a newly qualified driver, you will no doubt find yourself worrying whenever they take the car out for a spin. A dash cam can provide you with reassurance, allowing you to review their driving activity when they have safely returned home.

Not only does this allow you to ensure they are driving safely, it will also give you an indicator of whether they need to be removed from your insurance if their driving behaviour looks like a disaster in the making. The best dash cams also include GPS, which can allow you to monitor the location of your vehicle remotely.

Dash cams can also be used by business owners to monitor their employees. For example, taxi companies or any type of business that provides employees with company cars can benefit from installing dash cams. Dash cam footage will allow you to monitor the driving activity of your employees, as well as ensure they are only using said vehicles for business errands and not abusing mileage quotas.

Other Dash Cam Uses

Dash Cam - Parking Aid

If you have ever left your car parked in a busy area for several hours, you may have returned to your vehicle to find it damaged. Many drivers struggle to properly park their own vehicles in tight spots and urban areas, often causing superficial damage to neighbouring cars.

Sometimes, the damage is more considerable, requiring excessive repair work and a claim against insurance policies. Having a dash cam installed and recording when you are away from your vehicle will allow you to identify driver registrations of any vehicle that may have damaged your own.

Leaving a dash cam recording when you are away from your vehicle is also a good idea if you have left any valuables within your car. Should thieves attempt to breach entry and steal goods, you can provide your dash cam footage when filing a police report.

In Summary

A dash cam is a fairly inexpensive, yet essential investment for any vehicle owner. Even the most advanced dash cams are fairly easy to install and operate, with high-definition video recording and reliable sound capabilities standard features.

The simplest of dash cams can be mounted directly on your dashboard or attached to the inside of your windscreen with suction mounts. Alternatively, you may want to consider investing in a mirror dash cam, with these devices replacing the functionality of your rear view mirror and serving as a less invasive addition to your car interior.